Fortnite Best Snipers vs Runners Map Codes (March 2024) – List of the best maps!

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Updated: January 4, 2023

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Snipers vs Runners maps have been in Fortnite since the early days of Fortnite Creative mode, and stand as one of the most popular game mechanics on Fortnite's Discovery Tab. The goal in this game mode is to either snipe the Runners from a distance as a Sniper or dodge the Snipers' bullets while trying to complete your objective as a Runner.

In our list below, we have put together all the latest and greatest Snipers vs Runners maps that Fortnite Creative has to offer! This list is updated often with the most popular and best-designed maps recently released, so be sure to check back if you're ever looking for something new!

Best Fortnite Snipers vs Runners Maps

Snipers vs Runners The Rock

Image via Porkitaly

Snipers vs Runners The Rock Map Code: 3206-0343-7779

The Rock is another Snipers vs Runners map with a minor twist. Instead of the runners being on foot, they have to control a small airplane and dodge the bullets shot at them by the snipers. To make it even more interesting, all of the events take place inside an active volcano. So, be careful of your movements and work towards your objective without falling into the pit.

Snipers vs Runners Open Wild

Image via KEM Squad

Snipers vs Runners Open Wild Map Code: 8265-0366-4037

This map by KEM Squad is an open snipers VS runners map set in a lush jungle. To be more precise, in a traditional map, runners would run around in a fixed path, and the snipers must take down from a static tower/platform. But, since the map is open/dynamic, the snipers can move and position themselves according to the situation before the runners collect the gold coins all over the map.

Snipers vs Runners Escape the Prison

Image via LuckyBuilds

Snipers vs Runners Escape the Prison Map Code: 0253-4465-6227

Designing a game mode based on a theme always increases the immersion value of any game mode. Indicative of its name, the prisoners(runners) are on the loose, and before they exit the prison, you must eliminate them as the chief guard(snipers). Make use of all the latest snipers in the game and save the world from being infested with thugs.

Snipers vs Runners - Hightower

Image via L2BOO

Snipers vs Runners Hightower Map Code: 1336-1113-5209

The Hightower by LB200 is a unique map in terms of gameplay design instead of placing the runner's platforms in front of you. They are spread all around with you on the top of a central tower. Stand on the top of the building and eliminate all the runners around you before they make it to the end of the course. Due to this circular approach, you can take multiple shots with various angles on each player without waiting for the section in a linear runner. 

Snipers vs Runners - Fox Reality

Image via Falquez

Snipers vs Runners Fox Reality Map Code: 8661-8659-1923

The Snipers vs Runners - Fox Reality is another by-product of the ongoing trends of making custom room maps with a Fox theme. So, everything on the map is an ode to a fox with various posters, models, and even the shape of the level design based on the silhouette of a Fox. Apart from the graphical obsession with Fox, it is a simple traditional sniper and runners map where you divide yourself into two teams and go for the maximum points.

Cars vs Runners

Image via Joyed

Cars vs Runners Map Code: 7750-4010-2906

The Cars vs Runners map is a fun little twist to the traditional Snipers vs Runners genre. Instead of using a sniper to take down the runners, use a car to eliminate the runners by running over them. If you think your car is slow, upgrade it for a better one by collecting coins spread throughout the course. For the runners, it is pretty standard. Dodge the zig-zag running by the drivers and reach the end of the course safely.

Snipers vs Runners SuperRun

Image via Jugendaro

Snipers vs Runners SuperRun Map Code: 3662-6514-1957

SuperRun is a four-floor sniper vs runners map based on the galaxy theme. Due to this, each level on the map is designed with various pop-cultural references to space, ranging from Star Wars to Star Trek. The gameplay is pretty standard. Runners must pass through all these levels and make their way until the end before the snipers take them out. I would highly recommend the map to people who adore the space theme. 

Snipers vs Runners Industrial

Snipers vs Jones Map Code: 4587-2929-6567

This map by CultofSly is one of the most challenging snipers vs runners maps for the snipers, as you sit way behind the standard distance for sniping in other maps and have to use custom scopes accurately to make a shot. On top of that, the ammos are few, and you have the most basic bolt action rifle. This map is mainly suitable for players who are very confident in their sniping skills, and other beginner-level players can look for other better options on the list.

