Teamfight Tactics Best TFT Demon Team Comp Guide (9.20)

We're taking a look at one of the top builds for Demons in TFT!

Our Teamfight Tactics Best Demon Team Comp goes over the top build for this Origin in TFT! If you're looking to burn down your opponent's mana with some evil Demons, then putting together this team with Sorcerers is the way to go.

When you stack Demons together, you get a big chance to burn your opponent's teams mana. This makes it so they will have a hard time building it up to get to their abilities. This can render a lot of teams pretty helpless while you pound them into submission.

Best Demon Team Comp

Carries ~ Aurelion Sol / Aatrox

  • Aurelion Sol ~ Rabadon’s Deathcap / Rapidfire Cannon / Spear of Shojin / Jeweled Gauntlet / Morellonomicon / Guinsoo’s Rageblade / Darkin (Spatula). There are a lot of choices for Aurelion Sol. If there are a lot of Phantom Dancers avoid Jeweled Gauntlets. If you find your opponents are Dragon heavy, then Guinsoo and Morellonomicon are very effective.
  • Aatrox ~ Guardian Angel / Dragon’s Claw / Hextech Gunblade. You can potentially run Yuumi’s (Spatula) if you want to get the build online at L7 and Aatrox benefits from the extra mana.

Team Breakdown

  • Sorcerer ~ Ahri / Kassadin / Twisted Fate / Lulu / Morgana / Veigar / Aurelion Sol / Karthus
  • Demons ~ Elise / Varus / Evelyn / Aatrox / Morgana / Brand / Swain
  • Guardian ~ Braum / Leona / Pantheon
  • Dragon ~ Pantheon / Aurelion Sol / Shyvana


Early Game 1-4

Collect Knights and any Attack Damage Carry. You can use Varus early on as your item holder for Aurelion Sol. Varus + Elise is a very effective early game start if you can 2* Varus.

Mid Game 5-6

Look to pick up your Demons here with Morgana & Aatrox with potentially running 4 midgame. If you find an early Leona it can be worth putting in Leona + Braum for Guardians buffing Aatrox. If you find an early Brand it can be worth trying to put in Elementalist and replace them as you go.

Late game 7-9

Push to L8 to find Pantheon and potentially Karthus. You can also add Shyvana for the additional Dragon in this comp. Try to maximise the Aatrox Ult damage and place him where he will do the most damage with an Ult.

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