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The Devil in Me – Collectibles Guide

There's so much to find!

The Devil in Me is the season finale to The Dark Pictures Anthology, which invites a group of documentarians to a replica of H.H. Holmes' notorious murder castle. Many collectibles are scattered throughout the game, from coins to business cards, and they're all waiting to be discovered.

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Collectibles for The Devil in Me

Obols Coin Locations

You can find obols in the following locations:

  • The Lighthouse (one obol): When playing with Mark and Charlie, you'll come across a locked gate by the lighthouse. Move around the gate, and you'll enter the yard that surrounds the lighthouse. You'll find a lock box on the ground. Use Charlie to pick the lock and take the obol from the box.
  • Kate's Hike (three obols): Kate pretends to be hurt to scope out more of the island. When you're looking around the island, Kate will bend down to take a closer peek at a shoe on the ground. After you've looked at the shoe, stand up and keep moving down the path until you come across an ornate, locked gate. The first obol will be on the ground in front of the gate. After you've claimed the first obol, continue on. Eventually, Kate and Jamie will need to jump over a train car. After you've jumped the car, you'll come across an area with pipes on the ground. Jump over the first pip available and then look to your right to find the second obol on the ground. The last obol in this section is found on the ground near the first of the electrical puzzles. Climb up the ladder on the train car and then hop over onto the ledge of the rocky outcropping. Move to your right, hop onto the stone ledge, and the third obol will be on the ground at the end of the path.
  • Searching for Cigarettes (one obol): Charlie and Erin will decide to leave their rooms and look around for a bar and cigarettes. When you're playing as Charlie, leave his room and move down the corridor. Keep moving through until you reach the first opportunity to take a left. Take the left and you can find an obol at the end of the hall.
  • Scouting for Locations (two obols): You can find two obols when Mark and Kate are location scouting. You can find the first obol worth five obols, in the old library. In the library, Mark will need to move shelves which will lead you to find the first obol. To find the second, look at the ground in the corner behind the ladder to find the second obol.
  • Staff Only (one obol): After Mark opens up the balcony area by using the key he finds in the library, you'll be able to interact with some cool artifacts from H.H. Holmes. Before you do this, look at the ground along the walls to find the obol hiding there.
  • Lighting the Fusebox (one obol): Once the power trips and you're playing as Jamie, you'll want to go upstairs to hunt for the fusebox. You won't find the fusebox, but you will find an obol in the corner after you pass the two chairs and the painting hanging on the wall.
  • Following the Blood Trail (one obol): While Jamie and Charlie are using their documentarian skills to follow a trail of blood, they will arrive at a hallway that branches in multiple directions. Go right and make sure to look at the FBI memo that's near the end of the hall. When moving back towards the branch, look down on Charlie's right to find an obol on the ground near a radiator.
  • Investigating the Kid's Voice (one obol): When you play as Jamie and hear a kid's voice from somewhere in the house, you'll want to move downstairs to track down the sound. When you get to the bottom of the stairs, look behind yourself. There won't be a scary pop-up, but you will find an obol on the ground under the stairs hanging out by the furniture stack.
  • Incinerator (one obol): After Jamie and Charlie are separated, you'll come back into playing as Charlie. Charlie will be trapped in an extremely similar area to a prison. As you move through some doors, you'll get to a spot where you need to shimmy past an area and jump over a crate. After you've jumped the crate, look to your right, and you'll find a desk hiding beside the wall. Use a business card to unlock the locked drawer and grab the obol piece that is worth two obols from inside the drawer.
  • The Room with the Hanged Man (one obol): Now that you're playing as Jamie, you'll enter a room with a mannequin dressed as a construction worker who has been hanged. Ignore the super spooky site and instead go to the opposite corner of the mannequin to find an obol worth 10 obols.
  • The Spa (two obols): You can find two obols in the spa. You'll need to navigate by jumping up and down through broken floors to move through the space. Keep doing this until you reach a patient's room that has a sink. Try not to think about why only one patient's room has a sink; instead, look next to the sink to find the first obol hanging out on the counter to the right of the sink's basin. The second obol can be found after you obtain the spa master key. Once you've grabbed the key, go through the door to your left. This will take you to a dead end where you can find another obol on the ground by the wooden table.
  • The Underground Lab (two obols): Mark is going to fall through the floor at a point in the game. Because Mark is a truly professional filmmaker, however, he's going to catch his camera before it falls into the acid. Once you've recovered from the almost acid tank disaster, move to the opposite corner from the acid tank to find the first obol in this section. The second obol can be found once Mark is alone in the underground hideout of the killer. Mark must hide behind a workbench when the killer enters the room. After the killer leaves, move past the animatronic man and go to the other side of the workbench. Look to your left and find an obol piece worth five on the ground.
  • Bedrooms (one obol): Before you check out the space behind the mirrors in the bedroom, look for the obol in the bedroom that's lit with a red light. You can find an obol on the dresser along the far wall by the window.
  • Post-Incinerator (one obol): Now that you're playing as Charlie again, you'll have a chance to grab another obol while you try to sneak out of the incinerator area. After leaving the incinerator, move into the underground passage. From there, you'll go through the door to your right and then turn right. You'll want to look behind the door you just entered, paying special attention to the wall. You should find a lock box on the floor. Use a lock pick to open the box and take the obol that's inside.
  • Finding Du'Met (one obol): You'll find yourself in a hallway after the team decides to get rid of Du'Met. Look left, and you'll find a table at the end of the hallway with an obol on top of it.
  • The Maze (one obol): Even though you are now outside the hotel, you'll still be able to find obols. Kate, Erin, and Jamie will find an electrical box that needs a lever to work. You can find the lever upstairs. After you grab the lever, move away from the stairs, and you'll find a dead end with three wine barrels and an obol sitting on the ground in front of them.
  • Under the Maze (one obol): You can find the obol in the hidden room under the maze by looking at the bar near the drink taps. There will be an obol sitting on the counter.
  • Changing Rooms (one obol): When navigating through the hallway that features a bloody handprint on the window, you'll want to look alongside the wall to the right of Mark. Most of the doorways will be blocked, but crawl under the first one you can move through. You can find an obol in this changing room.
  • Courtyard (one obol): After Charlie escapes from the basement, he'll end up in a courtyard and be able to hear Mark. Move forward, and you'll find an obol on the ground along your suggested path of movement.
  • Curing Factory (one obol): Now that Charlie is in the curing factory, he'll need to get to the second floor. Move the boxes to create a climbable surface for Charlie, and then go to the right once you hit the second floor. In this room you'll find a wedding ring and an obol.
  • Down the Hill (one obol): After Kate and Jamie tumble down the hill, they will lose Erin. Make up for the loss of one of the characters by looking on the ground near where they fell to find an obol on the ground.
  • Shed (one obol): While Kate and Jamie are moving through the woods, they will come across some trees blocking the path. Take the path to the left that they'll need to crawl under. After you've moved under the trees, look for a tiny pile of stones to your left. You'll find an obol inside of there.
  • Bottom floor Lighthouse (one obol): For the last obol in the game, look on the bottom floor of the lighthouse when you're playing as Mark. You can find this obol towards the left by a locked door and some wooden storage.

