Fortnite Item Shop

Time to see what's available in the Fortnite Item Shop for July 12, 2023! Each day gets us a batch of new cosmetics to purchase, however, they aren't always things we haven't seen before. We often get items that have been in the shop many times. While that might bum you out a bit, there are days when we get completely new items that have never been available, and you will get a chance to be one of the first to purchase it!

The skins available for July 12, 2023 are: Lil Whip, Midsummer Midas, Plague, Scourge, Summer Drift, Sun Tan Specialist, B.R.I.T.E., Bandwidth, Beach Bomber, Bitstream, Boardwalk Ruby, Comfy Chomps, Commandline, Cozy Chomps, Cypher, Datapath, Firewall, Heist, Io, Lucien West, Packet, Proxy, Relaxed Fit Jonesy, Ruby, Sorina, Syd, Throwback BG, Upload, King Flamingo, Ranger and Scuba Crystal, while also containing the following items: Beary Cuddly Bundle, Golden Sands Bundle, Sail Shark, Scoops & Slices, Scuba Crystal Bundle, Summer Drift Bundle, Wu Wear Gear Bundle, Dual Edge, Electro Shuffle, Grim Medicine Bundle, Orbital Shuttle, Birthstone Backplate, Driftstream, Drippin’ Flavor, Golden Black, Herald’s Wand, Ice Cream Cruiser, Ice Pop, Kitsune, Lamplight, Light Cycle, Lil’ Whip (Mmm!), Neck Protector, Rescue Paddle, Shelly, Shimmy Surfer, Triumphant Tagger, Vanguard Flame, Weighted Spikegloves, Westward Star, Brite Stars, Eureka!, Gilded Shadow, Heartwave, High Stakes Protector, Hot Rod Ripper, Lawnbreaker, Payload, Rainbow Carver, Sharky, Sharky Slappers, Sky Stripe, Sprinkles, Stripe Slicer, Wu Wear Bundle, Wu Wrap and Wu-Tang is Forever.

You can check out what's available in the current shop in our always updated item shop page

Avaliable on July 12, 2023

Feeding Frenzy

Wu Wear


Two Scoops

Undercover Summer

Space Explorers

Grim Medicine

Rescue Patrol

End of Line

Sunshine And Rainbows

Getaway Gang

Let's Hunt Vampires

Relaxed Fit

Street Stripes

Dark Serenity

Beary Cuddly

Ancient Eternal