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Fortnite First Person Codes – Best First Person Maps!

See Fortnite from a new perspective.

The first-person frenzy has hit Fortnite! You can now create and play maps where you will no longer see your character model. Getting a player into the first person currently requires some clever design for the creators, so maps that feature this mechanic are rare—even more so for a well-designed map. We've compiled a list of some of the best First Person codes that include multiple genres to this new perspective on the game.

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Best Fortnite First-Person Maps

Beachtown Domination First Person

Player standing in front of the truck in Beachtown Fortnite FPS island mode
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Beachtown Domination First Person Map Code: 0386-6988-1900

Domination is one of my favorite modes in shooters, so I had no problem adjusting in Beachtown: Domination First Person. Maps look fantastic, so take your time walking around and enjoying the surroundings. On the other hand, it's not very large, which means you'll encounter enemies almost instantly.

The Yacht First Person Gun Game

Interior of the Yacht Fortnite fps game mode
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

The Yacht First Person Gun Game Map Code: 3737-4682-5988

If there's a place to fight, it's on the open sea with nowhere to go. The Yacht First Person Gun Game is a classic free-for-all shooter where you'll respawn as soon as you die. Your goal is simple: score as many kills as you can before the match is over. This mode looks great, while the yacht offers enough tactical maneuvering to enjoy quick action.

Fallen Duty

Image via The Long Nose

Fallen Duty Map Code: 2536-5296-8623

Fallen Unity is a Fortnite recreation of the COD Zombies mode. Like the original, the entire map is filled with zombies, and as a soldier, you must perform various missions that range from defeating boss fights to delivering cargo to clear the infestation. The other major highlight of the map is its carryover features that allow you to reuse items from previous runs to the current one. I highly suggest the map if you like the PVE content of COD Zombie and want to experience something similar to that in Fortnite.

Dark Hospital

Image via Jsflimz

Dark Hospital Map Code: 1315-9731-7969

Fans of FNAF or the Phasmophobia series would love this maze-type escape room called Dark Hospital. As a part of an investigating team, you must explore an abandoned hospital to know the past secrets of the center. As you explore the surroundings, you find your other crew members behaving abnormally, and with time, they turn into monsters. Find the antidotes to save your friends, or prioritize evacuating the area alone. The choice is yours in this gruesome ordeal of survival simulator.

Real Soccer

Image via Mr Creative

Real Soccer Map Code: 2964-3673-8229

Real Soccer is a first-person soccer game created using the latest released UEFN features for Unreal Engine 5. Like any football game, you can choose your team and play a simple 11vs 11 with your friends or AI Bots. Also, the game has a full-fledged campaign season with customization options for kits, players, and entire management. If you love football and want to play something like PES or FIFA inside Fortnite, bookmark the map.

Downtown Drifting

Image via SwitchUp YT

Downtown Drifting Map Code: 7906-3518-1746

Drifting maps are becoming more and more popular in the Fortnite universe. One such map-making some noise is the Downtown Drifting map. This custom room map features six different tracks with several vehicles. Like most drifting maps, you have to drift your car for the maximum duration to accumulate drift points and top the leaderboard. Another unique part of the map is it's matchmaking system that allows you to pit against other users in real-time.

Space Invasion

Image via Shukball

Space Invasion Map Code: 9464-8433-4941

Space Invasion is the Fortnite recreation of the popular 2D-pixel game - Space Invaders. Like its inspiration, the objective here is to eliminate all the invading aliens on the screen by shooting with guns and using various amenities like a healing or shield station at your disposal. Load your weapons and go blazing against the aliens in a 50-round format as a solo player or with four other friends. If you feel the normal mode is a cakewalk, I suggest you try the nightmare mode and aim for the leaderboard high score.

Horror Backrooms

Image via agence

Horror Backrooms Map Code: 9232-1871-0404

This map by Agence is a classic take on the popular 2019 hit game- Escape the Backrooms. Make your way across the maze-like walls and find a way out of each arena. But, while exploring, hide/evade the mysterious entity that can always follow your trail and sabotage your progress, making you backtrack several sections for hours. Check out the map if you love maze-exploring maps that have a particular answer pattern.

