Fortnite Gun Game Codes List (September 2020)

If you're familiar with shooter games then you've no doubt played Gun Game before. This style of play tests your ability to be good with a slew of different weaponry, and the concept has now been brought into Fortnite. You start out with one gun in a set, and when you get an elimination with it you will get the following gun automatically. Most of the time this mode has siphon enabled, so you get health back with every elimination. You will need to continue to get eliminations to cycle through all of the guns in the set to win! If you aren't a fan of building in Fortnite then this is a great mode to play because you won't need to worry about harvesting or protecting yourself with structures.

Now that you're hopefully sold on the mode, you are no doubt wondering... which is the best gun game map to play? Well, we've got a full list of great ones that you can try so you don't have to filter through a bunch to figure out which is good and which isn't!

Fortnite Gun Game Maps List

Here's our list of the best Fortnite's Gun Game Codes:

I will be going into more detail below on each of these maps and including some videos that should explain more about the course when necessary!

Terminal MW2 Remake

If you're a fan of Modern Warfare, then this map might be right up your alley because it's a remake of the Terminal map in MW2! Fight it out in an airport terminal while skirting in and out of a big airplane, as well as inside of the airport where you can go behind a counter and take people's orders!


If you want to play on a great map with some interesting mechanics, then gun game mars is a great one to try. The map feels exactly how Mars might feel if you happen to find yourself there one day. There's the red surface and the buildings you might find if there's an expedition made there. You can also change to different modes like low gravity, normal gravity, and buildfight mode! There's a lot to like about this map, and there's some different variety with the multiple gun combinations you'll experience each time you play.

Rift Jumpers

Gun game is certainly evolving as we get more options in Fortnite to play with in creative mode! This map gives you the ability to jump between land and ocean by utilizing your rift-2-go item! These are two distinct maps, which features some great underwater looking areas as well as a farm like ground level! Every sixty seconds or so there will be a random event that adds a unique twist to the game. This varies between super slow, max speed, damage boost, and a whole lot more! Really fun and interesting map that will give you a lot of variety each time you play.

The Underworld Map

This is a really stylized map, and matches the theme of an evil dungeon/world type area very well. The lightning is super yellow and orange, which gives you that fiery vibe which really sells the whole theme. Make sure to bring some friends because the map can have 2-16 players running around it. The first one in the match to get to 30 will win the game!

Bikini Bottom Map

If you're a big fan of Sponge Bob, then this is a great one for you. However, if you're not a fan, there's still some stuff for you as well! What's cool about this one is that after every thirty seconds a new unique enchantment will be added to the map. These include things like low gravity, higher damage, sliding, and a whole lot more. So, this will vary up your gun game experience if you're a fan of the mode and a little bored with the same old thing!

Odyssey III Map

This is a newer map with some interesting wrinkle in it. It has a couple of different levels, which you can utilize via an elevator that pops you up to the next floor! There's also an item in the middle of the map that can be used and seems to refresh when an elimination occurs. It's usually an item that can be used for movement, healing, or to get an advantage. I've seen Boogie Bombs, Grapplers, Jetpacks, and various other items. The theme of the map is kind of a futuristic warehouse that builds things. It's a fun map to try, especially if you're looking for something that features some different strategies!

Bricks Map

If you want just a very well made map to play gun game in then this is it! A lot of times you find with people who have never made maps before that there's always areas that don't make sense or don't flow. That is not the case with Frya's Bricks map! This map has great lines where you can see to take shots at players, grab cover, or decide whether or not you should risk going down the area. You've also got some elevations, and where some maps will make it impossible to access the from the ground, this one naturally provides a way to access it that looks like it belongs. This map is not overly stuffed with too much decoration, but it gets exact feel of a brick laden village down perfectly! Overall, this is a great map to start your gun game career out on.

The Banished Map

The Banished Gun Game map by Troxwe was featured in Fortnite and it's easy to see why! It's a great little map that features a strong western theme with a lot of places to run around and fight people in. If you get too cheeky about running out in the open then you're going to get punished due to all of the angles that can be fired from due to the plethora of buildings. This map will be great for people who want to work on their usage of cover in Fortnite, or if you just want a good map to play some gun game on.

Modern Mansion Map

This is a very well structured map centered around a large mansion and the land around it. You've got a lot of great trees and areas to use as cover, with different elevations, and a ton of different structures to find your way around. You can play with up to 16 players and race your way to 20 eliminations. Each elimination will get you a new weapon and siphon is enabled so you gain health with each switch! Check out this video about the map to see a great trailer and some example gameplay.

Nuketown Map

If you're familiar with Call of Duty at all then you likely have heard of Nuketown. It's a pretty popular map that has been played in many versions of the game and has been played quite a bit. A very similar version of this map has reached Fortnite in the form of a Gun Game map. This is a pretty tight area to be fighting in so the games will be fast and intense, so prepare yourself for battle immediately when heading into a game with this code. You can watch a video of Ali-A playing on this map right here.

Vacant Map

Now for something completely different! This is still gun game as you know it, but boy is this map super unique. The theme of this one is ultra futuristic, and resembles something out of a science fiction movie. You're dealing with a map that looks like a Tron movie. This is all sharp lines and reflective surfaces. You've also got a couple of different layers to work with. If you're having struggling up top, head below and try to make some flanking maneuvers. There's a couple of areas on the map you can get a boost to get to higher ground. Overall, this is just a great looking map and should be a fun one!

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