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Demon Piece Weapon Tier List – All Weapons Ranked

Understand the combat potential of all weapons in Demon Piece!

Equipping the best weapons and races is vital to securing victories in Demon Piece. While picking the right weapon may be a cakewalk for veteran players, it is a big headache for new players due to the extensive arsenal of weapons available to you. So, if you are a new player, here is a Demon Piece Weapons Tier List to help you understand the combat capabilities of each weapon in the game.

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All Weapons Tier List - Demon Piece

All the classifications are based on overall combat capability, rarity, and ease of use in battle. Check out the entire tier list and pick ones that match your gameplay style or current ranking in the game.

STidebreaker, Forest Nymphs, Darkblade
AShark Saw, Skyborne Lance, Holy Book, Golden Staff
BKatana, Jitte, Axe-Hand, Longsword, Scimatter Daggers, Captain's Rapier, Golden Hook, Blast Cannon, Sandai, Musket, Cutlass
CFlintlock, Iron Mace, Cannon, Pipe, Warrior's Spear,
DWooden Staff

Best Weapons in Demon Piece

Below, you will find all the weapons in Demon Piece and why they belong to a particular tier.

S- Tier

  • Tidebreaker: The Tidebreaker is the best weapon for PVP and PVE-type combat in the game. Its damage numbers are insane, and it has the perfect mix of close-range and long-range abilities, Whirlpool Crush and Tidal Torrent. Try to get your hands on one if you want to become the most powerful player on the server.
  • Forest Nymphs: The Forest Nymphs is a mysterious weapon with many magical abilities. These abilities don't directly damage; they passively chip off your opponent's health over time. So, if you are a passive player who likes to take fights slowly, the Forest Nymphs can do wonders in PVE fights.
  • Darkblade: The Darkbade is the best sword-type weapon in the game. Though it has excellent damage, swing speed, and range capabilities, the gun's main highlight is its reversal, which allows you to send back any AOE-based attack to its initiator. I recommend getting a Darkblade if you love sword-based builds.

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A- Tier

  • Shark Saw: The Shark Saw is an excellent weapon you can obtain from Arlong. This razor tooth-like sword eliminates small mob-type enemies in Skypiea and other islands. So, if you need a solid gun good at crowd control and solo fights, the Shark Saw should be first on your list.
  • Skyborne Lance: Like most Lance-style weapons, the Skyborne Lance has insane range and damage capabilities. You can use the lance to poke your opponent and stay afar during battle. I only hate that it is bulky and makes your character move slower. Still, it's a very effective weapon in PVP fights if appropriately used.
  • Holy Book: Holy Book is a unique weapon that does not deal damage; instead, it provides damage reduction, speed, and anti-stun buff to your entire squad and yourself. So, equip a secondary weapon and enjoy the benefits of the Holy Book.
  • Golden Staff: The Golden Staff is an excellent medium-to-close-range combat weapon. Combined with its lightning-based abilities, it is lethal in the hands of passive players who love to play slowly and wait for opportunities to strike. 


  • Cutlass: The Cutlass Sword is the best beginner-friendly weapon in the game. It has good damage, range, and durability for an early-game weapon. I recommend new players, especially pirates, wield the sword until they reach Orange Town for all PVE fights.
  • Captain's Rapier: The Captain's Rapier would have been an A-tier weapon if it had more damage and obtained a little early in the game. Still, it has good range and swing speed and is light to carry.
  • Katana: The Katana is a lightweight sword with decent damage and swing speed. Using logia fruits like smoke, light, or gas, you can equip the weapon for any speed.
  • Jitte: Due to its short size and poky design, the Jitte is a perfect weapon for close-range combat. Use the saber-like sword in solo PVP combats or for clearing mobs in the middle islands, such as Sandora, Baratie, or more.
  • Axe-Hand: The Axe-Hand is very similar to the Jitte. Due to its size, it excels in close-range combat and mob clearing. The best part is that the weapon is available to equip at the start of the campaign after defeating Morgan in the Marine Starter village. You can use it in PVP and PVE fights to meet your needs.
  • Longsword: The Longsword has decent range and damage numbers for eliminating enemies in the first half of the Demon Piece. You can primarily use it for mid-level bosses like Desert King or even in PVP modes.
  • Scimatter Daggers: The Scimatter Dagger set is an excellent weapon for speed builds. Use the Daggers to dash forward and combo with your other abilities. If not, keep running around the player and wait for a chance to land a strike on your opponent. There are plenty of ways to play with the weapon, making it a highly versatile choice.
  • Golden Hook: Indicative of its name, the golden hook in Demon Piece enables you to hook your opponents and reposition them from their safety position. While it sounds great, it is challenging to connect and requires a lot of training to master.
  • Blast Cannon: The Blast Canon is an upgraded version of the standard canon available at the start of the first sea. Unlike the former, it is relatively easy to connect shots and is effective against slow-moving bosses like Sand Dragon.
  • Sandai: Sandai is a very brittle weapon that needs a ton of maintenance. Still, it has solid swing speed and is pretty light to wield, so it is highly suitable for players who love a mobility-based build.
  • Musket: The Musket is a decent mid-range to long-range weapon in the game with some good damage stat. While the range capability is excellent, it is a fragile weapon that needs much repair over time. On top of that, the reload speed is horrible, and it takes nearly five seconds to prepare for the next shot.


  • Flintlock: The Flintlock is like a downgraded version of the Musket. Though it lacks range, it is very effective in close-range combat if you add gunpowder for the additional damage.
  • Iron Mace: Surprisingly, the Iron Mace has a decent damage number for an early-game weapon. This makes it effective against clearing early-game bosses like Abu or Buggy. The only major downside of the mace is its low swing speed. 
  • Cannon: The cannon has one of the highest damage numbers in the game. So why is it categorized in the C-tier? Well, it takes a lot of luck and precision to hit with the weapon properly.
  • Pipe: Indicative of its name, the pipe is nothing but a literal steel pipe. This makeshift weapon is fragile and lacks damage numbers. Still, it's decent in close-range combat and clearing early-stage enemies.
  • Warrior's Spear: The Warrior's Spear is a decent mid-to-close-range weapon. While its damage numbers are good, its swing speed is slow, making it a weaker weapon in Demon Piece.

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D- Tier

  • Wooden Staff: As its name suggests, this is just a wooden staff. It is a fragile weapon and can only be effective against early bandits or marines in the starting area. Try to swap for something better from the C-tier as soon as possible.

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