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GPO Update 8 Patch Notes

Take a look at everything new coming with Update 8!

Update 8 for Grand Piece Online promises tons of new content, from new Devil Fruits to new locations and weapons. With all these new features, it can be overwhelming trying to see it all when you jump into the game but don't worry; you won't have to miss out on a thing because we have all the details, including bug fixes, balance changes, and more that the developers released in their Patch Notes. Take a look at everything you can expect to start rolling out in the experience!

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Update 8 Patch Notes for Grand Piece Online

The Update 8 Patch Notes were released on a Google Doc from the developers, but we have formatted and organized everything neatly so you can read it more smoothly. Take a look at all the details below:

New Max Bounty & Level

The thresholds have been pushed back once again, allowing for a great bounty and levels to be reached.

  • NEW MAX BOUNTY: 1,250,000
  • NEW MAX LEVEL: 575

New Fruits

There are four new fruits being added to the game, each a different rarity and with various abilities.


New Island

There is a brand new Island called the Rose Kingdom, which will house a new raid within its Rose Kingdom Coliseum, called the Gladiator Raid. The Gladiator raid will only be available for public servers and will initiate every hour. Only two people are needed to start it. A Legendary Fruit Chest is given to the top three damaging players, and everyone else gets a Rare Fruit Chest for participating.

New Bosses/Mini-bosses

  • Pica (Summoned by defeating Donmingo's family members around the island) - DROPS: Pica's Helmet, Pica's Armor, Pica Smash (Grip)
  • Lucy (Encounter during the Gladiator Raid) - DROPS: Lucy's Helmet, Lucy's Outfit (Requirement for Gear 2)
  • Donmingo (Island Raid) - DROPS: Donmingo's Shades, Domingo's Outfit, Donmingo's Cape, String Dissection (Grip)
  • Law (Encountered during Factory Raid) - DROPS: Kikoku, Law’s Cape, Law’s Cap, Law’s Outfit, Ope Scramble (Grip)
  • Bellom - DROPS: Bellom’s Outfit, Bellom’s Glasses

New Weapons

There is one new weapon coming to a game called the Kikoku. It is a Mythical rarity sword shaped like a Katana. It can be obtained at the Rose Kingdom from the Law Boss. There is only a 0.5% drop rate, and the sword does a base damage of 7 with the M1 attack.

New Fighting Styles

There is one new Fighting Style called Cyborg. It can be obtained in an undisclosed location in the Second Sea. It will have 17 Variations, and its color can be customized through the main menu. Cyborg Gears are required to learn every skill and can be acquired through the Factory Raid.

Image via Grand Quest Games

Players can choose between three different upgrades after learning all skills. Each one will cost a different amount of Cyborg Gears to unlock. It costs 100,000 Peli to remove your current Cyborg upgrade and switch to a new one.

New Custom Grips (Death Effects)

Image via Grand Quest Games

There is a new Custom Grip shop located in the Trade Hub. One random Grip costs 50,000 Peli, and ten random Grips cost 500 Robux. You can hold a max of ten copies per Grip. If you get a duplicate Grip after you have a total of ten Grips, you can get 10,000 Peli back. Grips are permanent, but you can trade duplicates. There is a total of 17 various Custom Grips added to the game, and some of them can be obtained through boss drops.

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New Items

These are all the new items added to the game with Update 8:

  • Donmingo’s Outfit
  • Donmingo’s Shades
  • Donmingo’s Cape
  • AE10’s Outfit
  • Bellom’s Outfit
  • Bellom’s Glasses
  • Gladiator’s Cape
  • Gladiator’s Helmet
  • Gladiator's Armor
  • Lucy’s Outfit
  • Lucy’s Helmet
  • Lucy’s Cape
  • Donmingo Kid Outfit
  • Donmingo Kid Hat
  • Pica Helmet
  • Pica Armor
  • Scientist Outfit

Mythical Fruit Chest

Image via Grand Quest Games

You can now get a Mythical Fruti Chest at the Trade Hub. It requires 15 Legendary Chests to convert them into the Mythical. You can only hold a max of one in your inventory at all times.

  • 2,000 Robux without ASE
  • 1,500 Robux with ASE

Mysterious Book

The Mysterious Book is dropped by Krakens in the Second Sea. It is required for Gear 2 quest, in which you will need to collect blue Poneglyph stones scattered around the Second Sea. Finding one stone will lead you to the rest and help you work your way through the quest. You'll have to unlock it in the main game before using Gear 2 in Battle Royale modes.

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Other Changes & Additions

These are all the extra miscellaneous changes coming with Update 8:

  • Three new Titles
  • All Bosses have a better health display
  • Quests now have an NPC indicator when in range
  • Ken Haki no longer stuns while dodging attacks
  • Big changes to the Trading System
  • Reduced first sea Haki quest from 100 yetis to 50
  • The max amount of Legendary Chests is capped at 15; if you have over 15, you will still keep the rest but can't get anymore.
  • Buso Haki lasts forever
  • Recovering from getting knocked is 50% faster
  • Instead of gripping someone for a Healthpack you will get the Healthpack after knocking someone. (the person that did the most damage in the past 30 seconds will get it, and there is a cooldown)
  • New Healthpack visual
  • Picking up items is 2x faster
  • Battle Royale now has two random lucky zones
  • New running and walking animations

Factory Raid

The Factory Raid has four stages, in which you'll have to defeat Law enemies. Each stage gets harder and fills the room with lava. Touching lava will instantly kill you and reset the factory to stage one. You'll need to destroy the Slime Core in each stage to complete the raid. The rewards you can get are Legendary Fruit Chest to the MVP player and a Rare Fruit Chest to everyone else who did at least 5% damage to the core.

