Best Traps and Guards in Meet Your Maker

Don't get yourself killed.

The core of any outpost in Meet Your Maker are the traps and guards that protect precious genetic material. These will deter raiders from stealing it or killing those who push forward anyway. With numerous different traps and guards, you may be wondering what the best traps and guards to use are in Meet Your Maker.

All Traps in Meet Your Maker, ranked

SPlasma Sentry, Bomb Ejector
ABolt Shot, Incinerator, Death Piston
BCorrosive Cube, Holocube, Impaler, Iron Claw

S-tier Traps

Plasma Sentry

Plasma Sentry is easily the best trap in the game due to its annoying and ability to control space. It fires a projectile in any direction, creating a pulse that kills players and lingers for a few seconds. With the right combination, this can lock players out of an area and be incredibly deadly.

Bomb Ejector

The Bomb Ejector's strongest aspect is its blast radius and deadliness in small spaces and sloped platforms. The bombs will bounce and roll, which further increases their range. The bombs can easily kill an unsuspecting player, but builders must be careful as these can destroy your traps and kill your guards.

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A-tier Traps

Bolt Shot

The Bolt Shot is probably the most common trap you'll encounter. It isn't the best, but it has great range and can effectively fit into any setup.


The Incinerator is a fire trap, and while it can be dodged easily, it fires continuously. This means it is a constant nuisance and source of death until the player destroys it. This can block off paths and pairs well with other traps and guards.

Death Piston

Like the Incinerator, the Death Piston is a trap that triggers until it is destroyed. But it does not need proximity to activate and will constantly trigger. This makes it a great harassing tool, but it can also stop player shots and protect traps or guards behind it when the pistons fire out.

B-tier Traps

Corrosive Cube

The Corrosive Cube is a fairly boring trap that has little use. It is easily noticed and avoided and only really factors in with other traps or guards. Placing this near others forces players to watch they go, but other than that, it has little use.

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The Holocube can be deadly if used properly, but its reliance on other traps makes it more niche than others. The glimmer can also give away its position, so keen-eyed raiders can easily spot it. You need to be clever when using this trap to take advantage of it.


The Impaler is just a worse version of the Boltshot. Instead of firing the bolts, it shoots spikes that only hit directly on the platform. We recommend just sticking to the Boltshot instead of using this trap.

Iron Claw

The Iron Claw is our personal favorite, but it relies on other traps like the Holocube to be effective. Still, a well-placed Iron Claw above another trap or pulling players in front of a trap can be a cheeky way to snag a kill.

All Guards in Meet Your Maker, ranked

BCannonback, Enforcer

S-tier Guards


The Hornet is the best guard because of how annoying it is and how difficult it can be to kill. This flying unit stays just out of melee reach, so raiders need a precise shot to bring it down. It also has a high fire rate, allowing Hornets to pepper raiders from above while other traps pressure them.

A-tier Guards


The Warmonger is the only melee guard, and seeing it rush at you is terrifying. Upgrading it with armor makes this warrior a deadly threat, especially in close combat due to its wide attack range. The Warmonger also has good speed and can quickly close the distance.

B-tier Guards


The Cannonback is a slightly better version of the Enforcer. It fires a slow projectile that explodes. Because of how easy it is to dodge this projectile, this guard falls off compared to the Hornet and Warmonger.


The Enforcer is the standard guard that most players will use and encounter. It focuses on mid-range combat but can function at long and short ranges. However, its attack is slow and telegraphed, making it very easy to dodge. This enemy is only dangerous in groups.

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Best Traps and Guards in Meet Your Maker

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