First Person - Only Up Fortnite

Image via Digtag

First Person - Only Up Fortnite Map Code: 4729-1400-4366

Out of all the recreation of Only Up in Fortnite, my favorite one is the map made by Digitag. The main reason behind this is that apart from the levels that mimic the original game, the decision to use a first-person camera instead of a third-person view adds a unique thrill to the gameplay, unfound in the original. Each jump brings a new level of excitement, as it should be calculative and timely due to the camera angle. I highly recommend this map to any player who is in love with the original title and wants a feel of it in Fortnite with a big twist.

First Person FFA

Image via Playepic

First Person FFA Map Code: 1518-7837-8727

First Person FFA is an excellent training map for players trying to better their skills in the first-person mode. It has everything you need for a training map, from free-build arena mode to scenario-based shooting. Equip the weapon of your choice and practice your combat skills to the desired skill level.

100 Levels First Person Deathrun

100 Levels First Person Deathrun Map Code: 0134-3369-2015

Do you know what is more exciting than a deathrun map in Fortnite? Well, same deathrun map in First Person mode. This map by TonyDyb provides a unique experience where you can enjoy the same map in dual mode - TPP and FPP mode, providing you with entirely different experiences for rerunning. Choose the game mode of your choice and aim for the leaderboards.

Michael Myers Roleplay

Image via CultofSly

Michael Myers Roleplay Map Code: 0125-3663-5028

This map by CultOfSly is a first-person murder mystery map where you can roleplay the famous movie character Michael Myers. Like any other traditional murder mystery, one of you will be randomly selected to play Michael while others need to roleplay as innocents. If you are Michael, go on a murder spree and kill everyone on your path. Citizens survive the night by turning on generators and hiding in a secure location. If you are a fan of Michael Myers, I highly recommend you try the game at least once.

Zombie Country First Person

Image via Agence

Zombie Country First Person Map Code: 0685-3434-6556 

If you like horde-based shooter games, you should try Zombie Country. The city is infested with zombies, and you must safely vacate the city by reaching the highway on the other side of the town. Tactically shoot through the town with weapons and take cover in the buildings. Upgrade your weapon with gold coins collected by killing zombies to aid your objective. If you think it's a massive task, invite your friends and go all out!

Prime First Person Race

Image via Goldstein

Prime First Person Race Map Code: 0555-4713-8340

As the name suggests, this is a pure racing map with a first-person view. Race in more than eight courses against A.I in a sequential manner. If competing against a computer is boring, you can always use the multiplayer mode and race against your friends. Check out the map if you need a standard racing map with awesome tracks and multiplayer elements. 

First Person Sewer Wars

Image via GingerJay

First Person Sewer Wars Map Code: 9078-6991-2928

When it comes to first-person TDM map rooms, it is always the aesthetical aspect of the map that bores me. But thanks to Ginger_Jay91, I had a blast playing his Sewer Wars, which has been beautifully made using the UEFN 2.0 features. Speaking about the gameplay, it is a traditional TDM room that divides players into two teams, and the team with the most points at the end of round 5 is the winner. Check it out if you want a graphically superior map than others.

Close Encounters Gun Game

Image via Seymour

Close Encounters Gun Game Map Code: 0366-6768-1549

Close Encounters Gun Game is a first-person horror survival game on Fortnite with a solid storyline. You are trapped inside a secret military base and must find a way out of the area before the unnatural creature gets you. Further, resources are limited, and you must rely on random exploration to gather ammo. So, check out the map if you like horror survival games like the Alien or Amnesia series.

First Person - Triple Threat

Image via thrxre

First Person - Triple Threat Map Code: 6269-9831-8282

Are you confident of your mechanical skills in Fortnite? Well, challenge yourself against your overconfident friends in this triple-threat game mode where you must emerge victorious first in a deathrun followed by a death race and finally in a 1v1 combat fight. I had a great time playing with my friends in this game mode as we were fighting for the bragging rights for the best player each round.

Face-to-Face First Person Racing

Image via mystery_fn

Face-to-Face First Person Racing Map Code: 0089-7577-3973

Usually, driving/racing games in Fortnite are about linear racing or strolling with your friends, experiencing the visuals. This map by mystery-fn completely deviates from that generalized concept by creating a unique map, which is a mixture of racing and deathrun genres. Upon hopping inside the map, you will find a car. Now, carefully maneuver this car to the other side of the platform by driving across a narrow road with tiles before your friends. Look into the map if you want something challenging and entertaining to play with your in-game buddies.  

