How to 100% Paper Mario Origami King

There are seven steps to completing Paper Mario: The Origami King, most of which involve simply exploring the world and analyzing every object with a fine-tooth comb. To get the true ending, you will need to have completed all steps before going head-to-head with King Olly. 100% Checklist for Paper Mario Origami King Complete all […]

All Bosses in Paper Mario Origami King

Paper Mario: The Origami King has a variety of colorful bosses for players to take on. Some bosses are paper in origin just like Paper Mario himself, while others are inanimate objects. You can face bosses ranging from a box of colored pencils to a literal stapler. All the bosses eventually lead to a final […]

How long is Paper Mario?

Available on the Nintendo Switch’s Online service, Paper Mario, originally released on the Nintendo 64, is a lengthy RPG. There are eight chapters in the game with a lot of side content to explore. Chapters In Papar Mario, our mustachioed protagonist seeks the Seven Star Spirits. The game is divided into seven chapters, with one […]