Get Dia de los Muertos Masks for free in Roblox!

Roblox is celebrating the Day of the Dead, which is a Mexican holiday celebrated in Mexico on November 2nd of 2020. To commemorate the holiday, Roblox is giving out two Sugar Skull masks that are well-known as a decorative element in the celebration. These have been given away for free in the past, so you might have already snagged these if you've been playing on the platform for a while. If not, well now is your chance to grab them! Make sure to do it quickly, because they are likely not going to stick around for long.

The two Dia de Muertos Masks are the same design but different colors. There's one pink and one blue version that you can acquire. All you will need to do to grab these masks is login to your Roblox account, and then click on each of the following links:

Once you've arrived at the page, make sure you hit the green Get button and you should find them in the Avatar area of Roblox. These are both accessories for your face, so wear them as a mask to celebrate the holiday! As mentioned previously, it is unlikely that these will be available for long, so make sure to grab them before they expire!

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