How to sign up for Hades 2 Early Access

Hades 2, the sequel to Supergiant Games’ Hades, was officially announced at The Game Awards 2022. It will star Melinoë, Zagreus’ sister who is based on an actual Underworld deity that has been thought to be related to Hades himself. Part of the announcement included the fact that the game will be available for players […]

Hades 2 stops time and revives the hype

Hades claimed critical success and quickly became one of the best rogue-like games of all time, but now, for the first time, Supergiant Games is making a sequel to one of their games in Hades II. Hades II was revealed during the Games Award 2022 and will follow a new character, not Zagreus. In Greek […]

6 Best Hades Mods and How To Install Them

Hades is a roguelike dungeon crawler that allows players to take control of Zagreus in his quest to reach the surface. The title is available on PC, meaning your game can be customized using mods. Hades has several mods available that can tweak gameplay, change playthroughs, and add different elements to the game. The top […]

Who is Thanatos in Hades? Lore, Encounters, and More

In the roguelike game Hades, most characters can be found by their respective icon on doors. However, some characters are elusive, appearing randomly in rooms with no way to predict their arrival. One of these characters is Thanatos, the embodiment of death itself. Thanatos is a childhood friend of Zagreus and one of the romanceable options in […]