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Fortnite Murder Mystery Codes

Solve the best murder mysteries in the Fortnite universe!

If you have been looking for the best Murder Mystery maps in Fortnite for you and your friends, then look no further! In our Murder Mystery Codes list, we provide all the best maps for you to enjoy that challenge you to deceive your fellow players and eliminate them.

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Best Fortnite Murder Mystery Map Codes List

Best Fortnite Murder Mystery Maps

Our list compiles the best maps based on popularity, design, and unique features. Whether you're running or chasing, you'll never be bored with these map codes!

Island of the Witch

Sinister witch sign hanging on the house porch
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Island of the Witch Map Code: 9575-2953-4946

Since the Blair Witch Project movie, the scary witch who hunts people in dark areas has remained popular in pop culture. If this setting sounds scary enough, you should definitely play Island of the Witch, where you must escape the witch and avoid being eaten by alligators. If you don't look at the witch she can't harm you, which can't be said with those sneaky alligators. So watch your step!

Murder Mystery Warewolf

Fortnite Murder Mystery Werewolf player in abandoned school looking through the window
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Inspired by fairy tales comes the modern, Fortnite twist where you're either a Werewolf, Hunter, or an Innocent (and Ghost if you die). You'll experience real scares as an Innocent, but if you're looking for a challenge, Werewolf is the best role. As a monster, you must eliminate Hunter and all Innocents, while as a Hunter, you must hunt for Werewolf while helping Innocents.

Jonsey's Horror Murder Mystery

Players walking through dark corridors in Fortnite Joney's Revenge
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Jonsey's Horror Murder Mystery Map Code: 9952-4687-2928

In Jonsey's Horror Murder Mystery, you can run from the killer or you can be the one who hunts other players (which is more fun!). The game is recommended for four players, which allows you to focus on the atmosphere instead of running with dozens of survivors. As you can imagine, the mode is very dark, so change the brightness settings for your monitor for a better chance of success.

The Naughty One Murder Mystery

Image via Mystikguy

The Naughty One Murder Mystery Map Code: 4377-6515-6390

This murder mystery map by Mystikguy is a unique take on the murder mystery genre due to the class-based rules system. Here, the players will be divided into three classes - citizennaughty, and sheriff. You may ask, what is new in this? Unlike other similar maps, where the balance between each class is huge, everything gels well together due to the equal distribution of power/abilities to each division. For example, the citizens or commoners do not have much in their hands apart from hiding in various spots. But, here, you can manipulate the sheriffs to create unique scenarios. Check out the map if you want a balanced map in the Murder Mystery genre. 

Mystery Maze

Image via Fenix_rtr

Mystery Maze Map Code: 9138-6898-9707

Mystery Maze is not your traditional murder mystery map where you roleplay as your allotted character. Instead, you are inside a maze with six other players and must get out of the place by solving quizzes/puzzle pieces while evading every move posed by a vicious murderer among you. Also, there is no time limit, and one of the parties can only win if you complete your objective. So, if you want a slow-paced MM map, you should check out the Maze.

Murder Mystery Open World

Image via JKedits

Murder Mystery Open World Map Code: 4780-5221-6203

Usually, murder mystery maps have a theme like a hospital or a campfire with a limited playing area. This map by JK completely changes that traditional concept out of the window by making the first open-world map for a murder mystery. So, how does the gameplay then work? Instead of the regular mini-games, each player(innocent)must find clues in the metro city filled with A. I and locate each other. After identifying, you must try to find the snipers(murderers) on top of the building before they assemble the weapon kit and take you down. It's a unique take on the genre, and I suggest you try it once.

Murder Mystery Jail

Image via Jimmy

Murder Mystery Jail Map Code: 4919-8029-7548

Usually, Jails are full of thugs, murderers and robbers. But what happens if an even bigger psychopath is set to lose between these people? That is the exact scenario and gameplay theme behind this prison-based murder mystery map. Since you are already a convict, you can kill your adjacent innocents or find the killer hiding among you. With features like an inbuilt voice communication system, the gameplay becomes hilarious and confusing as everyone will accuse each other, causing havoc on the server. 

Scary Murder Mystery

Image via BlackplayYt

Scary Murder Mystery Map Code: 0865-3017-4933

There are very few murder mystery maps that enable players to play stealthily without going full-on blasting with guns. One such map is this MM map by Blackpayyt, which only provides a single silenced pistol for the hunter. Even the detective does not hold a gun and only a baton to defend from the killer. So, invite your friends and allocate roles for yourself in this murder mystery where everything happens suddenly, and you have few options for survival.

