Best Fortnite Creative Map Codes (February 2024)

Browse the best maps in the Fortnite Creative universe!

Whether you are tired of the same old Battle Royale experience, or you are looking to practice your game in a simulated environment, we have a list of the best Fortnite Creative Map Codes for you and your Squad! These maps feature a huge variety of things you can do, whether practicing your aim or just having fun with your friends in a less competitive situation.

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Epic has done a great job expanding the scope of the game of Fortnite. While the mainstay is still Battle Royale, you can now play many different game modes in Creative. This gives you plenty more to do when you play. Epic looks to be growing this part of the game more and more, which has enabled players to flex their creativity in a variety of ways.

We pick the best maps based on their popularity within the Fortnite community, the design quality, and any unique features that make the game special. Since Creative mode is ever-changing, we will provide regular updates to this list so you have plenty of new games to enjoy and different game modes with which you can experiment!

Best Fortnite Creative Map Codes


Image via Squatingdogs

Fortnopoly Map Code: 5068-0087-4348

Do you love board games? If so, you should attempt playing the Fortnopoly. Indicative of its name, it is a Fortnite version of the game - Monopoly. Similar to the original, roll the dice and move your character avatar to visit new places on the board. If the city belongs to others, pay rent or purchase the property yourself! Enjoy the 2.5D design of Monopoly with up to 12 of your friends. 

Risky Ninjas

Image via Neigbhor_fns

Risky Ninjas Map Code: 5011-6711-1967

The Risky Ninjas is a four-player board game based on the popular social game called The Risk. Like its inspiration, the core gameplay of the Risky Ninjas revolves around acquiring new areas, strategizing, and making conquests. It's a fun time pass like the physical world counterpart and will make you spend hours rolling the dice. Also, if you think you don't have enough players for the game, you can always add bots to make the gameplay more engaging and immersive. So, if you love playing Risk in the real world, you would love this map.

Just Drift

Image via BKM

Just Drift Map Code: 1985-1234-3153

Just Drift is a fun little racing map that mainly focuses on drifting. Unlike traditional racing maps, where you race against your friends or AI bots for position or lap time, players must carefully maneuver their car and drift for points. The longer you stay drifting, the more points you will acquire and reach the top of the leaderboard. The player with the most drift points at the end of the game will be the winner. To spice up the gameplay, the developers have included several pick items like speed boost and slow-mo to add variety.

Low Poly Island

Image via Taksa10

Low Poly Island Map Code: 6674-7751-9418

If you are a fan of the latest LEGO universe in Fortnite, you must try out this map by Taksa. It is a low poly battle royale map that supports up to 64 players and uses most of the crafting/supply items available in the game. Since it is low poly, the game takes less time to render and is smooth compared to any other custom room battle royale. Also, the map-level design is just a recreation of popular Fortnite hotspots like Tilting Towers and Springs, making it easy for players to play without spending much time.

Blade Ball Fortnite

Image vis Shock Maps

Blade Ball Fortnite Map Code: 1443-4058-4106

This map by Shock is a Fortnite recreation of the popular Roblox game Blade Ball. Like its inspiration, the gameplay revolves around deflecting a ball promptly using unique abilities and tricking your enemy. As of now, the game supports up to 16 players and has three maps. Another interesting fact is that the game has an inbuilt rank and save system, making you continue your progression.

Lego PVP Box

Image via KKA

Lego PVP Box Map Code: 5728-2124-6336

If you like the newly added LEGO features, you should check out this map by KKA. Indicative of its name, it is a box fight map, but you are using your LEGO avatar. Invite your friends or arch rivals and pick your favorite weapon. Battle against each other in a round of 5 and settle your disputes. The other big highlight of the map is its building feature, which enables players to build using the LEGO blocks!

