A screenshot of the main menu during the Overwatch Mirrorwatch event. It shows the screen split between characters washed in a red light on the left and a blue light on the right, with Overwatch's main menu options down the left-hand side. Characters on the left in red are Reinhardt, Mercy, and Ana. On the right in blue are Sombra, Doomfist, and Widowmaker.
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Overwatch 2 Mirrorwatch Abilities Guide

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Mirrorwatch is the latest limited-time event in Overwatch 2. In this strange, mirrored universe, good becomes evil, Mercy becomes Vengence, and many of your favorite characters have new abilities to go with their new alignments. Will you stay true to your time-honored favorites or will Overwatch players take this opportunity to switch sides as well?

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A guide to all new abilities in Overwatch 2's Mirrorwatch event

Fallen Knight Reinhardt

Reinhardt has gained a new passive skill as a fallen knight. Frenzy allows the damage from Reinhardt's Rocket Hammer to increase his attack speed. It's nothing too fancy, but it does suit Reinhardt's character to have a frenzy mode if he's fallen to the dark side.

A screenshot of the main Mirrorwatch event menu, showing the first three rewards and information about the event on the left. On the right, there are six characters featured - Doomfist, Sombra, Widowmaker, Tracer, Brigitte, and Mercy.
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Talon Zarya

Zarya's new ability is a powerful gravity surge that forces your enemies away. Enjoy using Expulsion Zone to defend your allies or use it for a quick escape if you're trapped in a corner with nowhere else to go.

Gwishin Bastion

Bastion gets two new abilities for Mirrorwatch! With Configuration Intel, Bastion can reveal any nearby enemies and increase your attack and reload speed. This could be really useful for games where your team is using their mics.

The second ability is Configuration: Reinforcement, where Bastion is unable to move, but can deploy four allied Slicers while he's stuck in place. You might want to find a good defensive position before you do this or let your teammates know.

Blackwatch Echo

Maximum Efficiency may seem to be a fairly basic skill for Mirrorwatch, but it has a hidden secret that could make you a very efficient player. With Maximum Efficiency, Echo's attack speed increases, and all of their cooldowns reduce. Look forward to shooting off more of your skills in a shorter period!

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Agent Colomar (Sombra)

Sombra's new skill suits her mirrored character perfectly. With Anti-Virus, Sombra can now give a quick health boost to her allies and herself, while also increasing everyone's attack speed. Combined with Sombra's other skills, you can play very strategically with this one.

Talon Tracer

If you get the chance to deal enough continuous damage as Tracer, her attack speed is increased and any damage inflicted on her enemies allows her to steal their health. It's a really interesting Mirrorwatch skill considering Tracer's Overwatch backstory.

Captain Lacroix (Widowmaker)

Widowmaker's new skill is very simple, but it doesn't suit the Overwatch version of her character. Widowmaker wouldn't have all of her spider aspects if she wasn't made into Widowmaker, so retaining spider-based skills is a bit odd. Either way, it's a nice skill — Silk Shield allows Captain Lacroix to place a protective barrier, defending her teammates from damage.

Arch-Commandant Amari (Ana)

Ana probably gets the most boring new skill for Mirrorwatch. As Arch-Commandant Amari, you can now Double Jump. Enjoy.

Vengeance (Mercy)

I may be slightly biased as a Mercy player, but she gets some great skills for her Talon counterpart. Vengeance can detonate the body of a fallen ally or enemy using Soul Burn. This replaces the Resurect function, which is slightly annoying but a good replacement for a darker Mercy.

As well as Soul Burn, Mercy now gains the ability to fire rockets when she's flying using her Ultimate. Her abilities are enhanced when she uses Revenge, which is the name of the new skill. All those DPS Mercy players are sure to enjoy her Mirrorwatch skills; hopefully, this will help them get their shooting tendencies out.

Z-3N Destroyer (Zenyatta)

Zenyatta, who becomes Z-3N Destroyer instead of being the peaceful monk we all know and love, can now create a field of energy that prevents his enemies from using their abilities. Interdiction Zone is sure to annoy the enemy team during any game.

