Teamfight Tactics 9.15 Hotfix: Akali & Frozen Heart Fixed, Cho’gath Damage Reverted!

If you've been waiting to jump into TFT for the 9.15 patch but were put off due to bugs, then you can start to play again! The 9.15 Hotfix prevents Akali from critical hitting way too often, it fixes the Frozen Heart bug that was causing Champions to be stun locked, and they event reverted the damage buff that Cho'gath received that made him a one monster wrecking crew! Here's a full look at the hotfix:

  • Akali's spell now properly crits 25% of the time, down from always.
  • Ionic Spark now works properly against Assassins on an away board.
  • Cho'gath's spell damage reverted to 200/400/600
  • Mordekaiser's HP properly set to 550.
  • Thornmail's damage type has been changed from True damage to Magic damage
  • Fixed a bug where a single Frozen Heart could apply multiple stacks of its debuff.


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