2D Toon Town Gun Game

Image via Guanyu

2D Toon Town Gun Game Map Code: 3348-0210-9307

Have you ever wondered how Fortnite might look as a 2D game? Well, here is a chance to witness it yourself firsthand. The 2D Toon Town Gun transforms the entire game into a 2D TDM game mode where the objective is to eliminate as many enemies as possible and get a high score. So, grab your favorite weapon and kill everyone in your sight. Use the walls for cover and peak/shoot at the perfect instance. If an enemy is hiding, jump over the fence and surprise them with a rocket launcher.

Old House

Image via Seinch

Old House Map Code: 2124-3772-1297

Old House is a traditional horror map with the core objective of finding keys for each door and escaping the arena using the various note clues spread across the map. While the initial few keys are easy to find, it becomes challenging when you have to evade the haunting monster and locate clues. So, if you are looking for straightforward hide/seek type horror gameplay found in popular games like Resident Evil or the FNAF franchise, please try out this map.  

The Game of Pain

Image via Kebrem

The Game of Pain Map Code: 0268-4125-5349

The Game of Pain is a unique and engaging board game in Fortnite Universe. Like most games in the genre, the main objective is to reach the finish line by rolling dice. But, between that, you must perform various tasks associated with each tile to make it to the end. The quest ranges from eliminating targets to dancing using emotes. It's a fun map with a flavor of roleplaying and board game tactics.

Zombie Village

Image via Cantora Studio

Zombie Village Map Code: 9975-3026-7964

Zombie Village is an action survival game with a focus on combat. The entire village has hoards of zombies, and you are alone. Explore the various buildings in the town and look for weapons. Use that weapon to eliminate the zombies and collect gold. Upgrade your weapons and find the exit point of the village before the sunrises. I highly recommend the map to players who love popular AAA games like Resident Evil or Silent Hill.

Alone Alone - 5928-7445-3823

Image via kamakeh

Alone Alone Map Code: 5928-7445-3823

If movies like Saw scarred you as a child, you should refrain from playing this map made by Kamakeh. Alone Alone is a horror game with several mind-twisting puzzles that are dark. Explore the creepy jungle/mansion-like areas of Alone Alone and find the hidden evil secrets of the universe. In case you manage to collect all the Eyes(mandatory collectible item), you can open the only door to make your way out of the world. Check out the map if you want a scary room with a solid gameplay feature.

Junkyard Gun Game

Image via Jekyll_hyde

Junkyard Gun Game Map Code: 4727-9319-1085

Junkyard Gun Game is a solo action-adventure experience. You are hired to investigate mysterious events happening inside a junkyard. Upon reaching there, you find yourself haunted by a dark entity and must escape the yard by eliminating this creature. Pick a loadout out and go all blazing in this action-packed adventure that tests all of your combat and puzzle-solving capabilities.

Fashion Show

Image via akmet11

Fashion Show Map Code: 3105-6026-7646

Do you spend hours customizing your outfit? Are you highly critical of your friend's outfits? Well, if your answer is yes to both questions, you should use this map and conduct a fashion show of your own. Invite more than 100 players and dress them up using the best of your talent. Make them walk on the ramp to display your clothing choice. If dressing feels boring, become a judge and rate other people's sense of dressing. Use the map however you feel appropriate and have a blast with your friends.

Volcanic Rails

Image via The Barnyard

Volcanic Rails Map Code: 4453-0668-2549

Volcanic Rails is an infinite runner map with combat mechanics. Surf on the rail lines that go in and out of an active volcano. Combat with other runners using melee weapons and make them fall from their railings before you reach the race line. Add the map to your wishlist if you want a unique racing map with fighting features found in popular PC games like Roadrash!

Boink Shot

Image via Mikeygroton

Boink Shot Map Code: 2943-9661-0687

Boink Shot is a death match map room for solos. The only twist here is that the gravity is off, and you must engage in battles by flying up in the air using boosters. The scenario is fun to play and challenging when trying to connect your shots, especially with sniper rifles. Moreover, if you feel players are dominating you at any instance, collect the gold coins around the arena and upgrade the accessories on your weapons to become more lethal than before. 

