How to Change Your Password on Riot Games

Riot Games offers a variety of titles set within their in-game universe. From League of Legends to Valorant, they have various titles in different genres. Each of these will require a Riot Games account, so you must create one and a password. If you already have an account but want to change your password, you […]

Riot Games shows off Illaoi and tag system in new Project L gameplay preview

Riot Games announced Project L last year, a new fighting title featuring characters from the League of Legends world. More information about the title is emerging as Riot Games developers share updates on development, gameplay, and highlight characters. The latest Riot Games developer diary shows off the powerful tentacle wielding character Illaoi and some new […]

Riot’s fighting game, Project L, receives Dev Diary, new fighter, and confirmed free to play

Project L, Riot Games’ upcoming fighting game set within the League of Legends universe, received a new update. It included information such as a new fighter reveal, confirmation that the title would be free-to-play, and new gameplay footage. This update comes via the official Riot Games’ YouTube in the form of a Developer Diary. In […]