First Person - Red vs. Blue

Image via Playepicplay

First Person - Red vs. Blue Map Code: 2844-5302-7718

Red vs. Blue is a first-person TDM map room. Like most maps in that genre, the room has a no-build rule, providing a full-on TDM experience with a focus on combat. Divide into two teams - red or blue and fight for the arena's dominance using all the latest Fortnite weapons. Moreover, the maps use the latest UEFN features, providing an aesthetically superior experience.

Horror First Person

Image via jkr_julian

Horror First Person Map Code: 3105-7832-0868

This map by JKR_Julian is a horror survival map with a first-person view. The main objective of the map is to escape the mansion by solving various puzzle pieces before the mysterious creature hunts you down. You can embark on the adventure alone or bring three of your friends. It is a fun little map that promises jump scares in various instances. Check out the map if you love playing Phasmophia or other ghost-hunting games.

First Person - Deathmatch

Image via NearFNBR

First Person - Deathmatch Map Code: 8565-8185-6195

This map by NearFBNR is a single-player deathmatch map made using the creative 2.0 features. As a result, the gameplay is extremely buttery smooth due to the server tick rate and makes you feel like an official game mode rather than something created by a fan. The match can feature a maximum of 16 players, and the person to get the first 30 players' elimination will be crowned as the winner. Check out the map if you love deathmatch type with a first-person view in a closed environment.

Lofi Retro OpenWorld

Image via Dansujo

Lofi Retro Openworld Map Code: 6252-9359-4301

Lofi Retro Openworld is a first-person room where the main objective is to listen to songs made by the popular Youtube remix channel Lofi Girl and relax with your friends. Change the playlist of songs and customize the entire ambiance of the environment to match the vibe. Apart from listening, you can also stroll around with your friends and have a chat with each other. So, invite all of your Discord friends and jump inside the game to chill with your buddies.

Cab Driver Simulator

Image via Mogura

Cab Driver Simulator Map Code: 6711-4776-0082

Cab Driver Simulator is a first-person driving map where the main objective is to pick up NPCs from various spots and drop them at a desired location. It is a fun little map that offers players to enjoy leisure driving with an objective. If you are tired of dropping players around the map, you can always toggle the taxi mode and move across the map. Do check out the map if you love the driving mechanics in Fortnite and want to play a map where you want to spend some alone time driving through beautiful landscapes.

First Person Horror Hall 2

Image via Jmanp

First Person Horror Hall 2 Map Code: 5938-2642-7886

As a building maintenance worker, you find the entire tower malfunctioning for more than 6 hours. While you try to resolve the issue, an unnatural creature is after you and trying to stop your progress. Survive the night by evading the monster and restore the building by sunrise. I had a blast playing the map and do recommend it to players who love popular horror games like Alien Isolation or Amnesia.

First Person One Shot

Image via Krisp

First Person One Shot Map Code: 0598-0411-0956 

First Person One Shot is the recreation of the popular CS 1.6 map AWP_India inside Fortnite. Similar to the rules in the OG map, players will spawn on the opposite side of the ramp and will have a sniper in their hand. Use the weapon to eliminate your enemy before they take you down. The map triggered a lot of my core memory from my CS days. I hope you enjoy a great time dueling with your friends on this popular CS map with Fortnite weapons.

First Person Race 2.0

Image via AlphaAlone

First Person Race 2.0 Map Code: 5651-9073-9109

It's hard to find a full-featured racing map in Fortnite, as most of the trending and popular playlist is filled with Murder Mystery or Deathrun maps. But, Luckily, while browsing the playlist, I found a gem of a racing map called First Person Race 2.0 that won't disappoint you in any way. This map by AlphaAlone is a Fortnite replication of the world-famous racing game Trackmania. Like the original game, players must drive across the map course and put their best lap. The player with the best lap time will be declared the winner. Please make some time to look at the map if you adore racing games, especially where the main focus is on making the best lap times instead of racing.

Real First Person Gun Game

Image via Opedro

Real First Person Gun Game Map Code: 4255-7448-6966

As the name suggests, Real First Person Gun Game is a story-based arena-style shooter map. The main goal of the map is to take control of the trenches along with their friends or other allies using more than 30 different weapons/equipment at your disposal. Crawl, hide, and fire at every machine/NPC that shoots at you and make your way strategically to the end of the level. I highly recommend the map to players who love quests from popular FPS games like COD or Battlefield and want to have a similar experience in Fortnite.

