Lufu, Cray, and Bert conquer CoD DMZ challenge by embodying the leads of Netflix’s Heart of Stone

They were up to the challenge.

This article is written in partnership with Netflix.

Together, a trio of ANZ’s most loved streamers, including Loserfruit, Crayator, and Berticuss, managed to defy the odds and leave Call of Duty’s DMZ with a completed mission.

The three Australian gaming legends showcased their skills during a special Twitch broadcast in celebration of Netflix’s latest all-action blockbuster Heart of Stone. The trio were set challenges to test their skills as a spy group to see if they have what it takes.

Channeling their inner Rachel Stone, the protagonist played by Gal Gadot in the Netflix film, alongside her fellow agents Parker and Keya Dhawan, the trio managed to extract the weapons case from Al-Mazrah. Check out how they did below:

Video courtesy of Netflix

Completing this objective was no easy task. In fact, it saw Crayator needing to be revived multiple times. Ultimately though the women saved the day, thanks to Berticuss’ genius idea to use explosive barrels, they managed to take out The Pyro Commander, celebrate, and leave with the weapons case in hand.

They did their best to live up to the standards of The Charter and complete all of the objectives as part of their Heart of Stone-inspired game missions, showing that being a modern-day spy is harder than it looks. They managed to complete a Signal Intelligence Contract but quickly found the objectives at Ashika Island and Vondel more challenging as enemy players and the hostile AI forces proved to be a worthy challenge for the streaming trio.

With time against them, the group had a lot of fun and managed to get some double-agent recruiting going to help the cause. At one point, an enemy who had been killed by Loserfruit pleaded to join their Heart of Stone squad and actually turned out to be quite a useful addition to the roster, adding to the group’s overall kill count and helping them along the way.

All this action was thanks to Heart of Stone, now streaming only on Netflix. The fast-paced action film stars Gal Gadot as Rachel Stone, an MI6 agent working undercover for the Charter, an organization with the goal of bringing peace to the world by neutralizing global threats. Of course, this peace won’t come without a fight, so expect plenty of action to ensue, which, if this stream was anything to go by, should be a big hit with gamers.

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