All Power Washers and Attachments in PowerWash Simulator

Upgrading your equipment is the key to quickly cleaning the many disgusting surfaces in PowerWash Simulator. New Power Washers offer more power, and different attachments can make it easier to reach those tricky spots. But PowerWash Simulator doesn’t do the best at laying out upgrade costs. All of the attachments are jumbled together like a […]

Can’t change nozzle in PowerWash Simulator Co-Op – How to fix

PowerWash Simulator becomes a truly massive game with gigantic levels in the later stages of Career Mode. As such, it’s always good to get a little help from friends. However, a bug has been present since at least December 2021 that prevents those joining from changing their Power Washer and accessories. Here’s how to work […]

Tips and Tricks for PowerWash Simulator

PowerWash Simulator is a game unlike any other. It can take a little getting used to, as the mechanics are briefly introduced at the beginning and then never again. Fortunately, we have your back with some tips and tricks that can make life considerably easier in PowerWash Simulator. A Beginner’s Guide to PowerWash Simulator Use […]