First Person 1v1s

Image via Vizeloo

First Person 1v1s Map Code: 7436-7108-3755

You might be strong in your 1v1s in the default third-person view! But have you ever wondered how you might fare in FPP mode? Well, input the code to fight against other friends or in-game opponents in a 1v1 battle using all the latest weapons in the game. Moreover, the game allows users to build in first person, providing a unique combat experience. Use the code to conduct the first FPP combat tournament with your discord members, or have fun trolling your friends in first-person mode.

First Person Escape

Image via Tree Fitty

First Person Escape Map Code: 4155-3443-4549

As the title suggests, First Person Escape is a maze puzzle map room where the core objective is to escape the maze area by carefully navigating your character model using directional keys. Currently, there are 15 different levels with increasing difficulty. It is a great map that tests both your decision-making and reflex skill, as the movements are limited, and you need to make the right decision before you run out of turns. Do check the map if you love puzzles that involve mazes.

Cuddle Monsters

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Cuddle Monsters Map Code: 4848-1129-6903

Cuddle Monsters is a Fortnite version of the popular horror game Five Nights at Freddie. Along with the First Person View, the game can also be played with the default third-person camera angle of Fortnite. Upon hopping inside the map, you will find that the plushy figures are seeking your blood for some unknown reason. You must try to evade their efforts and survive the night by using all the tools at your disposal.

First Person Race Track V2

Image by Pro Game Guides

First Person Race Track V2 Map Code: 2316-7626-9693

Though First Person Race Track V2 is an old map released in 2021, it is one of the best-maintained custom maps. The developers have constantly updated the racing features with new features like a lap calculator, map courses, and much more over time. The other highlight is that it provides users with the position of enemies through the real-time mini-map, helping them to position when someone tries to overtake them. We highly recommend the map to fans of people who adore the driving mechanics of Fortnite.

Evil 14 Awaits: First Person

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Evil 14 Awaits: First Person Map Code: 7710-0034-8827

Evil 14 is the Fortnite replication of the famous psychological horror game P.T. The narrative is pretty much similar to the original game. You are trapped inside a mansion that houses a strange entity. This entity lurks around and attacks the player for invading its privacy. As the protagonist, you must escape from the premises by evading the unknown creature and solving the loop. It's a great map that provides hours of entertainment through its repetitive gameplay elements. Do check out the map if you love horror and scary genre games.

25 vs 25 - Space First Person

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

25 vs 25 - Space First Person Map Code: 3325-4874-9671

This map by Zea is a 25 vs 25 team deathmatch game mode with a first-person view. Though it supports up to 50 players, you can start the game with ten players, five players on each side. The level design is pretty standard, creating ample opportunities for players who love close and mid-range action. The Snipers may face some rough times due to the small map size. Still, they can have a great time if they lean more toward quick scoping rather than camping with a gun. Do check out the map if you want a TDM experience with a first-person camera in Fortnite.

Downtown Drifting - First Person

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Downtown Drifting - First Person Map Code: 7906-3518-1746

There are a lot of first-person racing and driving maps in the Fortnite universe. But this is the first map that is dedicated to the art of drifting. After joining the server, players must pick a car and drift around the circuit. Unlike other maps, there is no goal or objective to achieve here apart from enjoying your time drifting through the landscape. Visit the map with your friends and enjoy a great time driving around.

First Person PropHunt

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

First Person PropHunt Map Code: 4705-1035-6381

Indicative of the title, this map room by Condicatsog is a First Person Prophunt game. After inputting the map code, the users will be transported to the interiors of a lavish mansion. Here, 15 players can disguise themselves as any one of the several items of the mansion while one player finds their location. The gameplay is exciting and more importantly quick due to being presented inside a mansion instead of an open area. We highly recommend you use the room if you want to replicate the same fun found in popular Prophunt games.

Portal Guns First Person

Portal Guns First Person Map Code: 0126-4712-5504

One of the unique and most creative rooms on the list is the Portal Guns First Person. Inside the map, players will be given special guns which can both damage and teleport the player itself, creating comedic and flashy gameplay. Though it may look funny, the game requires you to be very witty to outplay your enemies and get behind their blindspot. Please check out Portal if you like our fan of games that rewards players for cheeky and intelligent strategies.

