Gamers upset over Redfall’s hidden requirement

Redfall is the highly anticipated co-op shooter by Arkane and Bethesda, featuring a new spin on vampires and Arkane’s incredible level design. However, despite the abundance of trailers and information released on the title, one piece of information has been left out. One eagle-eyed Redditor, Zhukov-74, discovered on Redfall’s FAQ page that the title would require a constant […]

The Angler and Watcher have turned Redfall into a town of Terror

Redfall, Massachusetts, was such a lovely town—until it was overrun with blood-sucking vampires. And while many different kinds of vampires infest the town, the Angler and Watcher stand out as some of the most terrifying and creepy. Redfall received a new trailer on the Xbox YouTube channel that gave players a glimpse at the Angler and Watcher, […]