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We're taking a detailed look at the newly popular game!

Our Guide will walk you through how-to get better at the game with some tips and tricks! We're also feature all of the information you'll need to know about the game, including what's going on with those coins you've been collecting? is a pretty simple game that has you hurdling down a humongous slide, and trying to beat out others before they cross the finish line. The key difference in this game, however, is that you can launch yourself from the slide and glide your way to deeper into the map. This is almost like you are cheating, but it's heavily encouraged for you to take this shortcut. It is not without risk, however, because if you miss the slide you'll end up losing the race completely!

You currently CANNOT get the glider in game. It was in the game previously, but they've removed the glider and replaced it with a skydiving type animation!

What is the Purpose of the Coins?

Coins finally have a use! You can purchase different skins with the coins:

As you can see, you can purchase skins for 200, 1500, 2500, and 5000 coins! Other skins can be earned by completing tasks within the game:

  • Cow: 150 Kills
  • Lion: Play 7 consecutive days
  • Polar: Play 2 consecutive days
  • Rabbit: Revive 10 times
  • Rat: Watch 3 Ads

Who are These Other Players?

While it might seem like you are playing against real players, they are actually NPCs. They are just computer generated bots that you go up against that you can bash off the slide and that will attempt to overtake you as you head towards the finish line. Tips & Tricks

  • Always be knocking your enemies off the map! This is especially important in the early game where they will likely not have a chance to find another part of the slide to land upon. All you need to do is get alongside them and then slide directly into them and you should knock them off the slide.
    • Be careful, however, if you hit them from behind you will give them a boost forward. So, always make sure you are alongside them before doing this.
    • This is the best way to get the most coins, these will likely be used for cosmetics in the future.
  • Avoid those orange barriers! Pretty obvious tip, but these really slow you down if you run into them.
  • Look for yellow flashing arrows on the slide. If you hit these, you'll get a huge boost of speed forward! You can also use this speed to knock other players off the slide.
  • The biggest key and tip for this game is that you need to take shortcuts. You can launch yourself off the slide, and glide towards other parts of the map. If you've ever played the very old Mario Kart games, you could launch yourself off of Rainbow Road and land at a much further part of the map. This is the same concept put into play here, although in this game, you are more encouraged to do it. Always be looking ahead of the map, if you see a piece of map ahead of you that's lower, go ahead and launch yourself off the slide and glide towards it! You can skip large parts of the slide by doing this, and it's the best way to win.
    • You can launch yourself in the sky and check for an area you might be able to land on. If you don't see one, you can always land back on the slide where you launched. It's usually better to do this when you are on a straightaway.
    • While you might be aiming for a particular part of the slide, look for areas that are even further you might be able to land on. Sometimes a small shortcut could turn into a big one!
    • Be very careful doing this, if you misjudge the distance you might glide and land somewhere other than the slide. If this happens, you'll be out of the race!
  • If you have the little crown on your head, that means you are in first place! Make sure to keep the crown on your head, and try to stay in front of anyone who attempts to take it from you.
  • There will be times when you will be able to literally just launch yourself to victory by gliding to the very end of the map! Always be on the look out for it.
    • You can land right in the pool that is in front of the green ramp that designates the finish line. You will finish the race this way, and most likely get first place!

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  1. How does the landing system work in this game? One time I get 52 coins for a short glide, but only get 27 for a longer glide?

  2. Why aren’t the skins available at all when I click on it? I literally just got this app 2 days ago. Also how do I find out what level I’m on?

    1. It looks like disabled skins for the time being. When you start a race, look at the top of the screen, there should be a number on the left that tells you what level you are on.

  3. How come you can’t start first? Like why do you start last not first or in the middle.
    Kind Regards Georgia Pipe

    1. You are playing against AI/bot players, so you always start behind them because it’d be too easy otherwise.

  4. how come if i take the shortcut to the very end like just before the finish the bots magically appear right behind me?

    1. They do that to make it seem more competitive, if they didn’t do that then the bots would never have a chance.

  5. i’ve been playing this game forever but all of my friends have the orange blocks but i don’t have them and i’m on like level 200 idk what’s happeing can anyone help me?

  6. why does the game crash so easily? am i the only one who has this problem? also how do you change the color of your skin? thanks!

  7. I use tohave this game on my iPad. But no longer. It only shows a blue screen with a couple clouds on the top. The screen appears to be racing by. But nothing on it.

  8. It won’t let me click on the rat skin. Ive clicked out of it and did everything I could think of…..someone please help

  9. I’ve never played before and this is why. When I tapped on the app, instead of the loading screen, the screen showed two clouds and rain. I’ve tried everything I could to stop it but nothing worked. PLEASE HELP ME EVIDENT!

    1. Haha I thought possibly it was filled with both real and bot players but. no wonder you always play with the same people,,, it does kind of ruin the fun for you.

