Fortnite Escape Room Codes (October 2020) – Best Escape Room Maps!

Escape Rooms can be a bit more relaxed, or they can really be tense depending on the map. If you're looking to have some fun with friends, or just want to chill out and escape from some interesting environments, then we've got the best escape room codes for Fortnite! While some of these are a lot more difficult, there's plenty you will find that can be done with relative ease.

Fortnite Escape Room Maps List

Here's our list of Fortnite's Best Escape Room Codes:

I will be going into more detail below on each of these maps and including some videos that should explain more about the course when necessary!

The Yacht Escape

Make your way through a yacht by using clever tactics to find your way around! This isn't as wacky as Deadpool's boat, but it will have you locating items to unlock parts of the map, and finding different paths to make it through the map. You will also have to solve a couple of puzzles, so make sure to have your thinking cap on when you head into this map!


Fragments tells a story about the mind. It's a trippy experience, and you'll go through a variety of puzzles and need to complete them by paying attention to the clues and problem solving. You'll find a variety of new things in every level, and you might even learn a thing or two about yourself when you complete it!

Haunted Mansion Escape

If you want something a bit more spooky, then you can make your way through the haunted mansion! This will require some smarts, as well as Fortnite ability to make it all the way through to the end! Make sure to pay attention to everything, so you can solve the mysteries of the mansion.

Slender-man: The 8 Pages

For some more creepy factor, you can find yourself in a foggy forest looking to mark 8 different pages from the Slender-man. These are hidden throughout the map, so run around finding them while avoiding staring at the Slender-man too long! If you look at him for an extended period of time it will deal damage to you and you might perish. So, make your way around the map finding the pages and evading the Slender-man.

Genius Escape Map (Hard)

For all you geniuses out there, this is the map you will want to try to test your abilities. You will have to find very small details that will hopefully lead you to your escape from a room. There's going to be quite a few tricks along the way, so while it may seem like you are on the right path, you will be sorely mistaken! There's only three levels, but they can be quite hard to get through. Don't use the video unless you get fully stuck!

Agents Escape

If you didn't get enough of the spy stuff in Chapter 2: Season 2, then you can become a secret agent and make your way through this escape map. You'll find yourself in a museum area that has been overrun by plants, and then you'll need to make your way through a town, and then sneak your way around traps to obtain a chain!

100 Rooms

I like the idea of this one, because you'll find yourself in a ton of small rooms that require you to escape from. While some of these will be easy, they will test your thinking and puzzling abilities throughout the 100 total rooms. If you're looking for a map to just kill some time with, then this is a fun one to make your way through.

Disaster Escape

If you aren't looking for a relaxing escape, then the disaster escape map will test your stress levels. Most of these will require you to complete them within a certain amount of time. You're either getting burning from a forest fire, or there's a tsunami closing in on you that you need to evade. Not only that, there's an earthquake part where you need to drop down through a sinkhole safely without missing a jump or you'll find your doom! After the earthquake, you'll need to make your way through an erupting volcano which requires you to find four hidden items before you can proceed. There's a lot to do in this one, so make sure to give it a try.

First Person Visual Escape

This first person business is really starting to catch on. I saw it first as a deathrun map, and it has now made its way into escape rooms. There appears to be a way that map makers can force you into a first person perspective, where you will move around like you were in an FPS. This changes things quite a bit, and will make simple jumps and figuring things out quite a bit more difficult. So, if you've been hoping Fortnite was going to add some first person functionality, you can check out how it might feel in this map!

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