New Murder Mystery

Image via Natmor

New Murder Mystery Map Code: 1943-7436-4810

The Murder Mystery genre usually has very few options when it comes to the selection of maps. But, developer natmor has recognized that difficulty and provides the users of this map with five different settings - hospital, school, campfire, office, and mines. Vote the map that suits your gameplay and go for the ultimate glory. Speaking about the gameplay, it is pretty traditional. There are the innocents and the murderers. Collect coins and purchase weapons to fend off murders. If you are the killer, finish everyone before the timer runs off!

Murder Mystery Assassins

Image via Lemirion

Murder Mystery Assassins Map Code: 0644-4493-5425

Assassins is a typical murder mystery map where the main objective is not only to identify the killer but also to eliminate them. So, you and five other players are trapped inside a room and must make your way out of the area by solving puzzles while a secret killer tries to take you down. Find the culprit before he takes you down one by one before dawn. If you love Deciet-type murder mystery gameplay, Assassins would be a perfect match.

Murder Mystery Naughty One 2

Image via mystikguy

Murder Mystery Naughty One 2 Map Code: 7750-8362-8492

If you love the newly added UEFN features, then the Naughty One Two will be a great map to try. The map based on the campfire party is lit beautifully with all the scenery usually found in such maps. Speaking about the gameplay, it is a traditional murder mystery map with three roles - sheriff, murderer, and innocent. Roleplay according to your roles and use the quest system to attain victory.

Murder Mystery Sherk

Image vis Sokrispy

Murder Mystery Sherk Map Code: 4408-1666-4565

Unlike other murder mystery maps where the innocents usually don't have any powers or abilities, Here, the bystanders/citizens can gather loot around the map and craft a weapon. Use the weapons and retaliate against the murderers instead of relying on the sheriffs to solve the mystery and make you victorious. Look into the map if you need a murder mystery map with medieval settings.

Murder Mystery Rails

Image via Good Gamers

Murder Mystery Rails Map Code: 5253-8468-3364

Rails is a traditional Murder Mystery set in a creepy railway yard. Upon jumping inside the map, players will be split randomly into three groups - murderers, innocents, and detectives. Roleplay your role perfectly and try to achieve the motto of your character. For example, if you are a detective, save the innocents and find the killers. Also, use the gold coins spread around the map to buy unique items associated with your role, like healing items or scanners to help in your gameplay.

Murder Mystery Airship

Image via MrwayWolf

Murder Mystery Airship Map Code: 5652-7273-0988

This murder mystery map by mrwaywolf is a fresh breath of air in the murder mystery genre as the gameplay takes place inside an Airship instead of the usual background theme of a high school, camp, or a hospital. Apart from the unique theme, there is nothing new about the map as it is the same old tale of finding the murderers by detectives while the innocent citizens seek cover. I highly recommend the map if you want something different in the genre.

Murder Mystery Halloween

Image via nbr-Studios

Murder Mystery Halloween Map Code: 8453-7961-0629

It's Halloween season, and what better way to celebrate the spooky season than by playing a murder mystery game with your friends on this brand-new Halloween-styled map! The other aspect is that the map has an awesome backstory. You are ready to go for tricks with your friends and are getting together in your school. Suddenly, your friends start disappearing, and the rumor is that a killer is loose. Save your life while identifying the murderer in this Halloween-based murder mystery map.

Murder Mystery Alliance

Image via Alliance Studios

Murder Mystery Paraduze Map Code: 8513-2892-9361

When it comes to custom map rooms, the thing that I hate the most are the bugs. Though several murder mystery maps advertise themselves as being bug-free, nothing comes close to the amount of polish of this map made by Alliance Studios. From the 3D model to the gameplay design, each aspect has been to avoid common bugs like clipping or timer. Speaking about the gameplay, it is pretty standard. The server will randomly allot you a role like a commoner, murderer, or detective. Fulfill the duties of the character to emerge victorious!

Murder Mystery Paraduze

Image via Bobedubor

Murder Mystery Paraduze Map Code: 8235-6401-5465

If you are a fan of the famous YouTuber Paraduze, you will adore this map. Your favorite Fortnite YouTuber has been mysteriously killed, and it is your duty as his loyal subscriber to avenge your sensei by finding the killer. Use the hints around the map and identify the killer before the time runs out. It is not your traditional Murder Mystery map that incorporates roleplaying aspects. But you can still enjoy the thrill of solving a murder mystery on your own. 

Murder Mystery - PWR

Image via PWR

Murder Mystery PWR Map Code: 0583-5944-5318

This map by PWR is one of the most in-depth murder mystery rooms in the Fortnite universe. Here, players can upgrade the power residing with them by performing a few tasks related to their character. For example, innocents can upgrade their perks of running faster when they collect a few mandate items. These layers of perk-based mechanics help in providing powers to weaker roles instead of being chased for the entire match. Check out the map if you want a complex murder mystery map with various features.

