Can you still Code Raid in Rust?

If you are wondering if it is still possible to code raid in Rust, the answer is yes, but limited. In short, the developers added a function to Code Locks on doors that will prevent users from code raiding efficiently. Basically, if users reach a total of eight failed attempts at unlocking a Code Lock, […]

Is Rust Down? Here’s how to check Rust server status

Occasionally servers for Rust will go down for whatever reason, updates, or broader server issues. If you ever wanted to check the server status for Rust, it’s possible but only for official Rust servers. Here’s how you can check the server status for Offical Rust Servers.  How to check official Rust Server status To check […]

Is Rust Cross Platform?

The ability to play with friends, no matter what gaming platform they are on, is a very requested feature for multiplayer games. Rust gives players the ability to cross platform, but the feature doesn’t apply to all platforms. Which Platforms Have Crossplay? The Console Edition of Rust links all console players together, allowing all versions […]