Teamfight Tactics Best TFT Demon Team Comp Guide (9.17)

We're taking a look at one of the top builds for Demons in TFT!

Our Teamfight Tactics Best Demon Team Comp goes over the top build for this Origin in TFT! If you're looking to burn down your opponent's mana with some evil Demons, then putting together this team with Sorcerers is the way to go.

When you stack Demons together, you get a big chance to burn your opponent's teams mana. This makes it so they will have a hard time building it up to get to their abilities. This can render a lot of teams pretty helpless while you pound them into submission.

Best Demon Team Comp

Carries ~ Evelynn / Aurelion Sol / Karthus / Brand

  • Evelynn ~ Hextech Gunblade / Dragon’s Claw are the core 2 items on Evelynn after which the 3rd slot has some flexibility with Guardian Angel / Warmog’s Armor / Phantom Dancer / Redemption / Red Buff / Morellonomicon can all work as replacement items.
  • Brand ~ Spear of Shojin / Morellonomicon / Guinsoo’s Rageblade / Rapid Firecannon / Statikk Shiv / Seraph’s Embrace. Brand can benefit with any item that enables him to ultimate more often.
  • Aurelion Sol/Karthus ~ Mana/Ability Power/Attack Speed. Any of these items works great for them! So, any of the items that have one or more of the three stats works well. Rapid Firecannon can work very well on either enabling you to set up great positioning for Aurelion Sol to go boom-boom from a far corner.

Team Breakdown

  • Demons ~ Elise / Varus / Evelyn / Aatrox / Morgana / Brand / Swain
  • Sorcerers ~ Ahri / Kassadin / Twisted Fate / Lulu / Morgana / Veigar / Aurelion Sol / Karthus
  • Guardians ~ Braum / Leona / Pantheon

The basics of this build is using a combination of Evelynn carry and AoE damage to allow her to execute quicker and potentially blow up teams very quickly!


  • Standard
  • Corner Stack (Anti-Assassin) - This protects all your carry units and enables a very big Morgana ultimate.
  • Pyramid
  • Right Corner Stack

Leveling Guide

Early game pick up any Knights and Demons you can find. Early Varus+Elise can be a very effective combo. You can stack Varus with items, he can benefit from anything you want to make. You can also pick up Sorcerers early with Ahri or Lulu. If you can 2* a Lulu she can carry your early & mid-game.

Mid game 5-6

Depending on what Demons you found, it can be worth going 3 Sorcerer and using Aatrox / Varus with them to enable very big damage ultimates. Varus + 1 other Demon & 3 Sorcerers is a very strong position to be in at this time. Try to 2* your T3 Demons before going up to L7-8. You can also use Veigar / Twisted Fate as your mid-game Sorcerers if you have a strong Demon frontline. An early Leona can enable you to run Guardians at this point also. If you find an early Brand it can be worth using Elementalists for a short period until you find the rest of your comp.

Late game 7-9

You will want to be looking for your T4-T5’s and start including them when you hit 2*. When you get Karthus it can be worth including him even at rank 1, and the same goes for Pantheon. Your aim is to hit L8 quickly and fully assemble your comp while rolling to try and 2* your 5-cost units at this point. Keep collecting any Evelynn you find in an attempt to 3* her.

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