Fortnite Hide and Seek Map Codes (September 2023) – Best maps to try!

Discover thrilling and casual hide-and-seek party games to play on Fortnite!

Hide and Seek doesn't have to be a kid's game anymore; in fact, I find it to be one of the best online party games to play with friends or meet new friends. Have fun exploring unique maps, seeking new secret areas, and chasing after your friends. There are a lot of great hide-and-seek maps out there that allow for this kind of fun, so we're taking a look at the best map codes available!

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Best Fortnite Hide and Seek Map Codes List

The Mall is Closing Hide and Seek

Image via ingamecarnageig

The Mall is Closing Hide and Seek Map Code: 3227-8700-3877

Similar to the other mall hide and seek creative maps, this experience takes place in a mall with endless places to hide. However, the twist is, this mall is inspired by Stranger Things, offering a fun retro vibe and easter eggs for the hit series.

Modern Mansion Hub | Hide & Seek

Image via Fatal Creations

Modern Mansion Hub | Hide & Seek Map Code: 8146-4402-4315

This giant mansion is specially handcrafted with all the little realistic details of a real-life location, and it is the perfect place to play hide-and-seek in. Have fun venturing around the many spaces this house has to offer and find hiding spots everywhere you look.

SpongeBob Prop Hunt

Image via Marablind

SpongeBob Prop Hunt Map Code: 9653-5730-7935

If you love SpongeBob you’ll enjoy this hide-and-seek meets prop hunt experience that takes place in a whole world inspired by SpongeBob. Explore all your favorite locations and find secret hiding places to escape the seeker and win the round.

Manhunt - House of Nightmares

Image via mateofn

Manhunt House of Nightmares Map Code: 1051-2847-9739

If you're looking for a hide-and-seek experience like no other, look no further than the spooky Manhunt - House of Nightmares. This thrilling horror hide-and-seek experience pits one player against up to nine hunters with custom jumpscares, cameras, and door animations; this will be like nothing you've ever seen before, or maybe you have in your nightmares.

Jungle Hide and Seek

Image via h3nr1

Jungle Hide and Seek Map Code: 8249-9467-6456

Traverse through the green and bright foliage of the jungle and play an epic game of hide and seek. There are 80+ unique spots to hide in this map, allowing for endless possibilities and creativity to come into play. Also, keep an eye on constant updates cycling into this game; you'll never get tired of it.

Giant Room Hide and Seek

Image via hnoel526

Giant Room Hide and Seek Map Code: 1049-8070-0618

Rather than play hide and seek in many various rooms, why not play in one giant room? Experience a whole new challenging hide-and-seek experience while you try to find the perfect spot to hide in this solo room. You may have to get creative and simply blend into your surroundings!

Mall Santa Hide and Seek

Image via mtl_rellik

Mall Santa Hide and Seek Map Code: 7782-7600-6987

Who says it can't be Christmas all year long? You can enjoy a casual hide-and-seek game in a mall decked out in all the Christmas spirit. There are so many hiding spots to enjoy while you take in the dazzling sights of holiday joy along with other online friends.

Full Map Hide & Seek: BR Island

Image via itsmessy

Full Map Hide & Seek BR Island Map Code: 4508-6523-6629

Imagine the classic hide-and-seek experience but on a full Fortnite map. There are endless places to hide as you go head-to-head with a filled lobby of 99 other players. It gives survival a whole new name as you try to survive to the end in your hiding spot.

Luxury Yacht | Hide & Seek

Image via jacob

Luxury Yacht Hide & Seek Map Code: 8595-0298-2041

Jump onto a luxurious yacht in the middle of the ocean and play the ultimate game of Hide & Seek with up to 50 other online players. Despite being in the middle of the ocean, there are plenty of hiding spots to find on this beautiful boat and even secret teleports that can give you a real advantage.

Arcade - Hiding Game

Image via Brice lasticoww

Arcade Hiding Game Map Code: 5852-3120-0877

What better place to hang out with friends than an arcade? Jump into a crazy oversized arcade made specially in 2.0 UEFN with tons of hard-to-find hiding spots and fun arcade visuals. You can play with up to 16 players, either by bringing some friends along or by making some new friends online.

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Pleasant Park Hide & Seek

Image via Jacob

Pleasant Park Hide & Seek Map Code: 0334-3304-0867

If you're a sucker for the classic OG Fortnite locations, you'll enjoy this fun, silly hide & seek experience on the Pleasant Park POI. Race around the map, search for unique hiding spots, and even use special accessories to blend into your surroundings. You'll get a feeling of nostalgia and be amused by the new little secrets specifically crafted into a remixed Pleasant Park.

Atlas Hiding Game

Image via AtlasCreative

Atlas Hiding Game Map Code: 4112-7621-0218

If you're looking for the ultimate party hiding game to play with friends or jump into a chill time to make new friends, Atlas Hiding Game is a perfect choice. Atlas Hiding Game is so much more than just your classic hide and seek; in tons of oversized and diverse maps, you can use unique power-ups that freeze players, turn you invisible, and so much more that give you a quick advantage. You'll eventually also be able to try out more arcade minigames within the hide-and-seek experience for extra fun.

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The Fishy Mansion | Hide and Seek

Image via Fatal Creations

The Fishy Mansion Hide and Seek Map Code: 0436-7111-2174

The Fishy Mansion continues to be one of the most popular hide-and-seek maps available, and there is no question why. This map is filled with unique locations to hide in within a luxurious mansion setting and has great mechanics that allow you to build up points and purchase fun props and advantages in-game. There's nothing fishy about it; it's just fun!

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Fortnite Hide and Seek Map Codes (September 2023) – Best maps to try!

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