Best Miitopia Access Key Codes

Miis have always been customizable enough to the point where you can kind of make them look like most characters. However, the remastered Miitopia’s Mii customization features prove that you can replicate anyone—even the Mona Lisa. But if you don’t have the skills nor the time to create these characters, don’t worry. Miitopia allows its […]

All Jobs (Classes) in Miitopia, Explained

Miitopia plays exactly like your typical RPG, from its turn-based battles to its jobs or classes. It can be quite tough to decide which of the latter to assign your characters to, especially since jobs are locked until you reach the last phase of the game. Furthermore, your character’s levels are tied to their job. […]

Best Personalities to pick in Miitopia

A Mii’s personality affects two crucial things: how they act during battle and how they act during certain events. There are seven personalities in Miitopia: Kind, Energetic, Laid-back, Cool, Airheaded, Stubborn, and Cautious. All of them have their positive and negative quirks, and some of them are better suited for certain jobs. Personalities can be […]

Best Jobs (Classes) to choose in Miitopia

Though the game will introduce them four at a time, Miitopia has a total of 14 jobs—and not all of them are worth investing EXP into. While a job’s in-battle skills are important, you also need to take into consideration their utility out of battle, and how well CPUs use these skills, since your character […]