Hospital Inferno Zombies

Image via Granto

Skyblock 3.0 Map Code: 4448-9154-0081

I have played countless Zombie shooter games in Fortnite. But none comes close to Hospital Inferno Zombie in terms of gunplay and setting. As the title suggests, you are trapped in a hospital filled with zombies and must make your way out of the building by eliminating these brainless creatures. Use your resources carefully, as they are hard to find, and protect your allies from being infected. Try out the map if you love classics like Left for Dead or similar games.

Skyblock 3.0

Image via Arcane Studio

Skyblock 3.0 Map Code: 6541-5955-6380

Skyblock is an open-world adventure game with several quests. You are a person trapped inside a mansion. Explore the secrets of the mysterious building and find the way out of the fort. Don't think the map is about puzzle-solving or exploration, as you must use your combat skills to take down several mysterious titans. If you feel you are having a tough time killing creatures or solving missions, invite up to four of your friends and continue your adventure.

Foad - Lane Wars

Image via Futuretrash

Foad - Lane Wars Map Code: 4197-4768-0702

Foad Lane Wars is a Fortnite recreation of the popular third-person-style MOBA - Smite. Like its inspiration, the objective revolves around protecting your team's shrine while destroying the opponent's. Pick your best friends and equip the lethal loadout to wage a full-on war in this 4v4 TDM mode with MOBA-style rules. Add the map to your playlist if you want a TDM game mode with unique objectives.

Backrooms Infected

Image via Atlascreative

Backrooms Infected Map Code: 2733-3330-0380

Backrooms Infected is a horror game room with a mix of puzzle and escape room elements. Upon inputting the room code, the players will be transported to a building haunted by a monstrous spider. The objective is to leave this area by solving various puzzle pieces and QTE. Embark on this epic journey alone or with four of your friends. Also, earn XP for each completed level. 

Only Down 2.0

Image via Naxy

Only Down 2.0 Map Code: 7401-0707-3952

Though there are several maps based on the popular hit game - Only Up, I loved this rendition by Fortnitefedi due to a simple change. Instead of climbing up to the top by carefully maneuvring across obstacles, all you have to do is to climb down. At first look, it may sound like an easy game. But don't get fooled by the feature because it's challenging and, on some levels, even more punishing than the original title. I highly recommend the map to players who want an Only Up map with a different approach.

Retro Gaming Hunt

Retro Gaming Hunt Map Code: 4260-8650-3608

Retro Gaming Hunt is a treasure hunt map that has three different biome settings. As players, you must race against your friends or other players on the server to collect the 80-odd treasures using hints across these areas. Apart from these, the map also contains several hidden trophies that can be acquired for bonus points. Also, there are weekly challenges that solo players can pursue for XP points.

Only Up Medium

Image via Lazzqi

Only Up Medium Map Code: 2028-2152-0998 

Indicative of its name, this map by Lazzqi is the recreation of the current buzz of the video game industry - Only Up. Like the original game, players must carefully cross several obstacles and make their way to the top. Use various springs and other jumping mechanics placed at several locations to achieve the objective. I played the map the day it got released and had a blast playing it for hours. I highly suggest you try the map and share it with other friends who are fans of Only Up.

Swing Like Spiderman

Image via Birra

Swing Like Spiderman Map Code: 1533-9703-5735 

What else can be more fun than a Spiderman map to celebrate the success of the latest Marvel movie - Spiderman Across the Verse? Jump inside the map and become the ultimate superhero of your dreams. Swing across the various buildings of new york and save innocent people from thugs or swing to reach the topmost building in New York and stare at the beautiful view of the bustling city. The choice is yours!

9 Hole Golf Course

9 Hole Golf Course Map Code: 8784-2326-8281 

9 Hole Golf Course is an intelligent golf map created using the physics mechanic of Epic Engine. Like any golf video game, players must use their golf stick or, in our case, the Pickaxe to hit golf balls and drive them into holes. The player to complete all the nine-hole first will be the winner. You can enjoy playing the game alone or with nine of your friends. Check out the map if you love playing another sports-based tile like soccer or racing in Fortnite.