Snipers vs Jones

Image via Maxskywalker

Snipers vs Jones Map Code: 0963-9403-9262

This map by maxxyskywalker is a traditional Snipers vs Runners map where the gameplay revolves around the runners making it across the course path before a sniper takes them down. So, what's special or unique about the map? Well, instead of a runner character, everyone is a Jones NPC, even the snipers, making way for confusion as you don't know whether the person standing next to you is an enemy or an ally runner!

Sniper vs Runners Race

Image via B3astlybeing

Sniper vs Runners Race Map Code: 2404-2740-9293  

This map by B3astlybeing is one of the best custom rooms for beginners finding their feet in the genre. Everything in the map, from the level design to the gameplay features, is curated to make the life of a newbie player much easier. For example, in most snipers vs. runners maps, the runners usually have two lives per level. Here, they can get shot up to five times, making the gameplay simple. Even the sniper's platform is much closer to the running course, enabling the snipers to hit more shots consistently. Have a look inside if you are an amateur player of the genre.

Snipers vs Planes

Image vis Spiker

Snipers vs Planes Map Code: 3818-2760-6481

If you are tired of playing the traditional snipers vs runners game mode, you should check out this map by Spiker. At first glance, the map may look like any other snipers vs runners map. But instead of running on foot, the runners must use a lightweight aircraft and reach the end of the course before the snipers take them down. The gameplay is standard, with the runners getting two lives and the snipers having unlimited ammo. It is a unique take on the genre, and you can have a blast if you love flying planes. 

Snipers vs Runners Weightroom Edition

Image via mickro

Snipers vs Runners Weightroom Map Code: 6148-2272-8838

Miniature maps are one of the current trends in the Fortnite community. Though there are several small-sized maps, I extremely loved this sniper vs runners weight room map made by Mickmo. Upon inputting the code, players will be inside a miniature gym. As usual, the runners must move past dumbells, treadmills, and other equipment in the course before the snipers take them down. Play the map if you want to experience the gameplay inside miniature maps.

Golfers vs Runners

Image via Zernacreations

Golfers vs Runners Map Code: 2787-0650-0063  

Golfers vs. Runners is a unique take on the traditional snipers vs. runners genre. Instead of holding a sniper, you must ride on a golf cart and eliminate all runners using a golf stick. While the runners, as usual, must dodge these cart riders and reach the safe house. It is fun and refreshing in the mundane genre that always involves linear gameplay. Also, players can unlock various perks like improved cart speed for golfers and increased HP bar for runners using coins present across the island.

Rush The Snipers vs Runners

Image via Smurff

Rush The Snipers vs Runners Map Code: 5808-1201-8659

This map by Smurf is a combination of both snipers vs runners and TDM game mode. When the match begins, the server will automatically divide players into groups- snipers and runners. The objective of the runners is to carefully parkour across the main lobby and enter the tower area to get armed. While snipers must focus on eliminating each runner before they reach the tower, If the Runners manage to enter the tower area, they must face the snipers in a full-on open-style TDM battle. The winner of this TDm encounter match will be crowned the overall winner. I highly suggest the map to players searching for something new in the Snipers vs Runners category.

Snipers VS Runners - FoxUniverse

Image via falmarques

Snipers VS Runners - FoxUniverse Apart Map Code: 9268-2707-6481

Usually, the course area for the runners is linear in design, with few obstacles here and there. Developer Falmarques has changed that generic notion by creating a beautiful and challenging running course for the runners in his latest FoxUniverse map using several mechanics from other genres like Deathrun, improving the overall quality of gameplay. The remaining features are pretty standard - snipers need to snipe to stop runners, runners must find covers in their course, and everything must be done before the time runs out. Visit the map if you love playing the map as a runner and love parkouring mechanics in Fortnite.

