Fortnite Capture the Flag Codes (June 2023)

Check out these incredible Capture the Flag maps to play with your friends!

Capture the Flag is a well-known game mode, both in person and in games. It almost always appears in games that allow modification, and it's always fun! The premise is simple: Steal the flag from the enemy base, bring it back, and don't get caught! When modded into shooting games, a layer of difficulty is added to this famous classic team battle since you can be taken down from a distance!

Fortnite is no exception. Luckily, we are well-versed in Fortnite's Creative Mode and have come up with an excellent list of Capture the Flag maps for you to explore with your friends.

Best Fortnite Capture the Flag Maps Codes List

Best Fortnite Capture the Flag Maps

Crystal Keep Clash: Capture the Flag

Image via Beton

Crystal Keep Clash: Capture the Flag Map Code: 9751-3704-5894

Crystal Keep Clash is another class-based CTF mode. Currently, the map has five classes - Frost Warden, Shadow Strider, Glacial Sentinel, and Plague Alchemist, each with unique abilities. For example, the Plague Alchemist can inflict damage on other players, which causes players to lose their health over time. Also, the game format only supports up to three rounds, making it a map suitable for players who hate playing the brutal longer CTF formats.

Capture the Flag 2.0

Image via HS7

Capture the Flag 2.0 Map Code: 0871-9628-8470

This map by hs7 is a traditional CTF game mode set inside a castle. As usual, players must divide themselves into two groups with a maximum of 8 players on each side. After making teams, devise plans among yourself and fight for the flag at the center of the map using weapons. The team with the most points at the end of a period will be crowned as the winner. Do look inside the map if you want a traditional CTF game mode inside a castle-like setting.

Valkyrie Capture the Flag

Image via Pyrogames

Valkyrie Capture the Flag Map Code: 5592-2164-9849

Valkyrie Capture the Flag is one of the newest and most highly polished CTF game maps. Speaking about its gameplay, it is a class-based CTF game mode which means each of the characters in the game will have unique abilities. Moreover, the classes are not permanent and can be changed at the start of each round according to the ongoing situation. Consider the map if you want to play some class-based CTF game mode.

Capture the Flag - Dusty Doom

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Capture the Flag - Dusty Doom Map Code: 5067-4499-4913

Dusty Doom is one of the oldest and the best Capture the Flag server on the list. Like every other CTF game mode, the main objective over here is also to earn points by capturing the flag from the central point to your base. But what separates Dusty Doom from other flags is its beautiful valley setting in a desert-like area. The dunes and mountain valley environment elevate the rather mundane gameplay of CTF game mode. Bookmark the map to your wishlist if you want traditional CTF gameplay in a different environment from the usual urban setting.

Capture the Flag - Class Based

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Capture the Flag - Class Based Map Code: 0014-4740-2707

This map by IG_maddiepotato is one of the unique CTF game rooms in the Fortnite universe. This unique attribute of the map arises due to its class-based characters. Yes! Instead of using generic characters to play in traditional CTF game mode, the developers have made class-based agents. Each agent has their perks and abilities, which must be used to their advantage to secure the points. Do check the map out if you are a fan of skill-based and team-based tactical shooters. 

Civil War - Capture the Flag

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Civil War - Capture the Flag Map Code: 2567-1351-2393

When anyone speaks about capture the flag game mode, it's about a person running toward the flag spawn area and carrying it back toward their base. Well, the same concept also exists in the Civil War map room. But instead of running on your foot, you need to use a tank to get the flag. As you eliminate more enemies, you can earn golds which can be used to upgrade your tanks and beef up your home base with more turrets/cannons. It's a fun twist to the traditional capture-the-flag game mode and never feels boring at any instant.

The Castle - Capture the Flag

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

The Castle - Capture the Flag Map Code: 8907-0152-5777

The Castle is one of the biggest capture-the-flag maps on the entire list. As the name suggests, the map features a big castle with several playable landscapes surrounding it. Due to its large size and rooftop areas, the map serves as a great playing ground for sniper players. Apart from playing the Capture the flag game mode, you can also convert the map into prop hunt game mode by changing the game mode in the map settings. We recommend the map to players who want to have slow-paced gameplay involving some sniper action.

Swifty's Capture the Flag

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Swifty's Capture the Flag Map Code: 0227-3512-0627

Swifty's map is a traditional capture-the-flag map room set inside an urban garden-like environment. The map design is pretty standard, with several places to camp, fight long-range battles and take close-range encounters. Apart from fighting on your own, you can also set up automatic turrets that can lock on enemies flanking behind your blind spot. Check out the map if you are tired of playing the capture the flag game mode in open spaces.

Medieval Knights

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Medieval Knights Map Code: 9785-7877-3068

Medieval Knights is another themed-based capture-the-flag code room. Indicative of its title, the map is set in a lush world filled with various trees and infrastructure mimicking the medieval era. To further adhere to the theme, developer el3ktro has only provided basic weapons like makeshift bows, infantry rifles, and a revolver to its players. The only downside is that the map only creates opportunities for linear face-to-face combat, as it does not have any vertical structure for camping or sniper-related gameplay.

Lost Oasis Capture the Flag 

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Lost Oasis Map Code: 1613-4609-9747

This map by chasejackman is the second code room on the list based on the Halo universe. Set in a Dystopian future world, players must split themselves into groups of eight and fight for supremacy by keeping the flag with themselves for the maximum period. Apart from its theme-based setup, the map design is another USP of the room, as the developer has provided several tactical covers in the form of structures and ramps to make plays according to your game style.

