MultiVersus Finn Guide – Moves, Perks, Tips, & Strategies

Give them their lumps adventure-style!

MultiVersus is home to many of Warner Bros.'s most iconic characters from franchises like Adventure Time, DC, Game of Thrones, Scooby Doo, and more. If you're looking to play an adventurous character, look no further than Finn the Human. This may leave you wondering how to play Finn and what the best perks are.

How to play Finn in Multiversus

Finn is an Assassin character who excels at dealing damage and moving quickly around the battlefield. As an Assassin class, you'll need to be careful as you take more damage than other characters. Here is how to play Finn in MultiVersus.

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All Finn moves in MultiVersus


  • Chop! (Neutral)
    • Unleash a forward chop.
  • The Sword Stuff! (Side)
    • A combo of stabs and swipes.
  • Slasher! (Up)
    • An upward slash that launches Finn up.
  • Low Blow, Bro! (Down)
    • A downward plunging stab that can break armor and unleashes a shockwave.
  • High Five, Dude! (Neutral Special)
    • Finn holds a high five attack that reflects projectiles and strikes enemies when released. If used on an ally, it creates a shockwave around Finn.
  • Get Skronked! (Side Special)
    • Rushes forward with a shoulder charge which blocks projectiles. If the attack hits, Finn can follow up with another attack.
  • Backpack Attack! (Up Special)
    • Finn spins his backpack, hitting multiple times. The more coins Finn has, the more powerful the final hit is.
  • Sweet Deals! (Down Special)
    • Shops for goods using coins that can provide a boost to speed, armor, or BMO. BMO shops for Finn when purchased.


  • Slam-Bam-in-a-Can! (Neutral)
    • Finn dashes behind his enemy and kicks, breaking armor.
  • Flying Sword Moves! (Side)
    • Performs two forward slashes.
  • Sky Punch! (Up)
    • An upward punch.
  • Ground Chop! (Down)
    • Finn chops in a downward angle.
  • High Five, Dude! (Neutral Special)
    • Finn holds a high five attack that reflects projectiles and strikes enemies when released. If used on an ally, it creates a shockwave around Finn. If this connects, Finn bounces back.
  • Mathematical Air Dash! (Side Special)
    • Finn dashes forward and swings his sword, which has a sweetspot at the end. If used towards an enemy or coin, Finn moves further and deals more damage. If a Gem is on the field, Finn teleports to it.
  • Soaring Backpack Attack! (Up Special)
    • Finn launches upward and spins his backpack, hitting multiple times. The more coins that Finn has, the more powerful the final hit is.
  • Throwin' Stones (Down Special)
    • Finn pays some coins and throws a gem. He can teleport to this with Mathematical Air Dash!. If he does not have enough coins, he throws an eaten apple which does less damage.

Passive Ability

  • Fat Stacks!
    • Finn can use coins to boost special attacks. Enemies drop coins on getting hit, which both Finn and his partner can pick up.
  • Finn can move while charging attacks, but they only gain power if he moves.
  • Finn takes 14 percent additional damage as an Assassin.

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Best perks for Finn in MultiVersus

Perks are a great way to change up your strategy and how a character plays. When playing 2v2, these can stack if your partner equips the same Perk and provide even greater bonuses. Here are our recommendations for the best Perks for Finn in Multiversus.

  • On the House!
    • Gives Finn a free gem after landing a fully charged ground attack.
  • Coffeezilla
    • Gives your team 10 percent faster cooldown to specials.
  • Wildcat Brawler
    • Increases the melee damage of your team by 5 percent when grounded.
  • Triple Jump
    • Gives your team a third jump after landing a hit in the air.

Tips and Strategies for Finn in MultiVersus

As an Assassin, Finn excels at moving around the battlefield and picking enemies off. You should be using his Sweet Deals! ability to purchase buffs for your team as often as you can. Finn has a strong grounded and aerial game, but his On the House! perk encourages landing fully charged ground attacks to generate free gems.

One of Finn's best kill moves is his Soaring Backpack Attack! as it is crazy strong, hits multiple times, and has great knockback. Catching an opponent in the air with this is an easy way to seal quick knockouts off the top. Don't be afraid to get into the thick of things with Finn, as he has fantastic combos. Make sure to avoid getting hit because Finn can be knocked out easily.

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MultiVersus Finn Guide – Moves, Perks, Tips, & Strategies

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