Best Radiant items in TFT Set 10

Make the best use of them.

TFT Set 10 has a lot of radiant items, and each of them performs differently. I'm going to tell you which are the best and which are the champions you should use them on.

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TFT Radiant item tier list

The items I have included in this are based on my opinion and on the publicly available metadata gathered from the TFT player base. These are the most picked and with the most wins, so you can't really go wrong if you choose any of them.

TierRadiant itemsDescriptionBest item holders
SCrest of CindersDeal 10% bonus damage. Attacks and Abilities 3% Burn and 50% Wound enemies for 5 seconds. Burn: Deals a percent of the target's maximum Health as true damage every second
Wound: Reduces healing received
Ezreal, Corki, Jhin, Lucian, Caitlyn
SMore More-ellonomiconAttacks and Abilities deal 3% Burn and 33% Wound to enemies for 30 seconds.Kayn, Ziggs, Lux, Ezreal, Aphelios
SRascal's GlovesEach round: Equip 2 random Radiant items. [Consumes 3 item slots.]Kayn, Qiyana, Jhin, Urgot, Yorick
SRunaan's TempestAttacks fire a bolt at a nearby enemy, dealing 100% Attack Damage as physical damage.Jinx, Ezreal, Corki, Aphelios, Samira
SEternal WhisperPhysical damage 30% Sunders
 the target for the rest of combat.
 This effect does not stack.
Samira, Jinx, Ezreal, Corki, Miss Fortune
AZenith EdgeAbilities can critically strike. If the holder's abilities can already critically strike, gain 10% Critical Strike Damage instead.Samira, Ezreal, Yasuo, Corki, Jinx
ALuminous DeathbladeDeal 12%
 bonus damage.
Ezreal, Jinx, Miss Fortune, Samira, Corki
ARoyal CrownshieldCombat start: Gain a 40% max Health Shield for 8 seconds. When the shield expires, gain 50 Ability Power.Mordekaiser, Kayn, K'Sante, Jax, Illaoi
BBrink of DawnOnce per combat: At 60% Health, briefly become untargetable and shed negative effects. Then, heal 100% missing health and gain 85% bonus Attack Speed.Yasuo, Kayn, Riven, Jhin, Zed
BCovalent Spark30% Shred enemies within 3 hexes. When enemies cast an Ability, deal magic damage equal to 250% of their maximum Mana. Also, regenerate 1.5% maximum Health per second.Kayn, K'Sante, Illaoi, Sett, Zac

Crest of Cinders

Crest of Cinders is the radiant variant of the Red Buff, a brand-new item introduced in Set 10 of Teamfight Tactics. This item provides bonus damage to your units and inflicts Burning and Wounding effects on enemy units. It is particularly effective for units with a high amount of consecutive Attack or Physical Damage. I highly recommend placing this on Ezreal since he excels at doing that.

More More-ellonomicon

More More-ellonomicon is a toned-down version of the Crest of Cinders, as it only inflicts Burns and Wounding effects on enemy units for an extended duration. I recommend equipping this item on units that deal a significant amount of area-of-effect (AoE) damage. This refers to units whose attacks or abilities cover a large area. Such units will greatly benefit from this item. Ziggs is a great example of this, as he hurls bombs at enemy units in a wide area.

Rascal's Gloves

What's better than one Radiant item? Two of them. I recommend using Rascal's Gloves on champions who are already strong or benefit from multiple aspects of their abilities, such as damage and speed, simultaneously. Kayn is a champion who possesses different abilities depending on whether you want to utilize his Headliner or his main ability. This is why equipping Rascal's Gloves on him will significantly enhance his versatility.

Runaan's Tempest

Runaan's Tempest is like having an additional ability because it shoots bolts at nearby enemies. It is best to place it on units that have a high Attack Speed in addition to dealing Attack Damage so you can maximize the damage dealt to enemy units. Jinx has a quick auto-attack, and every time she attacks, she fires a bolt, dealing damage each time.

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Eternal Whisper

Set 10 features many tank champions with high Magic Resist, making Eternal Whisper an ideal item for champions who primarily deal Physical Damage and have high Attack Speed. Samira attacks quite quickly, so equipping this item on her allows her to sunder many enemies rapidly and effectively.

Zenith Edge

Zenith Edge enhances your abilities to strike critically, so I would naturally recommend equipping it on champions who have both decent Attack Speed and deal Attack Damage. Champions like Samira greatly benefit from this, as she already possesses Critical Strike from the Executioner trait and her Headliner ability.

Luminous Deathblade

The Luminous Deathblade provides a significant boost to your raw bonus damage. So I advise you to place it on champions who attack quite quickly, in addition to dealing Physical or Attack Damage. Ezreal is a great champion for this, as his abilities primarily focus on dealing the highest amount of damage quickly.

Royal Crownshield

Royal Crownshield is an item for mages, particularly Magic Tanks, as it provides a substantial shield to your tanks in addition to granting them an additional 50 Ability Power. Mordekaiser makes the best use of the Royal Crownshield because his abilities already focus on him gaining a shield and healing through his Headliner ability.

Brink of Dawn

This item is particularly beneficial for champions who deal high damage and thrive on increased Attack Speed. Once these champions fall below 60% Health, they become nearly invincible, allowing them to carry you through the round. I've always used this item with Kayn because he excels with additional Attack Speed.

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Covalent Spark

The Covalent Spark is a great item for your front laners, especially Magic Tanks, since it shreds enemies within three hexes while also dealing a ton of Magic Damage. This is especially useful if you're fighting enemies with high Magic Resist. AoE champions benefit greatly from this, so I would recommend placing this item on Illaoi, as her tentacles cover a large area as she moves around.

There are a lot more Radiant items in TFT's Set 10, and I encourage you to check all of them out. Since champions are buffed and nerfed every day, the whole point of Radiant items is to be a better version of their regular counterparts. Regardless of what you choose, a Radiant item goes a long way in helping you get a top spot.

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Best Radiant items in TFT Set 10

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