Murder Mystery Maze

Image via Braeden

Murder Mystery Maze Map Code: 5630-1001-9923

If you are tired of playing generic murder mystery maps by playing out a role randomly allotted to you, I highly advise you to look into this map made by Braeden. Indicative of the title, it is a murder mystery with only two roles - Runners and Killers. The Runners aim to collect the various coins to plot an exit, while Killers try to finish them off before they obtain all the coins. It is a simplified version of a murder mystery map that involves parkouring and deathrun mechanics. Add the map to your wishlist if you want something simple in this genre.

Murder Mystery Hotel

Image via Jonah

Murder Mystery Hotel Map Code: 5431-2884-5333

I have always loved the concept of a murder mystery map in unique settings like a Yacht or Hotel. This map by Jonah follows that theme by setting itself in a mysterious hotel room. As usual, a hunter is committing murders inside the hotel, and the commoners must survive the ordeal with the help of medics and other characters till the detectives catch the culprit. It is a traditional murder mystery map with various roles to pick and enact. Save the map as a favorite if you are looking for a map that offers solid gameplay with an eerie building setup.

Fairground Frights

Image via Enderbite

Fairground Frights Map Code: 0001-8748-8619

Fairground Frights is a featured Epic Games Murder Mystery map. So, you need not worry about glitches or the quality of gameplay offered by the map. Upon inputting the code, the server will transport you to a carnival-like area. As usual, the game will divide players into two factions - murderers and innocents. The murderers need to kill all the innocents while they try to restart the generators and escape the facility. It is the usual cat-and-mouse chase gameplay found in such games. Have a look if you want a traditional Murder Mystery map in an eerie abandoned circus/carnival location.

The Yacht - Murder Mystery

Image via Placid

The Yacht - Murder Mystery Map Code: 7234-3484-4259

There are numerous murder mystery maps based inside a Yacht, but none can get close to the detailing and gameplay aspect of this map. Under mysterious circumstances, a fun rave party on the Yacht turns into a disaster as a killer is taking down all the partygoers. Use the various equipment on the ship to protect yourself and make a way out of the boat before dawn. I thoroughly enjoyed the thrilling moments when I needed to hide at the precise moment when my hunter friend came into my room and all the puzzle elements of the map. Invite your friends to the room and have blast picking roles among yourself.

Murder Mystery With Abilities

Image via Bunni22

Murder Mystery With Abilities Map Code: 9894-9159-0949

When it comes to murder mystery games, apart from the actual murders or hunters, everyone else does not have much power or ability to control the game in their favor. This map by bunni22 tries to balance that common gameplay notion by providing various skills/abilities to every role in the game. For example, if you are a player with the medic perk, you can heal other survivors with your ability and bring them back to health. I enjoyed this balance approached of giving something to the innocent rather than running around the map upon encountering a hunter.

Murder Mystery Prometheus

Image via Prometheus

Murder Mystery Prometheus Map Code: 4760-1328-0988

This murder mystery map by Prometheus is set inside an old building. As usual, the game randomly selects one of the players as a murderer and the rest of them as innocents. If you are innocent, socialize with other players and try to get all the innocents on your team so that you have a chance to take down the murderer. On the other hand, if you are a murderer, dupe and penetrate the innocent squad and take them down one by one before the sun sets.

Murder Mystery Abandoned Castle

Image via Bolo

Murder Mystery Abandoned Castle Map Code: 9908-1517-1757

I love murder mystery maps that borrow gameplay elements/mechanics from popular horror survival games like Deciet or Dead By Daylight. Like the mentioned games, Abandoned Castle adopts several fun concepts, like using potions and weapons to defend against the hunter instead of hiding or running away from the killer periodically. On top of these mechanics, the ambiance of the castle also elevates the gameplay, as the rustic dungeons and the corridors bring so much life to the repetitive gameplay.

Night Hunter - Murder Mystery

Image via Shdleo

Night Hunter - Murder Mystery Map Code: 4937-3733-1628

A hunter is on the loose and has abilities surprising any creature in the Fortnite universe. The only way to stop the hunter is to run away and turn on traps that will slow him down before he catches you. Input the code to survive the scary night alone or with your discord/in-game friends. As of now, the game supports up to 16 players, making it extremely suitable for large parties. Do check the map if you are in dire need of a murder mystery map that accommodates big parties.