Worldmash Mini BR

Image via Don_Gino

Worldmash Mini BR Map Code: 3067-7859-8285 

Worldsmash Mini BR is a fast-paced version of the original Fortnite battle royale game. This fast-paced nature arises due to restricting all the players in a small open environment, creating ample opportunities for fights. Jump inside the map with your discord group to warm up your combat/building skills before playing any ranked matches. Or use the map to conduct a fun little battle royale game between your in-game friends. I highly recommend the map to players who want a BR map that accommodates a lot of players and is fast-paced.

Zombie War 2.0

Image via CreativeNite

Zombie War 2.0 Map Code: 2676-9855-9549 

A mysterious virus has affected the world, turning most humans into evil zombies. Survive the apocalypse by reaching the 100th day by killing all the attacking zombies. Forge and upgrade your base using fancy gears/weapons to achieve your objective. Play alone or ask your friends for help in this tower defense zombie shooter. Do check out the map if you adore the tower defense game with upgrade mechanics.

Basketball Court

Basketball Court Map Code: 7673-2458-4612 

This map by Khubeb786YT is a sports map in Fortnite. Indicative of its name, players can divide themselves into two teams(three players on each team) and play basketball. Throw the ball into the loop using special mechanics. The team with the maximum number of points at the end of the allotted time is the winner. Add the map to your playlist if you are tired of playing other sports maps like soccer or Rocket league style games.

Modern Mansion Hide & Seek

Image via Jamesfrantz

Modern Mansion Hide & Seek Map Code: 0356-9013-3367

As the name suggests, this map by Jamesfrantz is a hide-and-seek map where 2 to 16 players can hide in a mansion-like environment that involves multiple floors and even an outdoor area housing 100+ hiding spots, While one to two seekers try to find the position of all the hiders before the time runs out. Along with that, you can also earn extra XP if you reach the three secret hiding spots. It is a fun little game mode that is quick to begin and evokes a lot of laughter if played with a large party.

Octopus Adventure

Image via Pouch007

Octopus Adventure Map Code: 4819-0355-1276

Octopus Adventure is a co-op map that involves you and your friend taking down a giant octopus creating chaos in your homeland. You achieve this objective via a series of quests that ranges from shooting at the octopus with rifles to finding vault keys that holds essential items. Moreover, the missions are woven with an engaging storyline, pushing you to complete the entire map to find the ending. I highly recommend you check the map with your friends if you want a break from playing the default Fortnite BR mode. 

Red vs Blue With Every Gun

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Red vs Blue With Every Gun Map Code: 6808-5576-0109

This map by Ozzycreates allows players to divide themselves into two groups and fight against each other for map control by occupying space. You can use every weapon, vehicle, and building material to achieve the objective. It's a fun map to settle all your silly disputes between your rival discord channel and other in-game friends. Do check out the map if you are a fan of arena-style war maps.

Atlas OG Battle Royale

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Atlas OG Battle Royale Map Code: 2179-7822-3395

One of the most trending maps in the Fortnite universe is the Atlas OG Battle Royale ma. It is mainly because the map completely recreates the OG Battle Royale map of Chapter 1, Season 3, incorporating all nostalgic locations like Tilted Towers, Retail Row, and Pleasant Park. Further, the map is not a showpiece that players can explore and remember their memories but is a working map room where you can play Battle Royale mode with 80 other players. Remember, the map will not launch with few players, and you need a minimum of 30 players to start the game.

Containers Oneshot

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Containers Oneshot Map Code: 2873-6305-9042

Containers Oneshot is a unique game mode where players must eliminate other rivals using random weapons at their disposal. The main catch is that the enemies and yourself will only require one shot to kill. So, position yourself properly and use the containers to avoid getting killed easily. Also, if you don't have any friends to play the map, you can always toggle the single-player mode, which pits you against NPCs in a round-wise format. 

