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Fortnite Rarest Skins List – Images of the Rarest & Hard to Find Skins of Fortnite!

We're looking at the rarest skins in Fortnite!

If you are looking for Fortnite's Rarest Skins then we've got a full list of them right here. While the battle pass skins are unavailable, you will be able to get a chance at grabbing some of these in the item shop!

Rare skins in Fortnite has been a controversial subject. Players that have them don't want them to return because they want the reward of being around in the beginning of the game (OGs). Newer players obviously want to get a chance to grab all the skins they like.

Epic has made an interesting compromise for the Skull Trooper skin. This was a very rare skin and hadn't been in the shop for a year. When they brought it back, they gave OG owners of the skin a style that will not be available for people who buy the skin new. This is a nice way to reward older players, while not keeping popular skins away from people who just got into the game.

Rarest Fortnite Battle Pass Skins

These are skins you CANNOT get anymore. They won't be back again unless Epic changes their policy completely. This set of skins includes Season 1 which wasn't technically a battle pass season. The first season had a "season shop" and you had to level your season level up so you could purchase the skin. This was obviously very early on in the game and before it gained its huge popularity.


These are the two skins from the Season Shop you could get during Season 1.

These skins are from Season 2 and while they aren't as rare as the ones above, they are still pretty scarce.

Back Bling

Both Season 2 back blings, and it's a shame the Black Shield won't be back because it's great. During Season 1 I'm pretty sure back bling didn't even exist yet.


These are Season 1 gliders and quite rare. You will likely go your entire Fortnite career and never see them, and while this is partially because they are rare, it's also because they are kind of ugly!

A couple of Season 2 gliders, these were later in the battle pass and a bit more rare than the earlier glider.


Raider's Revenge is from Season 1, and the other two are from Season 2.

Rarest Fortnite Item Shop & Other Skins

Now, these skins are ones you might actually have a chance to get. They were purchasable in the item shop at one point or another, and now that Skull Trooper has been re-released it's likely they will all come back at some point.


Now that the majority of Holiday skins have been added again to the item shop, we can pretty much officially say that there's not really going to be any reliably rare skins. Ghoul Trooper and Recon Expert are the rarest of the skins. Ghoul Trooper wasn't released again during Halloween, and Recon Expert hasn't been back in the shop since November 2017. I'm basing the list below on how often it has been in the shop and how long ago it appeared.



Rarest Promotional Skins

Promotional skins are cosmetics that you could only receive for a limited time during a specific promotion. This could be from Twitch Prime, PlayStation Plus, or from purchasing certain products like consoles and controllers. These are going to be inherently rare for the most part, but we'll likely only include ones that have been out for a while.




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    1. I’m seeing comments like this a lot. Just because you haven’t seen a skin doesn’t mean it’s rare. I use the amount of times it has been in the shop and the last time it was seen to decide what makes the list.

  1. Nice List dude!
    How rare do you reckon the SGT. Green Clover and Pot O’ Gold are from 1 to 10, I bought the two as my first non battle-pass skin and when they first came out. I really hope they wont release them since that is probably my most OG skin. Thanks

  2. Some good skins that could be added to the list are Eon, Royale Bomber, and the NVIDIA skin. Not many people are going to drop lots of cash for any of those skins. Also those skins are exclusive to certain platforms. The Royale Bomber is only available in the US and UK. The Eon only comes in an Xbox bundle. The NVIDIA skin is a laptop set-up, something like that. Those skins are very expensive and their cost are much more than $60+. I have Royale Bomber and I rarely see one. I see Purple Skull Troopers the same or less than a Royale Bomber. The Eon skin I see a lot more because the Xbox is still available unlike the Royale Bomber (The Royale Bomber is still in stock in Europe (I think)). The NVIDIA skin (IDK the name) is very rare because the price is a staggering $300+. These are my suggestions lol if you want to make a specific list naming the category, “Promotional Skins” or something 🙂

    Great List as always. Very reliable. I’m glad to see Wild Card, Star-Spangled Ranger, and more.

