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Fortnite Crossbow Guide – Rarities/Colors, Ammo Type, Release Date, and Where/How to Find It!

The Crossbow is the next weapon being added to Fortnite Battle Royale! Learn all there is to know about this silent-killer with our guide.

Recently a new silent weapon was hinted at being added to Fortnite Battle Royale, and we now know that it is the CROSSBOW! I'm compiling all of the current information on this new addition to the game below.

Crossbow Release Date: February 8th, 2018

Crossbow Vaulted?!

The crossbow has been placed into the vault and will not be back in the game in the near future! Check out our Fortnite Vault Guide to see what else has been placed in storage.

Crossbow Ammo Type, Clip Size, Reload Time

The new Crossbow doesn't use ammo that you pickup, but has an unlimited supply of arrows. It has a short scope and a 5 shot clip before you have to reload (2.6s/2.5s reload time for the Rare - Blue/Epic - Purple versions) and you can fire one bolt after another (0.6s Fire Rate for both versions). The bolts have travel time, bullet drop, and each shot has a long trail (which makes you pretty obvious) so you will have to lead your shots at longer distances.

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Crossbow Damage

The Crossbow does 75/79 (Rare - Blue/Epic - Purple) to the body. Headshots vary quite a bit based on distance, I've seen as low as in the 80s to as high as 190+ (from extremely close range).

Crossbow Colors/Rarities & Where to Find it

The Crossbow comes in two rarities: Rare (Blue) and Epic (Purple). You will be able to find it from floor loot or treasure chests.

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