Rocketeer Ruins

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Rocketeer Ruins Map Code: 5620-6416-3977

Rocketeer Ruins can be considered a loose adaption of the famous soccer simulation game- Rocket League. Unlike the original game, the gameplay here revolves around players carefully maneuvering their vehicles to designated platform locations. Upon reaching a position, a point will be awarded. The person with the highest points at the end of the allotted time is the winner. The map design is also unique and creative, as the ramps, rings, and rock platform provide ample opportunities to show your car control skills. As of now, it supports up to 20 players. So, make sure to jump inside the map alone or with your entire school gaming group during the holidays.

Winter Slayer 4 vs 4

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Winter Slayer 4 vs 4 Map Code: 9026-1953-2912

It's still a mystery to the entire Fortnite community as to why there is no dedicated deathmatch or team deathmatch mode in the game, even though it's available in almost every AAA shooter game in the market. But, thanks to 404 creative, you can now experience the fast-paced action of the team deathmatch game mode in Fortnite through his latest map - Winter Slayer. The map divides players into a group of 4, and the team with the fastest 50 eliminations will be the winner. It's a solid map room that will test both your combat and positioning skills.

Cars vs Snipers

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Cars vs Snipers Map Code: 9920-2540-2945 

Cars vs Snipers is a fun little map room with an interesting gameplay theme. Inside the server, you either play as a sniper or a driver. If you are a sniper, you should try to eliminate drivers before they crash into you. As for drivers, it's the opposite. Avoid all the shots from snipers by driving recklessly and finally crashing into them. Make sure to add the map to your favorites category if you are planning for any Fornite-based Lan party in the future.

Gangster Paradise 2

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Gangster Paradise 2 Map Code: 1337-0048-5210

Gangster Paradise 2 is the second version of the popular roleplaying Fortnite server where players can dawn the role of a cop or robber. After undertaking a role, users can embark on several missions and challenges involving both parties with various dynamics. Some of these involve bank robbery scenarios, chasing quests, and selling items on the black market. The main highlight of the server is that it has a saving feature, allowing you to continue your journey from your previous checkpoint instead of repeating everything from the beginning.

Hammer Ball

Image via Epic Games

Hammer Ball Map Code: 0622-2797-3802

Have you ever wondered how fun it would be to play soccer using the physics of Unreal Engine? Well, this map by Bonnie brings that concept into reality by allowing players to play the traditional soccer game with the help of a giant ball. Players can divide themselves into teams of four and use their body/pick axe to send the ball flying into their opponent's post. If you are a fan of FIFA or even Rocket League, you should check out the Hammer Ball code room with your friends.

Medival Melee Bedwars

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Medival Melee Bedwars Map Code: 5186-7635-7690

Bedwars are currently one of the most trending game modes in the gaming universe. Every popular game like Minecraft and GTA 5 has incorporated the game mode into its core game in the form of a map room. Fortnite is not different, as the new Medival Melee Bedwars map brings the same exciting game mode with a theme-based twist. The map allows five to seven solo players to protect their beds using melee weapons. It is an exciting game map and should be a part of your custom room code list if you are a fan of the Bedwars game mode.

Poppy Playtime Series Creative Map 

Poppy Playtime Chapter 1: 0887-0268-5651

Poppy Playtime Chapter 2: 8750-4231-5841

As the name suggests, Poppy Playtime Series is a recreation of the famous horror puzzle game Poppy inside the Fortnite universe. Similar to the original game, the series has various creative riddles underneath a horror-driven storyline that players need to solve using equipment and accessories at their disposal. The other best part of the room is that the puzzles scale perfectly in difficulty as you progress along the main questline instead of throwing hard challenges from the start. We highly recommend giving it a try if you love scary or puzzle-style games. 