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All updated abilities in Overwatch 2's Mirrorwatch event

Strike Commander Ogundimu (Doomfist)

Doomfist, now Strike Commander Ogundimu, has three solid updates to his Tank skills for the Overwatch Mirrorwatch event. First up, Seismic Slam allows him to leap into the air and smash the ground in a bold power move! This skill will also give him and nearby teammates Overhealth when he's leaping.

Power Block blocks any heavy damage by projecting a shield. It only works for attacks to Doomfist's front, but it does also power up Rocket Punch.

The third update goes to the Commander's Meteor Strike ability. After leaping into the air (a common sight with Doomfist), and selecting your target, you will grant Overhealth to your allies instead of doing damage.

A screenshot from the Mirrorwatch event introduction, showing Doomfist bursting through the glass in his Strike Commander outfit. Behind him is Fallen Knight Reinhardt.
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Fallen Knight Reinhardt

Reinhardt, how far you've fallen. Knock down all of your enemies by using Earthshatter, provided they are standing in a narrow path in front of you. This isn't very different from his current skill, but it has been updated as part of the Mirrorwatch list.

If you'd prefer to stay shielded, use Reinhardt's Barrier Field to erect an energy barrier that increases the damage of your teammates' projectiles. When the barrier breaks, and in will, his movement speed will be increased. Increase movement speed upon breaking.

Talon Zarya

Zarya also gets three updated skills for the Mirrorwatch event. Particle Cannon fires a short-range beam in a straight line when you're using primary fire. If you switch to secondary fire, you'll see her shoot energy orbs instead.

Talon Zarya's Particle Barrier can knock back and damage your enemies when it dies, and any damage blocked by the barrier increases Zarya's Particle Cannon damage.

Finally, the Projected Barrier creates a damage barrier around one of your teammates. This means that any damage will be taken by the barrier until it fails, and the damage that the barrier does take also increases Particle Cannon damage, just like the Particle Barrier. Similarly, this barrier can knock back and damage your opposition when it expires.

Gwishin Bastion

Sweet, bird-loving Bastion has become the killing machine that he once could have been. With his updated Configuration Recon, Bastion has a powerful shotgun that he can use while moving.

The A-36 Tactical Grenade has also been updated for Overwatch Mirrorwatch, allowing Bastion to fire a bomb that can bounce off walls before it explodes when it makes contact with any enemies or the ground.

Blackwatch Echo

With Echo's new skill for Mirrorwatch being so basic, it's nice to see some decent updates for her skills. Fire off a few sticky bombs that explode after a small delay — these bombs are perfect for shooting over your enemies' defenses and hitting them behind their shields.

Flight gets a small update too. Free-fly for a short amount of time after using the flying function. If you manage to hit an enemy in your path, Echo will be able to damage them and knock them back.
Fly forward quickly and then free-fly briefly. Damages and knocks back enemies.

The third update for Blackwatch Echo goes to their Focusing Beam. Channel Echo's beam for a few seconds and slow down your enemies. This beam deals high damage to targets that have less than half of their health.

Screenshot showing a close-up of Mercy's new Vengence skin. She's wearing a skill mask and has glowing red eyes.
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Agent Colomar (Sombra)

Agent Colomar, our dear Sombra, gets two updates to go with her new Mirrorwatch skill. Hack
Hold allows you to hack your allies and your enemies. Allies will gain increased attack speed and Overhealth when Sombra uses her ability on them. Hacked health packs will also spawn faster, but they can’t be used by enemies.

Virus, which goes nicely with Sombra's new Anti-Virus Mirrorwatch ability, can infect enemies with a projectile that deals damage over time and decreases the damage dealt by the infected enemy. Your hacked enemy can also be damaged faster than before. Take advantage of that.

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Talon Tracer

Considering Tracer's absolute power move of a new Mirrorwatch ability, it makes sense that they only get one update. When using Blink, you can teleport in whichever direction you are already moving. To teleport more than once, you're going to need to let Tracer take a bit of damage.

Captain Lacroix (Widowmaker)

Captain Lacroix's updated skills make a little more sense than her spider-themed Mirrorverse skill, even if she still has Widow’s Kiss. Speaking of, Widow's Kiss has been updated. This automatic assault weapon will activate with your primary fire button, while the secondary fire button switches you to Widowmaker's long-ranged sniper. If you charge up your shots, your enemies will be revealed.

