What’s included in For Honor: Marching Fire Edition?

For Honor is a fast-paced action game that delivers two smoking barrels worth of brutality and cutting edge multiplayer gameplay. Saddled with a complex but incredibly rewarding combat system, the Ubisoft title stands tall as one of the most memorable highlights of 2017. But what is the Marching Fire Edition, and how does it compare […]

Soul Land Reloaded Codes (June 2022)

The App Store isn’t exactly short on compelling real-time action role-playing games. Soul Land Reloaded, being just one of the many to flesh out the Android market, is a prime choice for mobile gamers, as it boasts an admirable amount of activities and online shenanigans. Comprised of cross-server battles, city-building elements, and character progression arcs, […]

Cookie Run: OvenBreak Codes (June 2022)

Cookie Run: OvenBreak is perhaps one of the most deliciously addictive games on Android and iOS. As a runner, you must embark on an endless sprint through a candy-popping world chock-full of sweet treats and baked goods. Along the way, you’ll find collectible Cookie characters, obstacle courses, and plenty of challenges to chew through. Of […]

Heroic Expedition Gift Codes (June 2022)

Heroic Expedition is an action-adventure game that sees you erecting a fantastical kingdom in the Divine Realm. Like other games of its kind, the Android title uses a network of bosses, dungeons, and loot to progress its narrative. The major caveat to this, of course, is that progress requires an initial investment and one that […]