Snipers vs Runners - Midas Apart

Image via Eudyn

Snipers vs Runners - Midas Apart Map Code: 8882-3414-9384

Midas Apart is a new sniper vs runner map by the famous custom room developer — Eudyn, who is the developer behind popular maps like Santa Toy Factory, Floor is Lava, and much more. Like every other map in the genre, this map also has two factions - snipers and runners. The main job of the snipers is to take down the runners using a sniper rifle before they travel the entire course path and take them down. Do check out the room if you want a solid sniper vs runners gameplay experience set inside a lavish palace.

Snipers vs Climbers

Image via Bonnie Kiwi

Snipers VS Climbers Map Code: 6916-5197-9712

This map by Blanky is a different take on the snipers vs runner genre. Instead of making the runners run through a single straight course path, the developers have designed the level in such a way that runners need to go around in circles before making their way to the top. This creative design also enables the snipers to stay in their location instead of moving around here and there to adjust their shot according to the movement of the runners. Initially, I found rough time sniping, but with little practice and time, I enjoyed playing this version. Check out the map if you are bored of running or sliding across a straight line.

Infected Snipers vs Runners

Image via Smruff

Infected Snipers vs Runners Map Code: 0909-7724-7859

Unlike other snipers vs runners maps, there is a twist to the base gameplay itself. Here, snipers can infect the runners with their guns, and if they manage to land a shot, the runners must help the snipers to win to earn a second chance to win the game. Sounds confusing? Well, that's the primary essence of the map. You must help each other to get a second chance and keep the points moving. Play this unique take on Snipers vs Runners with your friends and have a blast betraying or obeying each other.

Snipers vs Runners - Cyberfuture

Image via KoletXcore

Snipers vs Runners (Cyberfuture) Map Code: 6241-9447-8567

Cyberfuture is a sniper vs runners map set in a futuristic dystopian universe. As usual, players are categorized into two roles - snipers and runners. The sniper's objective is to shoot at the running players on the platform while the runners must hop and correctly parkour the obstacles to reach the other end of the level. The map has nearly five levels stacked one above the other, each increasing in difficulty. Do explore the map if you want snipers vs runners to map in a futuristic environment like the one shown in popular games like Cyberpunk.

Snipers vs Runners - Latty

Image via Latty

Snipers vs Runners(Latty) Map Code: 5431-4642-2718

This map by Latty is one of the few server rooms in the Fortnite universe that is designed exclusively for new and amateur players. Due to this, most of the levels are small and simple, making it easy for runners to cross and learn the art of hiding. Even the snipers have an easy time as they are placed much closer to the stage, enabling them to connect shots more easily and frequently. Check out the map if you and your friends are new to the snipers vs runners genre.

Snipers vs Runners - Cars

Snipers vs Runners - Cars Map Code: 2940-9238-6825

As the name suggests, in this map, there are no regular runners on the map. Instead, the players must take control of the car and travel across the course area before the sniper takes them down. It is a unique twist to the snipers vs runners genre, and we highly recommend the map to people who love driving cars in Fortnite and are fans of the snipers vs runners genre.

Sniper vs Runners - Rainbow

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Sniper vs Runners - Rainbow Map Code: 1612-5882-2390

This map by veteran map creator Jalf is one of the oldest snipers vs runners on the entire list. Though it's an old map, it is one of the best maps in terms of gameplay content. The server has a total of five floors representing each color from the Rainbow, and the runners need to zap across all the floors before being shot by the sniper. Currently, the room supports 34 players, out of which two can play as snipers and the rest 30 as runners. Do check out the map if you want snipers vs runners custom map that supports a large player count.

Snipers vs Runners - Vertical

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Snipers vs Runners - Vertical Map Code: 8476-7687-5358

When anyone speaks about snipers vs runners map, it's all about a player running in a horizontal direction dodging bullets of the snipers. Developer Cavieranip deviates from that core concept by making a map that is based on vertical running. Here, runners have to traverse several vertical sections by climbing and jumping along with the generic horizontal design. It's a unique map in terms of design and is a must-try for lovers of the snipers vs runners genre. 

