Easy Deathrun Codes for Fortnite (January 2022) – Maps for Noobs!

While most Deathrun maps are supposed to be quite difficult, if you're starting out then you might run into quite a wall if you try those versions out. So, we're compiling a list of super easy Deathrun codes that are great if you're a beginner, default, or a noob at these! Also, you might just want to kick back and relax a bit with some Fortnite. These maps feature a lot of the fundamentals you'll need to know when trying some of the more difficult codes.

Deathruns are probably the most popular creative maps in Fortnite. For whatever reason, players seem to love to torture themselves with a high degree of difficulty. I guess this is the same reason people play games like Dark Souls. While it can be punishingly difficult, there's some great satisfaction to be had once you're able to finally get past something that has been stumping you! If you like the concept of this type of map, but aren't looking for painstaking difficulty, then this post should help you find some maps that are much easier!

Fortnite Easy Deathrun Map Codes List

Here's our list of Fortnite's Best Easy Deathrun Codes:

I will be going into more detail below on each of these maps and including some videos that should explain more about the course when necessary! If you're ready to step up the difficulty, check out our Best Deathrun Map Codes post!

Do you have a Fortnite Easy Deathrun Course you love? Send it to us at [email protected] with a description of why and we'll add it to the list while giving you credit!

80 Level Default Deathrun

Short, sweet, and to the point. 80 Level Default Deathrun is a high quality, easy challenge that brings your standard deathrun mechanics and doesn't include any excessively difficult challenges. This deathrun is the perfect map to play with friends over casual chat rather than trying to outrun and outskill them. If you're new to the deathrun game mechanic or just want to refresh your reflexes, this is the best map for you.

120 Level Default Deathrun

When you've finished the 80 level deathrun above, you'll want to give Apfel's 120 Level Default Deathrun a try. The challenge rating doesn't increase, but it adds more levels for players to up their skill in the classic creative gamemode. Apfel is a well known map maker that has made over 100 maps, so you know they have the experience and ability to make high-quality maps that provide exactly what they say they will.

Kenworth's Super Easy Default Deathrun

This is a 50 level of easy parkour. It starts off easy as pie, then progressively gets a tiny weenie bit harder but it was created in mind so anyone can complete it. Even if you are horrible at parkour, honestly, you have the chance of completing this deathrun.

  • Code: 0666-9293-5226

Fall Guys Default Deathrun

Fall Guys has taken the world by storm and is quite a popular game among just about everyone who can access it. If you haven't gotten a chance to play it yet, then you can give this Fall Guys themed deathrun a shot that might at least give you a taste of what you are missing.

50 Level Spherical Default Deathrun

While this looks very simple, it's a pretty great design and the visuals are quite interesting to see! This utilizes a bunch basic shapes with a nice color palette that looks quite stylish! While this is an easier deathrun, it will still pose enough of a challenge to give you some good practice for future maps!

75 level Default "WATERWORLD" Deathrun

Another great summer deathrun that is relatively easy, and has a whole lot of levels that will have you sliding around and bouncing off of obstacles. You can use impulse grenades to get around, and even do a bit of surfing to make it across one of the levels. There's another one that I haven't seen before, which is you need to run through the obstacle quickly because you take damage! If you go too slow, you'll be brought back to the beginning. There's a Slurp Juice waiting for you at the end of that level to get you healthy again. If you are just starting out in these, I would hold off on this one for a bit, because it's slightly more difficult than some of the others.

Stand Still Deathrun

Tired of having to run around and actually try to complete deathrun by running and jumping? Well, then you finally have the perfect deathrun for you. Once you enter into the levels, you will not have to move your character around to do anything. There is some stuff where you'll have to interact by pressing buttons, you'll have to shoot some bots, and throw some clingers, but other than that you're mostly just chilling out and letting the game do all the work for you!

The Easiest Default Deathrun Yet

Now, if you are either really bad at deathruns or never played one before, then this is a good starting out map to give a try. You go through a bunch of little challenges that get you prepared for your future in deathrun maps. You'll learn how to bait traps, use impulse grenades, and even learn how to avoid those sneaky traps that are placed in areas you can't see! If you are truly looking for an easy experience, this is one of the best options for you!

Easy 100 Level Deathrun 2020

There's 100 levels total of easy to manage deathrun challenges that you can take part in with this code. You'll collect cute little Peely eggs to mark your progress as you get further into the map. While this does start out very easy, you will feel the difficulty ramp up a bit as you go on. It never gets too difficult, but you will find it at least start challenge you a bit as you go! There's a whole lot of traps to avoid, as well as some parts where you'll be driving a cart to get through certain obstacles. While completing all 100 levels will take some time, there's enough variety in this to make it worth your while.

50 Level Easy Deathrun

If you want a shorter easy run, then this map has a mere 50 levels that can be completed. This again will teach you the fundamentals of Deathruns, but throws some twists your way. You'll have to use a balloon at one point, and even utilize the grappler to make it across a gap. There's quite a different challenges packed into this fairly short run.

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