  10. I love this game so much, it’s like my new addiction. Then after I stopped playing a couple minutes later my sister tried to play, she turned on the app and instead of the loading screen this picture of a blue sky, and clouds with rain appeared. I’ve tried everything you can think of to try to fix it but nothing will work please help.

      1. The same thing happened to me, it’s so annoying that no one will help me, I’ve tried for days nothing has happened I’m sorry that this happened to you but if you find anything out can you tell me, and if I find anything out I’ll try to help you out.

  11. Hey, I read this and it’s really good, but I don’t think it says anything about the raining screen I get when I join the app.. 🙁 I enter the app, and then it rains on my screen. It just rains. I wait for a while but nothing. Just rain. If you know anything about this, please tell me :c

  12. How does the slide go upside down bc I am on level 172 and and I’ve been playing since lvl 1

  13. I absolutely love this game!!! You should really think about making it where we can play against real people from all over. That would really be awesome!!!

    1. U actually don’t u always start out in 16th place there is 49 bots u play against and ur the person that makes it 50

    1. Well it’s freeeeeee so it’s easy too get anyways, and can be used without internet but online would obviously need it

    1. Yas!!!!!! I really wish they would make it available like this. I cant get enough of this game. My granddaughter started me in it and now I can put my phone down. Lol

  14. Is there any possible way you can change the skin tone of the human character? I see lots of other people doing that

  15. So the animal skins dont appear when i hit the person button it says “Coming Soon” so can you tell me what to do to get them?

        1. There’s a little gear on the main menu under the skins and no ads buttons. Press that, then press the icon that looks like a phone and has vibrations around it.

    1. You need to jump off the slide and land somewhere other than a part of the slide. You then watch an ad, and you will revive.

  16. How do you get the skins? I try to press on the human thing but it says coming soon every time I don’t know what to do

  17. How do you switch location from like temple to city i mean i know HOW to do it but, when i tap a new location it doesn’t let me switch

  18. Do you maybe know what to do if my game is super laggy? Im actually not the only one who got a low fps in this game, but I tried basically everything and nothing works. Thx

  19. how many people r in the game bc when i kill 15 people and i’m in 16 place there is still people (bots) left

  20. So I have a question I don’t have the orange hurdle things and I want to know how to get them but everyone is saying they just got them but plz answer thankyou.

    1. I’m not sure what you’re referring to? There’s orange barriers in the game, they are eventually added to the levels as you play. I haven’t seen the orange shields though.

  21. Hi! I just have a question about the game. My sibling said that if I were to download this particular game it would hurt my phone in some way. Is this true or false? Thanks!

    1. As long as you are using the version from the iOS app store, it shouldn’t be a problem. I have it on my phone and there’s no issues.

  22. Are any levels available past the city at this time? It says coming soon on the next 3, can you reach them, or does it only go to the city right now?

  23. When you press on the map button it says coming soon is that because its coming soon or i just havnt unlocked it ???????

    1. Yeah it’s really annoying it’s the same with the skins it says coming soon it kinda wrecks the game if we can’t go up levels or earn skins

    1. LOVING the game!!! Is there a way to make it so you can redo a particularly fun slide? Or once you win it, your just done with it…

      1. When you are on the slide racing you can look at the top of the screen and it tells you the number you are on

  24. how do u change the color of your character? i see people in my game that are green, pink, red, etc and i never know how to do the same for myself!

    1. I think that always happens because that happens to me when I jump into the pool from a different part of the map and it happens to me at the very beginning

      1. I don’t know if it’s because I am answering this a week after the comment but I have friends that have androids and it works for them

      1. I have a Samsung galaxy s7 and I found this game on the Play Store, it is just named Aqua Park Slide. I am not sure if you can compete with the NPCs, it is just sliding but you have to dodge rocks.

    1. The levels you earn are mainly just for the starting area it seems. You inevitably end up traveling on a slide around a beach in most cases.

          1. You can’t get it, it’s not part of the game currently. If they have it, they are playing an older version.

      1. How come i don’t have the orange shields? i’m on level 58 but i still don’t have them.

          1. I have no shields on my game.. everyone else has the shields on the waterslide and i don’t.

          1. Yeah it would probably be pretty hard for the makers to set up a system that allowed players to connect while playing

  25. Do you know how everyone else has got all these other outfits like aliens and blue swimsuits because I’m stuck with a red swimsuit with is the default outfit how can I get a better outfit pls telll meeeee

    1. Those are just NPCs, they aren’t real people. It’s likely the creators will allow you to purchase different colored swimsuits and what not in the near future with coins.

        1. You can’t right now! I think they are going to add it in the future, it’s likely what the coins are for.

  26. Hey guys! I just wanted to share best game ever. I love the graphics, the ongoing tension, the excitement… just a great game, I would recommend it – even to my enemy.
    Download it, and make sure to glide into victory.

    1. They did recently update the game and you no longer have a glider when you launch off the slide. To launch, you just move to the left or right off the side of the slide. The speed boost is a random thing that appears on the slide as you are racing. It only happens in later levels that I’ve seen.