Hell- A First-Person Shooter 

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Hell- A First Person Shooter Map Code: 0940-4354-7470

Hell- A first-person shooter can be considered a homage to popular mob-based killing game series like Doom or the Left for dead. Similar to the gameplay found in these series, you, as a solo adventurer or with three other friends, need to clear waves of enemies in each level using weapons lying around the area. The gameplay is fantastic, and the difficulty factor scales perfectly with each level. The other main highlight of the room is the ambiance of the environment, as they are perfectly lit/designed to match the aura found in its inspiration. Do make sure to try the map if you are a fan of such wave-based shooting games.

Blue vs Red Vent First Person: 0532-3462-3627

Blue VS Red Vent First Person Map Code: 0532-3462-3627

Blue vs Red is one of the funniest first-person maps in the Fortnite universe. As the name suggests, it is a battle-style map between the blue and red teams inside a vent. This unique concept of placing the combat area inside a vent provides some hilarious gameplay moments as you constantly try to backstab your enemy by silently crouching and walking behind them. Apart from its comedic gameplay, there are also several secrets that players can unlock to know the reason behind the origin of the map. It's extremely funny and worth every bit of your time if played with your friends.

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Area 51: First-Person Hide and Seek

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Area 51: First-Person Hide and Seek Map Code: 4909-3532-4209 

One of the most popular first-person maps of all time in Fortnite is the Area 51 map. The reason for its popularity is quite understandable upon looking at its gameplay, as it is loosely based on the Alien game/movie series. Similar to the original content, you are a survivor inside a spaceship and must evade the evil alien by hiding in one of the 150 specific spots on the ship. The gameplay is quite engaging and fun when played among friends as you take turns among yourself to play either as the evil alien or an innocent.

First Person Visual Escape

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

First Person Visual Escape Map Code: 1211-9143-2539

We've provided a hint on how to solve the first puzzle on this escape map, but you'll likely spend hours trying to solve the rest of them. This is an extremely tough first-person escape quest with multiple themes and rage-triggering puzzles. Having a new perspective doesn't help you find these near-impossible-to-see exits.

Forza Horizon - First Person Car Racing

Forza Horizon - First Person Car Racing Map Code: 2118-8997-3881

Most driving games include some form of first-person mode that challenges players to drive from inside the vehicle instead of behind it. Since Fortnite isn't primarily a driving game, this was not a primary focus for most map makers. Enter Forza Horizon, which many players consider to be the first and best first-person driving map. You may not feel the rev of the engine, but you'll certainly feel like you're driving the car!

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First Person Box Fights

First Person Box Fights Map Code: 4392-1871-9556

Box Fights are the most popular game mechanic because they represent the high-intensity and fast-paced combat that you will find at the end of most Fortnite Battle Royale matches. Adding first-person to this genre of Creative maps only adds to the intensity. Think you're a master at Edits and close-quarters combat in Fortnite? Prove it with this famous first-person map!

Lysergic Caeli - First Person Horror

Lysergic Caeli - First Person Horror Map Code: 3139-3620-6848

Like many other Fortnite horror maps, Lysergic Caeli is not for the faint of heart or those who are easily frightened. You are put into a horrific house full of monsters and jump scares. You must explore the house to uncover the secrets and try to make it out—all while being stalked by a mysterious creature. And, as a first-person map, you must come face to face with what is hiding in the dark.

First Person Escape Room

First Person Escape Room Map Code: 6212-9391-5469

This map is a basic escape room map that is ideal for players that are new to either first-person mode or escape rooms. It includes simple puzzles that you're required to solve to progress through the course. The video above shows you how to complete each level, but if you want to see what makes this map a unique twist on the Escape Room genre, we recommend trying to complete it yourself!

First Person Deathrun Practice

First Person Deathrun Practice Map Code: 2876-1894-8328

Death runs can vary in difficulty depending on how you've mastered jumping and sprinting in Fortnite or have good or bad reflexes. Regardless of your skill level for these maps, you will face an entirely new challenge in this First Person deathrun and may find that your timing and jumping skills aren't as good when you can't see where your character is jumping from. Unless you have real-life parkour skills, you may find this map exceptionally hard!

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First Person Snipers

First Person Snipers Map Code: 3459-8305-1162

Although snipers in the game are essentially already a first-person game mechanic, First Person Snipers became one of the most popular first-person maps. This is a combat-focused map that requires you to keep an eye on both the map while you're moving around and tracking when you're zooming in for the elimination. Out of all first-person maps, this game seems the most realistic!

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