Geometry Dash Vault of Secrets Codes (May 2023)

Dash on through to the other side.

Who says math is boring? In Geometry Dash, I was a square, not because I'm old-fashioned, but because I was literally a square! And what is squares favorite pass time? Apparently, it's jumping over triangles, circles, and other geometric shapes. While it sounds easy, it's far from it. Completing levels can be very challenging, and even redeeming Geometry Dash Vault of Secrets codes is a tall order.

While claiming codes is not simple, it is part of the game's charm, as nothing comes easy here. Vault codes are mostly cosmetics, but in some cases, you'll unlock certain levels and get interesting freebies. If you like challenging games, you must check SSSnaker Codes to make your gameplay more enjoyable.

All Geometry Dash Vault of Secrets Codes List

Geometry Dash Vault Codes – The Vault (Working)

  • Lenny—Redeem for the Lenny Icon.
  • Blockbite—Redeem for the UFO.
  • Spooky—Redeem for the Shy Guy Icon.
  • Neverending—Redeem for a UFO.
  • Mule—Redeem for a Ship.
  • Ahead—Redeem for a Wave.
  • Gandalfpotter—Redeem for a Trail.
  • Sparky—Redeem for a Secret Coin.
  • * (Your username)—Redeem for an Eye.
  • ** 8 16 30 32 46 84—Redeem for the Illuminati Wave.

*  This is your username in the game. To find this out, click on the Face button to the left of the Play button, and then the default name is Player.

** For this code, you have to type in each number and click the Vault Keepers face. So 8>Click Face>16>Click Face>30>Click Face>32>Click Face>46>Click Face>84>Click Face.  After the 84 has been entered, the code will be unlocked.

Geometry Dash Vault Codes – The Vault of Secrets Codes (Working)

  • Robotop—Redeem for Robot.
  • Octocube—Redeem for the Octopus-Shaped Icon.
  • Brain Power—Redeem for the Brain-Shaped Icon.
  • Seven—Redeem for the Finn (Adventure Time) Icon.
  • thechickenisonfire—Redeem for Swamp Green color.
  • The Challenge—Redeem for the Vault Keepers level.
  • Gimmiethecolor—Redeem for a Dark Red color.
  • * (Your number of stars)—Redeem for an Icon.
  • ** It's a Puzzle—Redeem for an Icon.
  • *** Glubfub—Redeem for a Secret Coin

* Type in the number of stars you possess. To find this out on the Main Menu, click the three bars button, the one to the left of the tank. Find Collected Stars, the third one down from the top, and type that number into the text box.

** After you type in, It's a Puzzle. Type in Cod3Breaker next. Six numbers will flash at you really fast, so either record the screen using Snapchat or find some way to slow it down. Each person's numbers are different, but the code will always stay the same.

To solve the puzzle, my numbers were 39 40 116 119 125 171, for example. You must minus the numbers. Do the following: 40-39 = 1 ; 116 - 40 = 76 ; 119 - 116 = 3 ; 125 - 119 = 6 ; 171 - 125 = 46. In this case, 1763646 is the code. Type that code into the text field to solve the puzzle.

*** Click on the Vault of Secrets face without entering a code, and he'll speak to you. Carry on clicking until he talks about Spookys. Enter the first Vault and click on his face until he mentions Glubfub. Keep clicking until the text turns white again. Go back to the Vault of Secrets and type in Glubfub.

Geometry Dash Vault Codes – The Chamber of Time (Working)

  • Volcano—Redeem for a Wave.
  • River—Redeem for a Dark Green color.
  • Silence—Redeem for an Alternative Default Icon.
  • Darkness—Redeem for a Face Icon.
  • Hunger—Redeem for a Hungry Icon.

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How to Redeem Geometry Dash Vault of Secrets Codes

You have to play the full version of Geometry Dash to be able to claim rewards. To redeem Geometry Dash Vault codes, you must unlock the three vaults by playing the game. You cannot just unlock the vault codes from the get-go.

How to get more Geometry Dash Vault codes

We'll keep you updated with additional codes once they are released. You should make sure to redeem these as soon as possible because you'll never know when they could expire! All of these codes have been tested on the date that this post was released. If you find one that is expired, please let us know the exact code in the comments below so we can remove it!

Why are my Geometry Dash Vault codes not working

The codes do not work on any free version of the game, in this case, Geometry Dash Lite. The Vaults are closed, so there is no way to enter them, to use the codes. However, the codes do work on any paid version of the game; this includes the Steam version. Make sure to enter the code exactly as it is listed, or it might not work correctly!