LG Healthy Home

LG Healthy Home Map Code: 0850-7901-9021

Have you ever thought of window shopping products inside any video game? Well, the LG Healthy Home map room fulfills that dream by allowing you to view and use most LG products inside Fortnite. Along with virtual shopping, the map room also provides a point-and-capture shooter game mode. The only twist is that accessories required for fighting will drop from the LG line of products. For example, if you want some Chug Splash to increase your shield meter, you need to find and use the LG Washing Machine. It's a unique and well-thought-out concept that deserves everyone's appreciation.

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Ghost Desert Race 4D Creative

Ghost Desert Race 4D Map Code: 6354-4002-9490

Racing with the in-game cars or bikes has always been a fun side activity in Fortnite. The developer Kalel has taken this little fun activity and turned it into the core theme of his latest map Ghost Desert Race 4D. As the name indicates, it is a racing game mode that allows you to race against eight players using any vehicle in a desert-like environment. Also, instead of using the default timer-based system found in other Fortnite racing games, the Ghost Desert Race 4D follows a unique round-wise format which makes the gameplay more engaging from others.

Box Fights and Zone Wars

Box Fights and Zone Wars Map Code: 9228-8994-1362

This map combines a variety of game mechanics, and the result is a game that serves to fulfill any type of gaming mood you might have. As a popular Boxfight and Zone Wars map, it doesn't matter if you're playing for the excitement, to improve your skills, or for a fun couple of hours eliminating your friends. In this popular map, you fight through round after round of intense close-quarters combat! Best of all, it's one of the most popular box fight maps, so you're not likely to join an empty game.

Pandvil Build Fights (1v1/FFA)

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Pandvil Build Fights Map Code: 7555-7193-2726

Build Fight maps rarely get better than Pandvil's Build Fights. This map has been featured on our list of Best Build Fights Maps as a Vanilla-esque take on the genre. It includes all the helpful things you might want on an Edit map but doesn't overwhelm you with too much content. It helps that this is one of the most popular Build Fights maps out there, so you'll always have someone to play against!

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Percy's Edit World

Percy's Edit World Map Code: 1430-2310-1162

Percy's Edit World works as an all-encompassing Edit Map for players who want to hone their editing skills in a myriad of scenarios. It's unlikely for you to get bored and seek out other Edit maps, as there are multiple levels for you to master, regardless of your skill level! Noob or Pro, you'll find a way to improve here.

One Shot Gun Game

One Shot Gun Game Map Code: 0345-9115-1287

This Gun Game focuses on high-intensity instant reactions and is definitely a fast-paced take on the Gun Game genre. If you don't have impeccable reaction times and aren't quick on the trigger, you likely won't make it far. Still, even for the majority of us who don't make it to the last gun, you'll find plenty of fun when you jump into the fray of One Shot Gun Game.

Snipers vs Runners Dollhouse

Code: 2301-1112-2208

Snipers vs Runners Dollhouse looked like it was going to be a one-hit wonder when it was initially released, but it now stands as one of the most-played Snipers vs Runners maps of all time. Despite its simple design, it has been updated to include new and fun features that keep fans of the genre coming back for more!

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VHS Project

VHS Project Part 1 Code: 0444-2689-6036
VHS Project Part 2 Code: 2369-2784-6379

Horror stories rarely end after the first part, and we're thankful that VHS Project followed the trend. This terrifying take on the horror map genre is regarded by many players as one of the most mind-bending and surreal scary maps available. It's recommended you play this game with headphones on and in a dark room if you want to add to the atmosphere.

How-to Use a Creative Code

Once you load up the game you will be given the three options on what you want to play (Save the World, Battle Royale, and Creative). Click the creative option and then click PLAY and then CREATE (don't start a server if you want to play solo).

Once it has loaded, you will see an Orange Rift that will take you to islands where you can create custom maps. We don't want this right now, so look around for the featured portals. Fortnite now puts you in a custom portal area, so you might need to seek it out a bit. Find the portals with the console in front of them and interact with one.

From here you can either select one of the codes you've added to your favorites, or you can paste a code you have at the end of the URL. Click "Accept" and it will load up the island of your choice. You can then run into the rift and it will transport you to it!

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