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All Artifact locations in Metroid Prime Remastered

Backtracking and Metroid go hand in hand.

Metroid Prime Remastered features one of the largest fetch quests in series history. To reach the last part of the game, players need to collect the 12 Chozo Artifacts and return them to the Impact Crater. Some of these are easy to pick out along the way, but most of them take a good amount of backtracking to find. But that's what we're here for. Here's your guide to finding all Chozo Artifacts in Metroid Prime Remastered.

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Where to find all Artifacts in Metroid Prime Remastered

Artifact of Truth

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The first artifact in Metroid Prime Remastered is practically a freebie. Once Samus activates the Artifacts in the Impact Crater, she gets the Artifact of Truth for free. It's under the one Chozo statue that she can scan upon entering.

Artifact of Chozo

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In the Life Grove is a small lake underneath the waterfall to the far side. Go to that lake and use a Power Bomb on the circular manhole at the bottom. This will cause the structure to rise, revealing a Boost Ball spinner Samus can use. Doing so will reveal the Artifact of Chozo.

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Artifact of Wild

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As one of the easier artifacts to locate, this one is in the Sunchamber, the same room where Samus fought Flaahgra in Chozo Ruins. Be careful, though; now the area is infested with Chozo Ghosts. Eliminate the three enemies to unlock the Artifact of Wild.

Artifact of World

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This artifact is found in the Hall of Elders, the same room in the Chozo Ruins where Samus fought her first Chozo Ghost (or, more specifically, right in front of the Reflecting Pool). Behind the Chozo statue are three Morph Bomb holes; a purple one, a white one, and a red one. These correspond with the elemental beams that Samus acquires.

Once you get the Plasma Beam, they can shoot down the red hole here to unlock the Morph Ball slot underneath. Plop a Morph Ball Bomb here, and the Chozo statue will move, revealing the artifact beneath.

Artifact of Lifegiver

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Players won't be able to get to this artifact until they grab the Gravity Suit. Once that's taken care of, head back to the Chozo Ruins and go to the Tower of Light (behind the boss arena for the Plated Beetle). Dive under the water and head straight forward. You should see a ledge you can Space Jump over, which will unlock the door for the Artifact of Lifegiver.

Artifact of Strength

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For this artifact, players will need to head to the Monitor Station in Magmoor Caverns. There is a bridge from the center platform that leads to the elevator to Phrendrana Drifts. Head there, but instead of going through the door, jump on the platform to the left. Turn around and look for the Boost Ball spinner on top of the platform. This will extend another bridge just far enough for Samus to make it to the side of the area. Jump across the platforms, open the door, and the Artifact of Strength will be there.

Artifact of Nature

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This one is in Lava Lake, a segment of Magmoor Caverns. The room features two areas, one of which has a huge amount of Puffers and one conspicuous stone column in the middle. Use a Super Missile to blow up that column and reveal the Artifact of Nature inside.

Artifact of the Sun

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For this artifact, players will need to travel to the Chozo Ice Temple in Phrendrana Drifts. You may remember the Chozo statue with its hands frozen, found right before the Sheegoth room. Well, once Samus has her Plasma Beam, she can melt the ice away to grab the artifact inside.

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Artifact of Elder

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Players will have to travel to the Control Tower for this one. That means heading to Phrendrana Drifts and going through the Space Pirates research facilities. After eliminating the four Flying Pirates that attack, jump on top of each Wave Beam door and look inside the room behind.

One of them should have several boxes; blow them up and look out the window that is revealed behind them. This gives Samus a good view of a tower she can actually shoot down with a missile. Shoot it down, watch it collapse, and head to the debris in Morph Ball mode. There should be a small hole players can fall through, and the Artifact of Elder will be right underneath it.

Artifact of Spirit

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This one may take a while to grab. The first step is to head for Phrendrana's Edge, which is past the Space Pirate facilities. Travel all the way to the top to grab a Power Bomb upgrade. Around that top area, though, is a hidden door. You can find it by turning on the X-Ray visor and looking behind all of the platforms. Once you find the hidden door, use a Power Bomb to blow up the rock wall in front of it to gain access to the Artifact of Spirit.

Artifact of Warrior

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This artifact is found within the Elite Research section of the Phazon Mines. In the middle of this room is a sleeping Elite Pirate. Samus can use a power bomb to wake him up. You just need to beat him in combat to get the Artifact of Warrior

Artifact of Newborn

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It's best to wait until Samus has the Phazon Suit (gained after beating the Omega Pirate) before you search for this one. Afterwards, travel to the Phazon Mining Tunnel, which is found deep through the Phazon Mines. Instead of solving the Morph Ball puzzle normally, though, simply place a Morph Ball Bomb near the rock at the edge of the puzzle. This will unlock more of the area, and the Artifact of Newborn will be close by.

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All Artifact locations in Metroid Prime Remastered

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