Battle Royale

Battle Royale will now require Roblox ID Verification in order to queue. This includes but is not limited to, non-VOIP phone numbers or Government ID verification. If you can't verify your account on Roblox, you can still queue if you have the All Seeing Eye in your Inventory.

New Map

Image via Grand Quest Games

Balance Patches

These are all the balance patches and changes to the mechanics and features coming in Update 8:


Dash and Geppo speed now scale off your current health regardless if you're limping.


  • Ito: Pentachromatic String Longer CD (9 > 12), Increased Knockback, Increased DMG, Less Stun (Still extendable on block break), Parasitic Strings Longer CD (14 > 19), Birdcage Longer CD (55 > 75), 50% DMG Increase, No more stun after skill, String Bullet Less CD (3 > 1.5), 2x Travel Speed, Increased DMG Scaling
  • Yuki: Hyperarmor on Frost Bite removed, Reduced DMG scaling on Snow Blizzard by 33% (72 pts > 95 pts), DMG Scaling for Snow Storm 33<60 per upgrade
  • Yami: Players hit by Black Vortex, Cruel Burst, Black Hole now take 75% reduced damage from outside sources, Removed Hyperarmor on Cruel Burst, Ultimate now has a 2x DMG scaling increase, Removed HP speed scaling for Abyssal Form
  • Yomi: Chilling Soul Startup increased by 50% and now has a 2x longer CD, Soul Form 50% longer CD, Chilling Soul VFX now matches its hitbox
  • Paw: Paw Bomb less stun / no longer combo extend, 20% faster size scaling, Paw Barrage increased stun by 10%, Increased Initial stamina cost for Rendezvous (25 > 100), Increased Range for Paw Repel by 25%, Can now only teleport party members
  • Zushi: Dominance can now only be used on the ground, Startup increased, Longer Cooldown for Gravity Pull (8 > 25), Ultimate Size Increase by 25%
  • Hie: Ice Stomp now blockable, 25% increased start up time, Frost Blade startup increased now 1.75x faster, Sword hits on Frost Blade now block break, Ice Bike speed based on Devil Fruit, no longer drains % stamina
  • Suna: Desert Spada 50% faster, DMG scaling buffed from 15pts to 10pts, Desert Cutlass startup increased by 20%, CD increased (9 > 13), Desert Railgun dmg increased by 20%
  • Magu: Eruption CD increased by 25%, Magma Rain CD increased ( 45 > 75 )
  • Pika: Light Lunge faster startup by 50%, CD Increased (7 > 12), Light Kick faster startup by 50%, CD Increased ( 7.5 > 13 )
  • Goro: Ultimate now automatically casts at full charge
  • Gura: Head crusher no longer knocks players into the air and dazes, instead, Ultimate waves can be used anywhere now regardless of how distance from sea level, increased Head Crusher CD (15 > 20)
  • Mero: Love Charm CD increased by 50%
  • Bomu: Bomu grab CD Increased (5 > 15) ( no more inf combo )
  • Mera: Ultimate now automatically casts at full charge, Fireflies speed increased by 15%
  • Mochi: Mochi Barrage longer CD (13 > 18), Mochi Buzzcut DMG scaling increased, Damage Reduction when hit by Mochi Buzzcut from outside sources, Removed Player Regen during Mochi Buzzcut
  • Tori: Tori Barrage Stamina drain increased by 25%, Stun increased by 25%, Triple Kick hitbox nerfed, Stun increased so each kick is now true to each other, Phoenix Burst now easier to aim, slight increase to hitbox, Nerfed burn damage scaling, Fixed Tori regen bar for all sources of damage, Tori has a new mode bar instead of draining stamina in mode, Max is 90 seconds of mode


  • Dragon Claw: Removed Hyper armor on Dragon Fist, Removed Hyper armor on Dragon Claw, Increased Stamina cost for Dragon Rush (40 > 70), Dragon Skull Crusher Stamina cost increased to 150, Melee scaling capped at 45, with Haki
  • Demon Step: Melee Scaling capped at 50, Demon Spectrum initial cost increased (35 > 65), Longer CD, Decreased DMG scaling by 20%, Demon flash increased Hitbox and Knockback, Has a mode bar instead of stamina drain now
  • Electro: Electro Dash hyper armor removed, Electro Rain Block Breaks
  • Rokushiki: Shigan now blocks breaks, Increased CD
  • 1SS: Shi Shi Son Son start up increased by 33%


  • Ba’als Head: Start up increased by a second, Block Breaks and fears for three seconds instead of stunning, Fear procs 25% DMG increase to all damage taken by the target for three seconds, DOES NOT WORK ON NPCS
  • Kraken Greatsword: Slayer Cross Slash hyper armor removed, Slayer Cross Slash increased AOE to match VFX
  • Iceborn Rapier: Iceborn Shard scaling lowered by 25%
  • Bisento: Heavy Sweep now has longer stun (.25 > .40) now combo extends.
  • Vrael’s Pipe: Lowered DMG scaling on both skills
  • Cupid Battleaxe: Decimation stun increased by 10%

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Karoo Racing
  • Fixed being able to drink pots and Grip at the same time
  • Fixed being able to block and Grip at the same time
  • Fixed Golden Staff transformation with Goro
  • Gut Punch fixed
  • Goro Paralyzation fixed
  • Kage shadow box and ultimate fixed
  • Fixed Yomi move stacking
  • Fixed Golden Hook move stacking
  • Fixed reverse mountain gate

That concludes all the features, patches, and new content listed in their Update 8 Patch Notes. You should be seeing all these changes rolling out into the game, with more to come in the near future! Check back for more Grand Piece content featuring the new updated items and locations.

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GPO Update 8 Patch Notes

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