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Secret Locations

There are over 45 secrets in this game. They are:

  • Returned Letter (Lighthouse): Go to the second floor into the area acting as a bedroom. You'll find this on the ground after you go past the closet that contains the cat.
  • List of Aliases (Lighthouse): After going up the lighthouse stairs, look to the right. You'll find a piece of paper on the desk next to the doorway.
  • Degree Certificate (Lighthouse): Look near the doorways on the first floor of the Lighthouse to find the certificate.
  • Stiletto Shoe (Island): You can find this secret towards the beginning of the game when you're playing as Kate and Jamie. When you're examining the town around the hotel, you'll find the stiletto heel on the right side of the trail.
  • Vacation Photo (Island): Climb the wall by the trolley and enter the tiny house. You'll find this picture on the floor of the house.
  • Hotel Guest Book (Cigarettes): Before Charlie goes into the bar to steal cash to buy cigarettes, look at the check-in counter of the hotel to find the guest book.
  • Front Page News (Cigarettes): When Charlie walks into the bar, go to the right. You'll find a table along the wall with a door that has a newspaper on top of it.
  • Welcome Postcard (Cigarettes): Look behind the check-in counter to find a locked drawer. Have Charlie pick the lock, and you'll find the postcard.
  • Morello Family Invitation (Cigarettes): You can find the invitation on the hallway table after Erin and Charlie reach the stairs.
  • Grand Opening Invitation (Cigarettes): When you are standing at the entrance of the bar, go to the far left corner, towards the back of the room. You'll find a table that has a mug on top of it. Grab the mug to find the invitation underneath it.
  • Sherman Tape One (Scouting): The run-down part of the library is found after Mark and Kate move through the finished portion. Go through the door at the back of the room, and you'll find a table that's next to a door with broken glass. On this table is a recording device featuring the first of the Sherman tapes.
  • J. Morello Holmes Book (Scouting): Mark and Kate will move past a clock that chimes exceptionally loudly. Stand next to the clock and look to the left. There you can find an H.H. Holmes book written by Joseph Morello on top of the desk.
  • Newspaper Clipping (Scouting): After you grab the secret near the clock, turn left at the end of the room. After you turn left, you'll find a shelf on your right. Have Mark use his monopod to knock the book off the shelf.
  • Construction Invoice (Staff Only): After Jamie enters the maintenance room, go straight into the back. Look to the right on the floor to find the invoice.
  • Auction Receipt (Staff Only): After Jamie solves the fusebox puzzle inside of the maintenance room, look to the right of the entrance. You'll find a table that has the receipt on top of it.
  • Will Amendment (Staff Only): After Jamie enters the maintenance room, open the door on her left. You'll enter a tiny office that has a desk and a corkboard. Look inside the drawers on the desk to find the will amendment. Also, take note of the code on the corkboard because it's the key for the fusebox puzzle.
  • Sherman Tape Two (Staff Only): Once the power has been restored, move to the room with the curtain. Hit the button on the wall to reveal the singing animatronics. You can find this tape on the ground next to the right-most mannequin from Jamie.
  • FBI Memo (Blood Trail): Keep following the trail of blood until you hit the dark portion of the corridors, and Charlie says maybe that's our dinner. After this, the two will move forward, and Charlie will need to turn right. When you hit the end of this hall, you'll need to either move to the right or left. Go to the right and you'll find this memo.
  • Natalie's Remains (Separated): This secret is located in the butchery. Move past the hanging pigs and look into the corner of the far right wall. There, you'll find the body of a child that's been wrapped up. After interacting with the body, move the camera so that you're looking at her feet. You'll see a nametag.
  • School Letter (Silver Ash): Erin will find this secret in the Silver Ash Institute office. After Erin enters the room, look to the left and take a closer peek at the table underneath the window.