Skyblock Mystery Escape

Image via Marekgamer2

Skyblock Mystery Escape Map Code: 2602-0103-2593

Skyblock Mystery Escape is not a traditional murder mystery map where you divide yourself into several roles, like being a murderer or innocent, and roleplay the remaining game. Instead, the map plays as an Escape Room where a murder has already taken place, and you must solve the murder by using the various clues on the map. It is a fantastic map with several roleplaying and puzzle elements. I highly suggest you give the map a try if you love anything that has to do with murder or mystery.

The Murder Mystery - New XP

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

The Murder Mystery - New XP Map Code: 8375-8485-5485

This map by Mineblo is a unique and different Murder Mystery map in the Fortnite universe as instead of going the traditional route of repetitive gameplay through solving missions or playing mini-games and evading the killer, the developers give weapons to both parties and demand you to determine the winner through your combat skill. It is more of a team deathmatch-style game mode merging with the essence of Murder Mystery. Do check the map if you want a completely different custom map within the Murder Mystery genre.

Mr. Vogel Murder Mystery

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Mr. Vogel Murder Mystery Map Code: 8286-7114-9197

Mr. Vogel's Murder Mystery map is regarded as one of the best murder mystery maps of all time due to its high level of map and gameplay design. Upon hopping inside the server, your main goal is to find the killer behind the murder of Mr.Vogel. Explore the vast mansion and collect all the clues to solve the mystery. The other main feature of the map is its ability to support up to 16 players concurrently, making it a map catered towards large groups. We highly recommend the map to players because of its gameplay and world-building aspect.

One Long Night At Fortnite's

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

One Long Night At Fortnite's Map Code: 9167-5456-7338

Reading the title would be more than enough to know that the map room is a Fortnite version of the popular horror game five nights at Freddy's. Similar to the original game, you can either play as the guard or the animatronic robot. If you are the guard, watch all the CCTV cameras and try to survive the night. For animatronics, it's the opposite, hunt down the guards and eliminate every one of them before the sun rises. The map truly brings the horror vibes from the original game and develops it further using the physics of Unreal Engine. Check the map with your friends if you are an ardent fan of the original game.

Ocean Island Fortnite Murder Mystery

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Ocean Island Fortnite Murder Mystery Map Code: 3417-3936-0069

The Ocean Island Fornite Murder Mystery has a similar story theme found in almost every Hollywood horror flick. You and your friends are stranded on an island, and there is murder on the loose. All your friends must use the clues and resources on the island to find the murderer before everyone gets eliminated. The gameplay is fun and provides a lot of scenarios for roleplaying as well. Do hop inside the map if you want to experience a good murder mystery map with a tropical vibe.

Hotel Deco Murder Mystery

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Hotel Deco Murder Mystery Map Code: 2789-9541-7789

Hotel Deco Murder Mystery is a unique murder mystery room set inside a spooky hotel. As players, you need to find the mystery of the hotel and catch the killer on the loose through unique missions. The main highlight is that, unlike other murder mystery games that only allow 2 to 4 players, Hotel Deco allows up to 20 players in the lobby, making it one of the rarest escape room map to support large player numbers. Do check the game if you want to play with a large number of players.

Sunset Steampunk Murder Mystery

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Sunset Steampunk Murder Mystery Map Code: 7658-6050-4966

Sunset Steampunk Murder Mystery is one of the most popular Murder Mystery rooms in the entire list. Though launched in 2021, the room still manages to attract hundreds of players each month due to its world-building aspect and solid gameplay mechanics. The map has a dull brown tone, matching the vibes found in popular steampunk games like Dishonored, making the overall gameplay experience fun and indulging. As of now, the map supports up to 5 players who can choose the role of a detective, murderer, or commoner. 

Murder Mystery Sacramentum Slasher

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Hospital Murder Mystery Map Code: 5423-3686-4108

The Sacramentum Slasher is a perfect escape for players tired of playing murder mystery mode inside any mansion or in a camp, as the entire gameplay takes place on a fancy moving cruise ship. Though the setting is refreshing, the gameplay is pretty standard, with the innocent workers trying the solve the quests around the ship, like refueling the ship, while the murderer hunts them down before they complete their task. The gameplay is solid, and everything functions as intended. We highly recommend the title to casual players who want regular gameplay with different settings.

Hospital Murder Mystery

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Hospital Murder Mystery Map Code: 0238-5871-1690

From the moment you load up the map room, the Hospital murder mystery will feel like a game you have already played and mastered. It's mainly due to its similarity with the hit mobile game Super Sus from whom the developers have taken inspiration to design the entire gameplay. Like Super Sus, the Hospital game room also enables users to play multiple roles like a spy, nurse, and detective, with each character having certain perks apart from the default innocent. This amalgamation of character roles provides a more complex but enjoyable gameplay experience in finding the imposter than the linear design of two people: the imposter and the innocent.

