Fortnite How to Level Up Fast in Season 3 – Gain the Most XP!

It's that time again, where you're looking at your Battle Pass all the way back to level one and you're wanting to max it out to gain all those sweet new cosmetics. Well, if you want to know the fastest ways to level, we're going to go through all of them and have you earning the most XP as quickly as possible!

New (Sort of) to Season 3: Punch Cards

Fortnite Chapter 2: Season 3 has brought us a new way to gain some experience. The Punch Card is similar to last season, but instead of it being a daily object you fill out, you will be completing it throughout the season by reaching long term goals. Each time you get a punch on your card, you'll gain some experience! If you've played Animal Crossing: New Horizons at all, then you'll be familiar with this concept. You do a certain objective a number of times, and you're given a stamp for completing the goal. You are then given a reward, and in this case it will be 14,000 XP per punch.

The Punch Cards are hidden until you get a punch on them, however, we know what all of them are! You can check out the full list of them in our Fortnite Punch Cards Guide.

Fastest XP Leveling Methods

These are two of the best ways to get experience right now if you're looking to grind it out. If you want just general tips, you can find them below.

Play Bot Lobbies

Heading into full bot lobbies is the best way to gain xp right now. If you want to be super efficient at it, you'll want to go through and open as many chests, ammo boxes, supply drops, and anything else you get experience from. While you're doing that you'll also want to be completing all of your quick challenges. These are challenges that refresh once you complete them and finish a match. So, you can continually do these challenges over and over! You first get 14k xp the first time you do them that day, and then you'll get 1.4k xp every other time you complete them. You should get a fresh batch each day that will again give you 14k xp.

The Authority is a particularly good place to land because it's centralized on the map and you can take out Jules who is the boss of the area. If you do you will get yourself the unlimited use mythic grappler gun which can get you around the map very quickly.

Henchmen areas are ripe with experience and you'll usually have full access to them if you're just in a game with bots. Knock down the henchmen, shake them down, and use them to unlock doors and chests. This gets you quite a bit of experience each time you do it.

You can learn how to get lobbies with only bots in them with our Bot Lobby Guide!

This video explains the strategy of completing quick challenges and doing it in bot lobbies:

Play Team Rumble

Playing Team Rumble will let you put together a bunch of eliminations and assists which will stack up a bunch of XP. However, the big bonus comes from the experience you game for surviving. For each game you complete, you earn survival experience based on how long you lived. You get the same exact experience rates as you do in a normal game of Battle Royale, but in Team Rumble you are guaranteed to survive until the end. That means you are going to be getting a whole lot for each round you play, plus all the additional combat experience you'll get.

You can also complete Quick Challenges in Team Rumble, so make sure to focus on that in each match.

General XP Gain

Here are just some general ways to gain experience while you're playing the game. These are things you can do more casually, and don't require the focused grind.

Complete Quick Challenges

These are really great, because you get five challenges per day to complete for 14k xp each. Once you've completed one of those, it will be replaced with a new challenge that gives you 1.4k xp. The next day it should refresh and give you a batch of new 14k xp options to complete! So, you can finish just the first five that are the bonus xp, or you can just repeatedly look to complete these over and over.

If you get a quick challenge that involves Marauders it cannot be done in a bot lobby or Team Rumble! You'll either just have to skip it or head into a real match of the game to complete it.

Henchmen XP

Knocking down Henchmen and then shaking them down is a great way for easy experience gain. Taking out the Henchman is easy, you can shake them down, then pick them up and use them to scan open doors. This can be done repeatedly and you gain 120 XP each time you do it.

Collect XP Coins

XP Coins are back in Season 3, so make sure to grab them all when they refresh every week or two! These are even better this go around, because you get 5,000 xp per Green Coin you collect, and you can get around 10,000 xp for the Purple ones! Be sure to check out our XP Coins Locations Guide to easily find them all.

Complete Punch Cards

I mentioned these above, but they are good to knockout as much as much as you can. While I wouldn't focus on some of the longer term goals, I would try to pick off all the easy to do ones to grab as much experience as you can.

Complete Weekly Challenges

This is pretty obvious, but you get weekly challenges to complete towards your battle pass. So, just make sure to finish them all to maximize your experience. You'll find all of our posts about these in our Season 3 Challenges Guide.

What's After Level 100?

There's one additional incentive to reach when you've reached level 100. That is earning super level styles for your Eternal Knight skin. These are kind of like the golden styles from Season 2, but they are only for the knight outfit. As you go beyond level 100, you will notice that the new super level style will start to alter the look of your skin. It gains additional markings on it and starts to glow! It really adds some additional flair to the outfit, and I'm sure you'll see a lot of players running around with it as more people max out their pass. You can check out more details about this in our Eternal Knight Enlightened Guide.

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  1. If you catch anything with a fishing rod in the loading screen it gives you “first catch” xp and counts as a fishing spot.

  2. Hello,
    Thank you for the XP advice: very useful!
    Ch 2 Season 2, on the Battle Pass page, at the top left corner, it said how much XP needed to level. Would you know where I can find that information for this Season 3 please? I’ve scoured the pages and cannot find it. Maybe it is not there but just in case it is, I would love to know where! Thank you.