Fortnite Seasons Snipers vs Runners 3.0

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Fortnite Seasons Snipers vs Runners 3.0 Map Code: 2888-9324-0097

Fortnite Seasons is a traditional sniper vs runners map with a theme-based twist. As the name suggests, the theme adopted by the creator is that of season. So, each stage or floor in the game has a design based on a particular natural season. For example, the first level in the game has a spring season, as you can see several trees with water throughout the map. We highly suggest the map if you want solid sniper vs runners maps with theme-based gameplay.

Sniper vs Runner - Subway

Sniper vs Runner - Subway Map Code: 3883-4698-7806

Subway is a sniper vs runner map created by the famous custom creator Jalf. He is the person behind popular custom rooms like Irridescent deathrun and Prison Escape Room. Like his previous projects, the subway map room also shines due to its excellent level pattern and visually appealing model design. The rules of the room are pretty simple. Each runner will have only one life and must cross all five floors before getting shot by the snipers. We highly recommend the map to players who are expecting solid snipers vs runners gameplay without any nonsense.

Sniper vs Runner - Scary Version

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Sniper vs Runner - Scary Version Map Code: 9072-5447-5857

This map by acheog is one of the unique maps in the Snipers vs Runners genre because of the ability to distract snipers. Yes, unlike maps, where the only role of the runners is to reach the other end. Here, players can distract the snipers by hitting and spooking them with various objects lying around them. To counter this, the snipers have been provided with covers where they can duck and protect themselves. Do check out the map if you need some sort of twist in the traditional snipers vs runners game mode. 

Sniper vs Runners - DBZ

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Sniper vs Runners - DBZ Map Code: 9787-3184-3095

This snipers vs runners map by Fortniteferdi is certainly inspired by all the previous collaborations between Fortnite and the Dragon Ball Z franchise. The moment you hop in, you will find the entire map filled with various stuff like NPC models, buildings, and items referencing the DBZ universe. The gameplay is nothing revolutionary. One or two players can dawn the role of snipers while the others try to cross the map without getting eliminated. The other big highlight of the map is that the sniper rifle changes every round, making life easier for runners occasionally.

Snipers vs Runners: History Travel

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Snipers vs Runners: History Travel Map Code: 8015-0839-5306

Snipers VS Runners History Travel is a snipers and runners map based on the time-traveling and history theme. True to its word, the entire map is filled with several items/accessories like robots, banners, and artifacts referencing the various past timelines of earth. Speaking about its design, it has a total of seven mini-levels stacked one above the other, each representing a unique timeline. The gameplay is also pretty traditional, as it adopts a round-based format instead of a timer. Additionally, the map supports up to 30 players at a time, making it suitable for people with a large party size. Do check out the map for its ambiance and in-depth gameplay content.

Snipers vs Runners(2kvoid)

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Snipers VS Runners(2kvoid) Map Code: 2854-1313-3283

Unlike other maps, where the runners need to run on a path that scales vertically, this map by 2kvoid takes a horizontal approach, making it one of the few maps with an end-to-end route. Due to this, the gameplay is pretty simple as the runners only need to use basic skills like sliding and jumping to parkour across the area. We highly recommend the map to beginners who are new to the concept of snipers and runners game mode.

Snipers vs Runners(Mario)

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Snipers VS Runners(Mario) Map Code: 9349-0758-1095

This Snipers VS Runners map can be considered the byproduct of the ultimate unofficial collaboration between Fortnite and Super Mario Bros. Like the Mario game, the map also has a small backstory. The princess is in danger, and as a runner, you need to parkour and safely traverse all five universes/stages to save her. While the runners make their way toward the princess, snipers must dawn the role of the evil bowser and shoot them one by one. To add more flavor from its inspiration, the runners also get extra life upon dying, mimicking the Super Mario gameplay style. 