    1. Ever heard of the Backbone skin, (I think that’s the name) it’s the male biker skin. I’ve NEVER seen that skin. I think no one bought it lol

  3. i suggest adding mullet marauder, since hes been gone 150+ days, and removing Modern, since it was back a couple of days ago

  4. I have star spangled trooper and some other skins on this list. How long has it been since star spangled trooper came out?

  5. I think wild card should be here (1 week away from 4 months) , the hippies shouldn’t be here (1 month) , and maybe the dead of the dead skins and dead fires in 1-2 months (2 months)

    but that is just what I think.It’s okay if you don’t agree

    1. You’re right about the hippy skins, I had misinformation on their last time in the shop. I added Wild Card, and we’ll see about the Day of the Dead skins in the future.

  6. I think the Whistle warrior is gonna be rare I mean it came out only on the NFL event but it’s an uncommon so hopefully it will come out again

    1. August 15th, 2018 was the last time it was in the shop. You can click on the image of each skin to learn more information about it.

  7. i have the Bunnymoon skin never seen it ingame and im pretty sure its not gonna come out again until next halloween. also the patch patroller is pretty rare

  8. Can I just say, you need to add Wild Card, Deadfire, John Wick, or the Blue Squire/ Royale Knight to the skins section because I’ve been playing since release on Xbox and I’m a STW founder and don’t have a single skin listed. I have stuff from every other category so I guess it just bugs me lol

    1. Wild Card and Deadfire are not rare yet, they weren’t out long ago. Wild Card in particular was pretty popular. Blue Squire and Royale Knight are debatable.

  9. Wow! Great Updated list! I wish I got that star spangled ranger :,(! I remember looking at it with 1300 vbucks!!!!!! Oh well, at least I have blue team leader and ac/dc

      1. No I don’t have Black Knight. I wish :(. I really don’t like Sparkle too much. My brother likes it. I know I’ll get hate for this…

        1. I do have a different opinion, but i am not going to force you to think that Sparkle Specialist is good.


  10. I think it is safe to add the following items to this list, since they were only available during limited time events that wont happen for another year.
    Deadfire, Cash Flow, Wild Card, Dark Engine, Fiery, Birthday Cake and Crowbar + more that came with these skins/cosmetics.

      1. No. That was like the default skin in S4 and S5. I think a lot of people have it, but no one wears it due to other starter packs/how common it is.

  11. Only recon expert and ghoul trooper should be there or item shop. All christmas skins came back on jan 30 and 31 and sgt green clover is a s3 release.

  12. I have the lepracaun. Most of the skins you posted are going to be gone this season so the lepracaun will be one of the rarest non battle pass skin

  13. Is this the rarest skin loadout in the game?
    Skin=recon expert
    Pick axe=raiders revenge
    Glider=aerial assault one
    Loading screen=elite agent
    Banner=pew die pie banner
    Emote slot 1 to 6= eee spray,kab lama,Pax west,gamescom 2018 spray,floss,worm

  14. I know Black Knight is rare but I see at least 4 every game. In my opinion, Recon expert is way more rare than Renegade raider. From my eyes cause I see a renegade once every game.

  15. I love these new sections! Can’t wait to see what you put in them.

    I only have one request. Never, and I mean never, add John Wick to this section. I doubt you ever would anyway, but I just needed clarification. I feel like tons of kids are going to ask that you put it here…

  16. I think Power Chord is still rare considering it was rereleased for one day. Crackshot was rereleased also again in the earlier of the year.

  17. Shouldn’t the Havoc skin and the rest of the first twitch prime pack be on here, as I rarely see anyone using it and not a lot of people played back then.

  18. What about skull trooper?
    Anybody who previously owned the skin gets a purple version.
    Isn’t that still rare?
    Cool and useful website BTW 🙂