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All Program 1 Kill The Snitch MK Challenges in Outlast Trials – Full Walkthrough

Program 1 of The Outlast Trials has two MK Challenges. These are Cancel The Autopsy and Sabotage The Lockdown, both of which you'll need to do to unlock the more challenging version of the Trial. They are both excellent ways of farming XP because of how short they are if you know what to look for. These challenges only have one main objective and take place on the same map, making them easier to navigate. The entire place is one big maze, so here are a few ways to get through all of the Challenges in Program 1 of Outlast Trials.

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Outlast Trials - Kill The Snitch MK Challenges in Outlast Trials – Full Walkthrough

How to complete Cancel The Autopsy in Outlast Trials

The first MK Challenge, Cancel The Autopsy, of The Outlast Trials is one of the shortest Challenges in the game. At the start, you'll want to go to the center of the room and activate the Challenge with the button. This will open up three doors to Sections A, B, and C, where you'll have to find a corpse with a symbol on them with a key inside it. Just like the Kill The Snitch trial, you can look at the TV screens to know what symbol you're looking for. There's a lot of crossover between sections, so two bodies can even be found between two areas.

The entire map is laid out like a half circle, with the garage in Sector A being on the edge of one side and the brightly lit shooting range being on the opposite edge in Sector C. You'll have to go through Sector B to get through Sector C rather than just having a straight entrance to it like A and B. If someone has the X-Ray Rig, you'll be able to see the enemies roaming around Sector C to see the way to it a lot easier. If you're still having trouble finding the way, the Sector C entrance will be at the end of the pipe hallway behind a door you have to hold open.

A Question Mark symbol will appear over the corpses, but this won't automatically appear. After enough time, this will start showing up everywhere, so even if you've checked out a Sector, you might want to backtrack. You can look at the corpse to uncover the symbol instead of just sticking your hands in and guessing. An icon will actually show up to show you the symbol, and if you have spotted the corpse but don't have the time to fetch the key, the location of the corpse will still show up for you. Pinging the location of the body will help your teammates find it, and if you're looping one of the enemies around, this will signal them to get the key. The Middle Mouse Button will ping it, but

After you get all the keys, you'll need to find your way back to the center to put the keys in and unlock the gate. From there, another enemy will spawn at the gate that's opened up, and you'll just need to escape.

If someone has upgraded Rigs, particularly the Stun and Heal Rig, you'll be fine getting to the exit.

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How to complete Sabotage The Lockdown in Outlast Trials

The MK Challenge, Sabotage The Lockdown, has much less RNG attached. You'll need to grab the gas can at the beginning of the level and bring it to the generator. The generator tends to stay in the exact location, but the path to it has different obstacles. Some doors will be locked, and some others will not. The Tier 2 Prescription to break down doors in two bashes will come in handy here, but you'll be fine even without it.

Like in Cancel The Autopsy, you'll travel near the outer edge of Sector B, where the pipes are to get to Sector C. These maps are the same, but many more blocked-off areas. The Tier 2 Prescription to increase your movement speed while carrying things is extremely helpful, but without it, you'll be crouching a lot to get past enemies. Anywhere there are shelves, you'll find some useful items, but as the designated gas can carrier, you'll mostly want bottles.

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Going left to get to the generator is much faster, but you'll need to get through two doors you need to hold open. If you're playing solo, you'll have to drop the can, crouch under it while the door is open, and then grab it before it closes. Behind the door are some items you can pick up, and if you're playing with a group, you'll want to make sure the person not holding the gas can picks up the most. Because the outside area is so brightly lit, stealth is trickier. You'll want to go into the dark rooms to hide or loop around before walking through Sector B.

Many doors will need to be bashed open, but before attempting to hit any door, you should crouch before trying to open them. This will make any traps fly right over your head and keep you safe. If you get lost by going too deep into Sector B or end up at the garage, you can circle back to the pipeline and keep traveling along the hallway.

Once you've found the generator, filled it with gas, and turned it on, you'll be free to exit. Just before the generator, you can jump through to get to the exit. It's right by the giant sign reading "generator," there will be one more giant enemy before the exit, but you can push the button and kite him around quickly.

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All Program 1 Kill The Snitch MK Challenges in Outlast Trials – Full Walkthrough

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