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Snipers vs Runners(Parkour)

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Snipers vs Runners(Parkour) Map Code: 5578-9208-1360

The Parkour edition is a Snipers vs Runners map based on the cowboy theme. As usual, the runners must parkour and make their way across the four unique floors filled with various objects with midwest references while the snipers try their best to eliminate them. Also, unlike other maps, where the runners need to move constantly, the parkour edition enables them to take cover from time to time by hiding behind huge objects like a cactus or boarding, thus providing some time to rethink and strategize their following moves. We highly recommend it for players bored of playing the game mode with the same aliens or IO themes.

Snipers vs Runners Zero Gravity

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Snipers VS Runners Zero Gravity Map Code: 5065-0762-7790

Zero gravity is a map room based on the space theme. Apart from the map being present in space, the main highlight of the room is the ability to toggle between normal and zero gravity. This feature produces several hilarious moments between the sniper and runners as they tackle gravity to reach their goal. Along with the humor-filled gameplay, the map design is also something that stands apart, as the obstacles are placed one above the other with a vertical approach rather than expanding horizontally. It is a must-pick for players who wish to have a casual gameplay experience with some humor.

Drivers vs Snipers

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Drivers vs Snipers Map Code: 7467-1406-6184

The runners have decided to fight back (or drive back, rather) against the snipers in this exciting twist on the Snipers vs Runners genre. Snipers must pick at their fast-moving targets while dodging them as they fly by. Drivers must dodge the sniper's shots and perfectly position their jumps from the boost ramps to hit the snipers from their platform! The only question is: are the snipers now the runners?

Snipers vs Runners - All Seasons

Snipers vs Runners All Seasons Map Code: 8661-0893-4847

This is a map that does not favor the runners! Runners will need to dodge, duck, dip, and dive their way through a course with limited space and plenty of obstacles. While the myriad of objects provides decent cover for the Runners, the Snipers will have an easy time picking them off as they try to reach the end. This map was made by experienced mapmaker Jalf, who has made several other Snipers vs Runners maps!

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Snipers vs Runners Galactica

Image via TonyDJYtb

Snipers vs Runners Galactica Map Code: 6990-3149-3776

Do your best to survive a galactic-sized map on Snipers vs Runners Galactica, where you must dodge sniper bullets on 10 different levels. While you're at it, collect as many coins as you can to win first place on the survival team. If you end up as a sniper, you'll find picking off your opponents is much easier than many other sniper maps, as there is very limited coverage. With 10 levels, you have plenty of time to stop the runners before they reach the end!

Snipers vs Climbers [Parkour]

Snipers vs Climbers Parkour Map Code: 6916-5197-9712

Snipers vs Climbers is a great map that provides the classic Snipers vs Runners mechanics but adds parkour. This adds difficulty to the game for both Snipers and Runners but makes it that much more satisfying when you succeed. Take on the challenge of shooting down those pesky Runners in the space-themed or dream-themed maps and stop them from moon-jumping their way to the top!

Snipers vs Runners - Adventure

Snipers vs Runners Adventure Map Code: 5482-0188-8603

Rush your way through five levels with different themes in this fun and unique Snipers vs Runners map. Whether you're a runner cycling through different parts of the world to escape your Sniper's sights or you are the Sniper seeing what new place your mark will take you to, this is one of the best maps to test your hide 'n' seek skills. Can you explore your way to the end of the top floor without getting eliminated?

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360 Snipers vs Runners

360 Snipers vs Runners Map Code: 8211-7200-6960

This Snipers vs Runners map is not for the faint of heart, no matter which team you're on. This map challenges your spatial awareness, forcing you to be conscious of Runner positions in a complete circle around you. Spiral your way to the top of the map as a runner or have the freedom to look around and pick out any target a Sniper in this dizzying form of the classic Snipers vs Runners genre!

Snipers vs Runners Dollhouse

Snipers vs Runners Dollhouse Map Code: 2301-1112-2208

This might not be the first Snipers vs Runners map, but it is one map that made the genre stand out. Despite its simple design, this is one of the most-often-played sniper maps and has maintained that title since these maps first started gaining momentum. For many fans of the genre, this is often considered the gold standard that other Snipers vs Runners maps will be compared to when players are looking for well-designed and heavily re-playable sniping fun.

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