Snipers Only Capture the Flag

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Medieval Knights Map Code: 3449-9271-4403

Capture the flag game mode is always known for its close to mid-range combat, as the players often move a lot while carrying or defending flags each round. But, thanks to the bullseye, the creator of this map, who throws that traditional concept out of the window by making a sniper-only map. As the name suggests, the map only uses various kinds of snipers as its primary weapon throughout the game, making a path for some competitive and comedic gameplay throughout the session. It's a must-pick for sniper lovers who want to enjoy a slow-paced capture flag action.

Capture the Flag Pirate Edition

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Capture the Flag Pirate Edition Map Code: 0016-9668-7247

If you are tired of playing Capture the Flag game mode with a generic map and the default setup, you should look into the Pirate Edition version. The map transports you to an area filled with various wooden architecture, ships, and trees, perfectly recreating the atmosphere of a 17th-century pirate hideout. Unlike other maps, the room also follows a unique round-wise format instead of the timer model, adding a different angle to the traditional gameplay. It's a great addition to your library if you want to enjoy capture-the-flag action with a theme-based twist.

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Capture the Flag Red VS Blue

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Capture the Flag Red VS Blue Map Code: 5739-0985-6432

One of the major problems many players find in the Capture the Flag code rooms is the design of the battle area, as they usually don't have many covers or open spaces at the desired locations, making the gameplay too casual. The Red VS Blue addresses all these issues with a clever map design that surpasses even AAA multiplayer maps from other studios. Let it be close-range combat with shotguns or quick scopes with snipers. The map incorporates every playstyle due to its brilliant layout. We recommend the map to players who want a competitive/hardcore experience in the Capture the Flag genre.

CTF Dueling Kingdoms

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

CTF Dueling Kingdoms Map Code: 1798-4675-9927

This medieval-themed map gives you four classes to choose from while you plan the best strategy to infiltrate the enemy castle and steal their flag. Each class offers special traits, ranging from the defense-aligned Tank class to the stealthy Assassin class. The game is best with the maximum amount of players, so you'll want a full party when you try this map!

Capture the Flag 2.0

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Oz's Capture the Flag 2.0 Map Code: 5560-7732-5511

Oz has remade one of the most popular Capture the Flag maps to date and has introduced a bundle of exciting extra features. In this new version of a classic Red vs. Blue capture the flag game mode, you'll find entirely new weapons and a burst in popularity to the map, which means you'll almost always have someone to play with when you're friends aren't available. Which do you prefer: red or blue?

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Command Center CTF

Command Center CTF Map Code: 2007-3534-6415

Be the first team to win three rounds in this best-of-three capture-the-flag game. Each round requires five captures to win, so you'll have your work cut out for you, even if your team has a better competitive skill set than your opponents. The map has ample open space, so winning with discretion is nearly impossible—you need to push hard and be merciless if you want to win.

Worlds Collide - Hero Shooters CTF

Worlds Collide - Hero Shooters CTF Map Code: 8966-1061-8293

This incredible Capture the Flag map doesn't actually have the other characters featured in the video thumbnail (of course), but it gives you the option to select a hero! Choose from several classes that all give you an edge over your opponents in their own way, and race to get the enemy's team back to your base before they do. This map offers a classic CTF map feel that many fans of the genre remember from retro gaming consoles—but with special abilities!

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Close Encounters CTF - Kami's Lookout

Close Encounters - Kami's Lookout CTF Map Code: 2349-8788-1195

Fans of the Anime/franchise Dragon Ball rejoice! There is finally a Capture the Flag map in Fortnite Creative. Even better than that, though, is that it is an exception map that brings skilled acrobatics and close-quarters combat to the decades-old CTF game mechanic. You can choose to barge into the enemy's base to steal the flag, or you can use any of the meticulously placed platforms to bounce, burst, or dash your way into the base without being noticed!

Nootnu's Halo Maps

Halo: The Pit - King of the Hill Map Code: 8336-2950-4431
Halo: Battle Creek - Capture the Flag Map Code: 9563-4573-0185
Halo: Blood Gulch - Capture the Flag Map Code: 7555-3841-5190

A mapmaker named Nootnu has published three maps based on the classic Halo maps from yesteryear. Although they aren't all capture the flag, we're including all three of them in this list because they're still great maps to play. If you're feeling a little nostalgic for the old Xbox days, get a big party going to give all three maps a try!

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Capture League CTF

Capture League CTF Code: 0333-6772-3125

This is a well-designed Capture the Flag map that provides options for play mode and choice of the map for its players via a voting system. Once the votes are in (which doesn't take long), players go head-to-head in their selected game mode. We chose this map as one of the best because it hits all the right boxes for a good CTF map: plenty of choices, high replayability, and great level design.

16 Vs 16 Capture the Flag / Team Deathmatch

16 Vs 16 Capture the Flag Team Deathmatch Map Code: 2305-1432-8599

The level design may be big and clunky, but this map is perfect for big teams who just want to jump into the fray and annihilate everything in their path while trying to capture the other team's flag. In this map, you have access to vehicles and equal weapons for all players, which contributes to its balance of fun, simplicity, and fairness. This map is ideal for large parties, as it can host up to 32 players!

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Fortnite Capture the Flag Codes (June 2023)

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  1. I thought the Halo blood gulch map recreation would’ve been on this list because it’s a capture the flag style map.

    1. That was one of my favorite maps in Halo! It must have slipped under my radar while I was going through these maps. I’ll check it out. Maybe it’ll be on the next update!