How to unlock Vaults in Geometry Dash

How to unlock the first Vault in Geometry Dash

The first Vault is locked behind 10 Silver User Coins. To get these Coins, you need to play Online Featured Levels and collect the three coins in each level. However, you need to collect all three in one stage without dying. Once you have collected 10, if you go to the Cog at the bottom of the screen, then look in the top right-hand corner, you will see an unlocked lock. Click on this lock to enter the Vault. Then type the codes into the text field.

How to unlock the Vault of Secrets in Geometry Dash

The second Vault, the Vault of Secrets, is locked behind 50 Diamonds. Once 50 Diamonds are obtained. Go to the Tool button, which is to the right of the Play button on the Main Menu. Once again, look in the top right-hand corner of the screen, and you'll see another unlocked lock. Click on this lock to enter the Vault of Secrets. Then type the codes into the text field.

How to unlock the Chamber of Time in Geometry Dash

The third Vault, The Chamber of Time, is located behind many things, and it'll take a while before you can unlock it. First, you must unlock the second Vault and use the code The Challenge. This will unlock a special challenge level, but it will cost you 200 Diamonds to enter. Once this has been completed, you can enter the door underneath this level and speak with the person who is trapped in the jail. Then click on all three keyholes that appear.

You need to go to the Main Level Select and go to the final page, where it says Coming Soon, the page after Fingerdash. Click the Blue I in the top right-hand corner of the screen, another window will appear; with this window up, click the ground beneath the text box, and a door will appear.

Click on the door, and a voice will tell you to get the Master Emblem. However, to unlock the shop where the Master Emblem is, you need 500 Diamonds. Once you've acquired 500 Diamonds, go to the Tool button, which is to the right of the Play button on the Main Menu. Once again, look in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen, and you'll see a door. Click on this door to lead you to a bunch of Chests you need keys to unlock. Click Left on the first screen, and you will see a Green Rope, click on this Rope to open up a Secret Shop.

In this Secret Shop, you can buy the Master Emblem for 1000 Orbs. Purchase it, then go back to the Coming Soon level select, and click on the Door. It'll unlock due to you having the Master Emblem. And here is the third Vault, The Chamber of Time. Enter the codes into the text field.

What is Geometry Dash?

Geometry Dash is a platforming game where instincts are key to success. Your main task is to jump over the obstacles, but if you make just one mistake, you'll die and return to the start. There are multiple versions of the game, with each offering different challenges.

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Geometry Dash Vault of Secrets Codes (May 2023)

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  7. Thanks for the help! But my answer for Its A Puzzle is different. Mine was 7228891.

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  9. Your guide to beating the “It’s a puzzle” is incorrect. What you messed up on was the 4th equation. You used 116 for the 3rd time when it’s supposed to only be used twice in total. I tried your exact steps and they were incorrect. I then decided to do the actual procedure which is like this:
    My numbers were: 69, 76, 78, 106, 114, and 205.
    76 – 69 = 7
    78 – 76 = 2
    106 – 78 = 28
    114 – 106 = 8
    205 – 114 = 91
    My code is 7228891, which I got correct. If I were to do your step-by-step procedure again, I would’ve done the 5th number minus the 3rd number, which isn’t right.

    1. The 4th equation was an error, but that code was still right. I appreciate, you catching that error though!

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  11. I tried going for the Glubfub one, but he wouldn’t mention Spookys. It seemed like I went through all possible things for him to say, but it wouldn’t show up. The others worked tho 🙂

    1. Get Spooky’s coins first. Afterwards, he should mention that you stole his coin. When he says that, go back to Spooky and he should talk about how he found out that the Gatekeeper was teasing him, and he’d leak the name of the Gatekeepers coin (Glubfub). Go back to the Vault of Secrets and just type in glubfub.

  12. Why cant i put in the codes, i keep pressing enter in the vof vut it doesnt workkkk

    1. You need to click the face of the vaultkeeper, bro

    2. Are you playing on the free version?

  13. Does this work in Geometry Dash Lite?

    1. Only works only GD World or Full Ver

    2. Sadly it doesn’t the Vaults are locked. It works on the Steam version or any paid version. Actually, thanks for the heads up, I’ll add this to the article.

      1. Vault and Vault of Secret in the World version.
        Only Chamber of Time in the full version.

          1. There is no new window when I do everything all the way to “click the I in the main level page, a new window will open” Like where?