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Best Team Compositions in Star Wars Hunters

Team synergy is important!

It can be pretty difficult to figure out who to play compared to your teammates, depending on the game mode. You can check out the best team compositions in Star Wars: Hunters below to make sure you get the win.

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Best Team Compositions for all Star Wars Hunters game modes

There are plenty of Hunters to choose from in the game, but not all of them work together in all game modes. However, I've assembled the best team compositions for all Star Wars Hunters game modes below to make life easier for you.

Squad Brawl team composition

Skora, a hunter from Star Wars: Hunters, poses with a blaster pistol
Image via Lucasfilm Games LLC, Zynga

This is the first game mode in Star Wars: Hunters that you will encounter; it's a 4v4 battle where your only goal is to kill as many enemies as possible and reach the elimination target first. This is one of my favorite modes just because there are no other objectives, only a fight (and sometimes I just want to go around killing opponents without worrying about extra objectives).

The best team setup for Squad Brawl is one Support, one Tank, and two Damage Hunters. However, you could also go without Support if you are on a team that you know can dole out a lot of damage while staying alive.

  • Support: Skora
  • Tank: Sentinel / Charr
  • Damage: Imara Vex
  • Damage: Rieve

In the chaos of everyone attacking each other, Skora will shine as you can shoot at both your enemies and teammates to get the desired effects. Her Ult is also useful for very quick healing and quick damage.

Charr is a good tank to have in this setup, as he can heal himself while enacting crowd control with both his lasso and his proximity traps. If you want to go for a more aggressive approach, then Sentinel and his Stormtroopers are your best option.

Imara Vex should be one of your Damage options, as she can deal a lot of ranged Damage with her Missiles. While she does that, Rieve will provide melee damage. This way, the enemies can easily get confused about who to defend from first.

Power Control team composition

Grozz, a hunter in Star Wars: Hunters, poses with his clubs
Image via Lucasfilm Games LLC, Zynga

The key to Power Control is to capture at least two control points out of three and score points. If you can also take the third one, even better, but that might be too ambitious. Don't overextend yourself, and keep an eye on all point symbols to see what the enemies are up to.

When it comes to this mode, I prefer having two Tanks, a Support, and a DPS on the team. Tanks can be pretty independent, taking a lot of damage before dying, so it's useful to have at least one stay alone on a point (preferably not the middle one).

  • Tank: Grozz
  • Tank: Sentinel
  • Support: Zaina / Sprocket
  • Damage: Rieve / Utooni / Imara Vex

Grozz can heal himself, which makes him the ideal candidate to stay alone on one of the points and defend it. Sentinel is a great second tank, especially in combination with Zaina, who can keep him alive and provide steady healing while he protects her with the shield.

Sprocket isn't my favorite Support, but he can be a good fit for this team. Leave a drone on one of the points while you speed over to help your other teammates.

When it comes to Damage, pick based on the map. If it's a map with some good high ground, then go with Imara Vex. Rieve is good for close combat and can cause a lot of issues when showing up at a point, especially if they don't notice you. Maps with lots of hallways are a great fit for her. Utooni is amazing at crowd control, and I just love the chaos of the fact that they drop a grenade when eliminated.

Trophy Chase team composition

Zaina, a support hunter from Star Wars: Hunters, poses next to a blue orb
Image via Lucasfilm Games LLC, Zynga

Trophy Chase is pretty simple. Pick up TR0-F33 and run! When it comes to this mode, I prefer to have Hunters who can heal themselves on the team and can stay alone for a bit before the rest of the team catches up. Two Supports, one Tank, and one Damage are a great combination.

  • Support: Zaina
  • Support: Skora
  • Tank: Grozz / Charr
  • Damage: Rieve / Imara Vex / Aran Tal

Zaina is the queen of self-healing with her Bacta Bombs. Her dodge rolls will also let her avoid attacks as she runs away with the prize. Skora is a great secondary support. She is fast and can heal herself once she isn't in combat. I'd keep her away from TR0-F33 and have her provide support to whoever is carrying it.

Grozz and Charr are both tanks that heal themselves, which is useful if they are carrying the target. Charr is a slightly better option since he is more maneuverable than Grozz. He can also place traps to slow down the enemies while he escapes.

When it comes to Damage, there are quite a few options. Rieve is fast and can slip in and out, taking out the enemies with her lightsaber. She can also use her ult to stun everyone around her and make a path to escape. Imara Vex works well here due to her Grapple, which allows her to get out of dangerous areas quickly.

If you have paid for the battlepass and unlocked Aran Tal, he can be extremely useful here as well with his jetpack.

Dynamic Control team composition

Sprocket, a support hunter from Star Wars: Hunters, poses on his vehicle
Image via Lucasfilm Games LLC, Zynga

Compared to Power Control and the three points you have to take, Dynamic Control only has one point that you have to capture. The trick is that the point changes locations. In this case, the standard method of one Support, one Tank, and two Damage Hunters works well.

  • Support: Zaina / Skora / Sprocket
  • Tank: Sentinel / Charr
  • Damage: Utooni
  • Damage: Rieve / J-3DI

For Support, you can pick any of the three available. I myself prefer Zaina, but both Skora and Sprocket can provide you with adequate healing as well as shields (in the case of Sprocket).

For Tanks, go for either Sentinel or Charr. Sentinel is great if you are already on the point, defending with the shield and attacking with the Stormtroopers. Charr can help slow down enemies, as well as shove them off the point with his Ult.

Rieve is a great Hunter to have on the Control point. Ranged Hunters are especially in danger when she gets close. J-3DI isn't a Hunter I usually play, but his Ult is extra useful when you get on a point with a bunch of enemies already there. I know I wouldn't want to watch that Ligthsaber beyblade coming at me.

If you want to know how the community feels about the game, you can check out or recap in Star Wars: Hunters received warm reception for player-first approach on Pro Game Guides.

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Best Team Compositions in Star Wars Hunters

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