Guardian Tales Codes (August 2022)

Guardian Tales is an action role-playing gacha game in which a group of heroes fights against the invasion of demonic enemies, simply called the Invaders. Although you start the game with only one warrior, a Knight, there are 50 heroes that you can use during your adventure. With so many options, you’ll have a lot […]

Best Teams in Guardian Tales

Guardian Tales is a role-playing game with rich storytelling and a great selection of characters. Every hero is diffrent, so you’ll have to find the right balance between hard-hitting and more sophisticated party members. You’ll have some serious dilemmas with team creation if you plan to succeed. It’s not enough to just put four characters […]

Guardian Tales Hero Tier List

Guardian Tales is one of the few action RPGs with a deep storyline and engaging gameplay elements on the mobile platform. Like every other RPG on the market, you can enjoy and play the game in the shoes of several fictional characters from its universe. While it is a boon to have an array of […]