The Fortnite Ikonik skin can be obtained by purchasing the Samsung Galaxy S10+, S10 or S10e!

Lead your squad to victory with the new IKONIK outfit. It brings K-Pop finessed to your look. Get IKONIK now when you level up to Samsung's most powerful gaming device yet - the Galaxy S10+.

This skin could actually be a redesign of the infamous K-Pop skin that was leaked a long time ago. Here's how to redeem the new skin:

iKONIK Skin Redemption Steps

1. Download Fortnite on your Galaxy Beyond from the Samsung folder > Galaxy Apps and tap on the Fortnite Banner.

2. Tap INSTALL AND OPEN in the Quick Installation Pop-up, then read through and accept the terms and conditions.

3. Once logged in, go to Store to get your iKONIC Skin. It should be listed at $0 price.

4. After you tap on the item, you will notice a pop-up that asks you to register your credit card f or future in-app purchases.

5. Tap Next to go through the steps to register your credit card. If you have already registered a credit card, you will be brought back to the store screen with the iKONIC Skin.


The promotion for the iKONIK skin ends on December 31st, 2019!

Official Description

Define the moment.

Cosmetic Information

  • Rarity: Epic
  • Type: Outfit
  • Availability: Promotion
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IKONIK's Attachments

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  1. Will this Ikonik set will be released at the item shop once the promotion ends?\
    or im being super rush of the K-POPs

      1. THANK GOD. My dad is getting an S10 in October-ish and he will get me the iKONIK. Now I just have to wait.

  2. So i have the s10 logged on to fortnite did everything but as soon as i go to redeem the skin it says a new version of samsung in app purchase is available update? And when i hit ok it takes me to the galaxy store and there is nothing there to update it almost seems like the whole time they just did that so people would buy the phone i know they wouldn’t but like why is this happening and i know Samsung and epic will not answer me if i bring this up to them so i dont know what to do

    1. My son really want this skin and emote, but why on earth do they force people to buy a phone in order to be able to get this skin?? I just don’t get it, it should be available in the store just like the others.

  3. you know I don’t understand why Samsung always gets a skin. what about the best phone ever. iPhone. iPhone came out on that phone first remember. sooo where the skins at fortnite.

  4. They finally release a skin similar to Drift Stage 3 with his mask, and it will cost me $1000 to get it. Chances of me getting this skin? 0%! It will be sad to see other players running around the map with this skin…