Infra-Sight also gets an update. This skill allows you to highlight any weak points on your target. This is perfect for someone playing Widowmaker perched from a distance. Enjoy taking out your opposition.

Arch-Commadant Amari (Ana)

Thankfully, Ana gets a few updates to balance her rather lackluster Mirrorwatch ability. Biotic Rifle, Ana's
long-range rifle, heals allies and damages enemies at the same time. It is possible to headshot with Biotic Rifle.

Her Biotic Grenade is a grenade that heals allies while damaging and reducing healing on enemies.

Last up is Ana's famed Nano Boost, which can only be used on herself. Great for a quick heal when there aren't any health packs around.

Talon Brigitte

Talon Brigitte gets the most updates of any hero. Her Repair Pack heals an ally and grants them the Lifesteal ability. That's certainly a lot darker than the Overwatch Brigitte we've all come to know.

Her second update comes in the form of her Whip Shot. Launch your flail forward to pull an enemy closer and then enjoy attacking them from close quarters. Many players enjoy combining this move with a Shield Bash or simple button-mashing to get the most damage possible.

Hold your secondary fire button to deploy Brigitte's Barrier Shield and block damage to power up your Shield Bash attack. Speaking of Shield Bash, this is only available when Barrier Shield is up and it allows you to dash forward to physically force your enemy back. When it's powered up, it sets your enemies on fire.


A screenshot showing the basic version of Mercy's new Mirrorwatch skin. It shows Mercy in a white, black, and red outfit, with horns sticking out of her hair on either side of her head.
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Vengence (Mercy)

Just a quick update for Mirrorwatch Mercy! Her Caduceus Staff heals with primary fire and increases an ally's damage with secondary fire. But that's not all! While in secondary fire mode, Vengence can deal damage to nearby enemies over time. There's definitely no mercy from this support hero.

Z-3N Destroyer (Zenyatta)

Last on our list is Z-3N Destroyer. Zenyatta's Orb of Harmony can still be used on an ally to heal them, but if you manage to deal some damage to your enemies while healing, your ally will heal faster.

The Orb of Discord should be thrown at an enemy to increase the damage they take. By doing this, you allow Z-3N to also deal more damage to an enemy over time.

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What are the start and end dates for Overwatch: Mirrorwatch?

The Mirrorwatch event started on April 23 and will end on May 14, 2024. During this 14-day period, Overwatch players will be able to complete challenges, enjoy new event games, and try out the Mirrorwatch abilities of each of the Overwatch characters.

Are there any benefits to playing the Mirrorwatch event?

Like past events in Overwatch, participating and completing the various challenges will help you earn event-related rewards. Many new voice lines, sprays, and skins will be locked to the event, so you won't get them if you don't play. 11 exclusive awards are only available through playing the event challenges.

There's always the possibility that the event will appear again sometime in the future - much like the seasonal events. If this does happen, players will get another chance to unlock the items they missed, but Blizzard hasn't confirmed that Mirrorwatch will run a second time.

What rewards are available from Mirrorwatch?

  • Orisa's OR-Unit skin
  • Talon logo weapon charm
  • Arch-Commandant player title
  • Mirrorwatch Gibraltar name card
  • Staff of Vengence name card
  • Mirrorwatch Talon player icon
  • Antivirus player icon
  • Arch-Commandant Amari player icon
  • Widowmaker's "Justice delivered" voice line
  • Ana's "Your emotions" voice line
  • Mirrorwatch Athena spray
A screenshot showing gameplay during the Mirrorwatch event's challenges. The player is using Mercy's new ultimate to shoot at their enemies from the sky. The environment is sandy, full of ruins. Mercy's staff is red and black.
Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Are there other unlockables for Mirrorwatch?

Some other exclusive unlockables have become available that you can buy instead of earning through the Mirrorwatch challenges. These include the 4 versions of Mercy's new "Vengence" skin, which is available in the Mythic Shop and can only be brought using Mythic Prisms.

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