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Fruit Battlegrounds Patch Notes (Update 17)

A new Fruit Battlegrounds Update 17 has arrived, bringing plenty of balance changes and bug fixes to the game's many devil fruits. Look at Roblox Fruit Battlegrounds patch notes to find out what's changed.

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Fruit Battlegrounds Patch Notes Update 17 - July 2, 2024

The Fruit Battlegrounds update 17 has introduced Flame V2 legendary fruit that can be evolved from Flame fruit. Another quality-of-life update that makes me happy is the ability to hold the M1 attack instead of clicking all the time. Besides new content, developers have dedicated their time to implementing balancing changes and removing errors.

Character Nerfs in Fruit Battlegrounds Update 17

Several powerful devil fruits in Fruit Battlegrounds received nerfs in this patch to create a more balanced gameplay experience. Below is a list of all nerfs in Roblox FB Update 17. If you're looking for the latest free rewards, check out Fruit Battlegrounds codes.

  • DarkXQuake: This fruit's signature abilities, Anti Quake, and Neo Kurouzu Combo, see increased cooldowns and slightly reduced stun and knockback effects.
  • Ice V2: Ice V2's overall damage output is reduced with a nerf to M1 damage and increased windup time for Piercing Glacier. Ice Skate also drains stamina like Light V2's flight, increasing Ice Hail's cooldown. However, Ice Hail gains a buffed hitbox and guard-breaking properties.
  • Leopard: This fruit's mobility and combo potential take a hit with increased cooldowns and stamina drain for Predators Prowl and Afterimage Combo, along with a cooldown increase for Spiral Kick and Transformation.
  • Venom: The maximum hold time for Chloro Frenzy is reduced, and Toxic Geyser now guardbreaks opponents.
  • Dragon V2: While receiving a slight EXP buff and a longer Flaming Torch duration, Dragon V2 also sees a cooldown increase for Thunder Bagua and Beast Bellow, along with a slight end lag increase for Beast Bellow. Additionally, Flaming Torch no longer buffs Bolo Frenzy's stun.
  • TSRubber: This fruit's mobility and attack options are addressed. The Jet Pistol aim glitch is patched, and the stamina drain is increased for Elastic Propulsion, Kong Gun, and Mirror Flight. X-Flash now drains stamina while holding and receives a stun nerf.
  • Nika: While Rising Bolt gains a projectile speed buff, its hitbox size is slightly reduced. Additionally, Gigant Stamp has a very short window of invincibility upon landing to prevent immediate punishment.
  • Dough: Missed uses of Lotus Dough Combo now have a longer cooldown penalty, and Buzzcut drains stamina slightly over time. Anemone's cooldown is also increased by 1 second.
  • Dragon V1: Tatsumaki, a powerful move, is now blockable regardless of the opponent's facing direction. Additionally, its final hit breaks guard.w
  • Light V2: This fruit's aerial dominance is addressed with a stamina drain increase for Mirror Flight, a cooldown increase for Solar Grenade, and a stamina drain added to holding X-Flash. Light V2's damage output is also slightly reduced with nerfs to Spear M1 damage, Crushing Judgement stun, and Solar Grenade stun.
  • Lightning: While receiving a damage buff to Crushing Judgement, Lightning loses the guaranteed final hit on a fully charged Projective Burst if the opponent walks out of the area while blocking. Crashing Thunder's cooldown is also increased.
  • Soul: This fruit undergoes significant changes. Scorching Sickle gains guardbreaking properties in base and mode, while Zeus Meadow loses its invincibility frames in the base form. Additionally, Crimson Pillar damage is nerfed, and both Enthral Grasp (base and mode) and Zeus Meadow (mode) receive adjustments to their windup times and functionality.
  • Ope: Shambles, an essential ability, receives a bug fix related to cancellation inconsistencies. Additionally, Gamma Knife and Hurricane Shock see slight damage reductions.
  • Flame: Enkai gains the ability to bypass block, but Fire Gun receives damage, windup nerf, and Pillar's cooldown is increased.
  • Paw: Pressure Cannon's knockback is buffed, especially when blocked. Additionally, Sumo Thrust Barrage receives a significant cooldown increase.

Character Buffs and Improvements in Fruit Battlegrounds Update 17

Some fruits have received buffs and improvements, so you should check them out if you've given up on them earlier. Also, several fruits, including Dragon V2, Nika, and Dough, see a slight increase in EXP gain.

  • Rubber: This fruit receives a significant rework. Gear 2 now grants a movement speed buff, Gatling's windup time is reduced, and Gatling and Bazooka receive damage buffs. Additionally, Gatling becomes unblockable, and Bazooka's hitbox is improved. Rubber also gains a ragdoll effect when using Gear 2 Jet Pistol.
  • Gravity: Planetary Devastation's speed is buffed, potentially making it a more viable move.
  • Magma V2: Magma Floor's knockback is buffed, while Meigo's stun effect is slightly nerfed.
  • Quake: This fruit receives a rework to its Slam ability. The windup time is reduced, responsiveness is improved, and the aim is fixed. However, Slam's cooldown, stun duration, and damage are nerfed. Additionally, Seaquake's damage and initial stun are more efficient.

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Fruit Battlegrounds Patch Notes (Update 17)

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