The Power Plant Murder Mystery

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

The Power Plant Murder Mystery Map Code: 2408-3812-2093

The Power Plant is one of the few maps in the murder mystery category that has a rational storyline woven into its gameplay. The Power Plant is under meltdown, and you only have 8 minutes to prevent the apocalypse by performing certain quests associated with the innocent workers. At the same instance, a murderer is on the loose, trying to stop the workers from reinstating the reactor to its stable form. This thrilling story, combined with the traditional solid traditional gameplay, makes Power Plant a compulsory pick for murder mystery fans.

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Munchker's Mansion Murder Mystery

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Munchker's Mansion Murder Mystery Map Code: 1785-2000-5429

Murder Mystery maps are often hosted inside extravagant mansions, and Munchker's Mansion Murder Mystery plays into that cliche: It's one murderer, one detective, and several innocent potential victims with a complete inability to trust anyone around them. The detective must follow the clues inside the mansion while the murderer is discretely trying to eliminate the crew. Which one will succeed?

Mystery Mansion - Murder Mystery

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Mystery Mansion - Murder Mystery Map Code: 8543-4742-5238

Mystery Mansion is definitely a classic in the Murder Mystery genre for Fortnite maps and despite its age, it remains one of the maps that players flock to when they want to play a deception outside of Impostors. It features all the standard expectations of a Murder Mystery map, which means that as an innocent person, you'll be doing a lot of running and hiding—there are no special roles. If you wanted a classic murder mystery experience that is still packed with players, you'll find it here!

Slasher Camp

Slasher Camp Map Code: 4231-5223-3996

If you've ever played an asymmetric horror game like Dead by Daylight or Prop Night, you'll find similar enjoyment in Slasher Camp. This is a Survivors vs Killers game where the goal of the Survivors is to hide while the killer waits to be released and escape if they're ever found. The biggest difference between this and other Murder Mystery games (and possibly the best part about the game) is that the survivors can work together to take down the killer before they get eliminated!

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Ultimate Murder Mystery

Ultimate Murder Mystery Map Code: 0124-5841-7849

Ultimate Murder Mystery is a wildly popular deception map that was featured not only on the Fortnite Discover menu but also on the official Fortnite YouTube channel! The trailer for the map received several million views, which skyrocketed the map's popularity in the game. It plays like a classic Murder Mystery map with no frills and special abilities—you are the murderer, the sheriff, or an innocent. What this map lacks in special features, it makes up for in fun! It is the ideal map to start with if you're new to the Murder Mystery genre in Fortnite creative.

The Blackout - Hunted

The Blackout - Hunted Map Code: 2775-2697-8614

Although it was originally released over a year ago, The Blackout holds steady as one of the most engaging and popular Murder Mystery maps in Fortnite. As a Survivor, your goal is to collect resources to craft buttons to engage the Master Computer and escape! As a Hunter, your goal is to stop that from happening by eliminating your opponents. Although it has fewer "Mystery" than other Murder Mystery games, this is still an ideal game to play if you enjoy asymmetric horror games.

Bloody Mines - Murder Mystery

Bloody Mines - Murder Mystery Map Code: 9736-4845-6318

The aesthetics of this murder mystery map are perhaps the best part of it. In Bloody Mines, you are placed in an abandoned mine where you need to tread lightly and keep a sharp eye out for the murderer, who is controlled by another player. The mechanics are pretty standard, including the survivors, the murderer, and the pistol-wielding detective. If you're looking for a whole new look on a map that follows the classic Murder Mystery mechanic, this one is perfect for you!

Murder Swap

Murder Swap Map Code: 5893-2263-5834

This is a map with quite a twist! You have all the normal roles: innocent, sheriff, and murderer. However, when the sheriff or murderer gets taken out, that role will be swapped to one of the innocent players. This adds a whole new dimension to this style of map. You could trust a player once, but once the swap happens, you might not be able to trust them now! So, this one will keep you on your toes and will give more players a chance to play the fun roles.

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Minecraft Murder Mystery

Minecraft Murder Mystery Map Code: 1892-1509-8081

If you love yourself some Minecraft and Fortnite then this combines them into one awesome-looking map. It's crazy how close to Minecraft they got it to look. It's especially similar if you've ever had a flat Minecraft texture pack! This is another murder mystery where you can collect coins by completing various tasks like mining and collecting them from the auto farm. Use these coins to purchase some weapons to protect yourself from the murderer!

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Fortnite Murder Mystery Codes

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