Complete the Launch the Ship Challenge in Fortnite

The water has finally receded as far as it's going to drop, which has create a lot of new areas to explore on the map. One of those areas is a spaceship that is missing some parts that you can fix if you are able to survive long enough to find them all! We'll guide you through the process of locating the heat shield, battery pack, and thrusters so you can get this ship back into space!

To complete the launch the ship challenge in Fortnite, you will need to head north of Craggy Cliffs to a small island. Interact with the spaceship, collect the three missing parts, and then place them on the ship to send it off into space.

Launch the Ship Challenge

Here's a step-by-step look on how to complete this challenge quickly and easily.

Step #1: Interact with the Ship

Head northeast of Craggy Cliffs and you will see a small island with the broken down ship on it. Once you go near the ship, you can interact with it to start the challenge.

Step #2: Get the Battery Pack

Each of these parts will make noise when you are near them, and the first one is easy to find the spot where you can get it but it can be hard to see. There's a rock jutting out from the water right on the island with the spaceship. Break the rock and then look down into the water and you should find the Battery Pack. Move your crosshairs around this location to find it, because it will be covered by the sea foam.

Step #3: Get the Heat Shield

Go to the east of the spaceship island and look for the following rock that looks like the one shown below.

Break that boulder and you should find the Heat Shield you need.

Step #4: Get the Thruster

You will now need to build your way up to the mountain that is south of where you find the Heat Shield. It's pretty easy to spot, it's stuck in the side of the mountain and it flickers with green light.

Step #5: Fix the Ship

Go back to the ship and place all three of the parts in the broken areas of it.

Step #6: Launch the Ship

Now all you need to do is interact with the ship again to launch it. This engages a launch sequence which takes a minute to complete. You will need to survive long enough for this entire sequence to take place. Make sure you don't get eliminated in this time! After the minute is up, the ship will launch and the challenge will be complete.

A bunch of rifts will show up around where the spaceship was, so you can take one of those to continue your match if you'd like!

Here's a video of how to complete it if you got lost along the way:

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