  • Sherman Tape Three (Silver Ash): You can find the third Sherman tape sitting on the killer's desk in the Silver Ash Institute.
  • Photos of Victims (Incinerator): Once Charlie unlocks his cage with the cage key, look to the left, and you'll find two workbenches. There will be two photos on the workbenches, you'll need to look at both to get the secret.
  • Foreman's Log (Incinerator): After Charlie unlocks the cage, look to the right. You can find a log book for the construction company. In order to unlock the secret, tab through all of the pages of the log.
  • Resignation Letter (Spa): As Jamie and Mark are trying to get back to Kate, they'll find rooms in the spa that are filled with mannequins of dead construction workers. In the first room you'll find a woman, and a the letter of resignation on the floor by the entryway.
  • FBI ID Card (Workshop): Once Mark leaves the room that has the mannequin that wants you to press the button, he'll find himself in an office. In the office, there is a desk that has a white ID card on top.
  • FBI Training Photo (Workshop): After you grab the FBI ID card, look at the shelf that's on the back wall near the exit door. Grab the photo on the shelf and flip it over to find this secret.
  • Psychological Report (Workshop): After you grab the ID card and the training photo, you'll move into a room bathed in a red light. Go left and you'll find the psych report on a table.
  • Real Human Teeth (Workshop): You can only get this secret if the characters haven't yet died. Once Mark falls through to the workshop and is searching for an escape, look at the shelf to your right that is full of mannequin parts. You'll find this disturbing head resting on the shelf.
  • Sherman Tape Four (Interrogation): This secret will play automatically after Jamie has the frightening experience with the killer through the one-way mirror.
  • Body Snatching Article (Morello's Rooms): You can find this article attached to a vanity mirror when Kate is in the second room of the Morello's.
  • Mrs. Morello Animatronic (Morello's Rooms): This nightmarish secret is pretty hard to miss and harder to unsee. When you are in the rooms that used to belong to the Morello family, look behind the mattress blocking the door. Fair warning, it's one of the goriest images of the game.
  • J. Morello Sherman Book (Morello's Rooms): When you are in Morello's old room, go forward and around the bed. Look at the floor underneath the window and you'll find this book.
  • FBI Badge (Waste Disposal): After Charlie moves the box full of mannequin legs, move through the hole that leads to the next room. Search on the floor to the left, and you'll find an FBI badge near the wall.
  • Chicago PD Badge (Director's Suite): You can pick up this badge after the cutscene plays once the characters enter the director's suite. After the cutscene, go to the right. You'll find the badge on the table past the custom mask email.
  • Answerphone Tape (Director's Suite): Once you're on the second floor, look at the table that's underneath the clipboard to find the tape.
  • Costume Design (Director's Suite): When you are on the second floor of the director's suite, you'll find a table. Above the table is a clipboard with a bunch of costume designs.
  • Custom Mask Email (Director's Suite): After the cutscene finishes, go to the right. You'll find a mug with paper under it sitting on one of the desks. Move the mugs and look through the printed emails.
  • Chicago Killer Newspaper Cutting (Maze): Once you find the secret passage underneath the statues, go into the secret room. You can find the newspaper laying on the bench that's near the ladder.
  • Wedding Ring (Pool): When you are in the changing pool area, look near the dummy twitching to find the first wedding ring. The second wedding ring can be found in the curing factory on the second floor. Once you're on the second floor, go to the right and grab the obol and then keep moving into the room. You'll find the ring on the floor.
  • Childhood Medical Record (Cliffside): You can find this secret in the same room with the premonition picture in the gold frame. Charlie will need to pick up the locked drawer to grab the medical records.
  • Clipboard (Cliffside): Before you find the tape recording in the curing factory, you'll come across a medical curtain. Pull back the curtain, and you'll find a body in a glass case. To the right of the body is a desk with a note.
  • APB Broadcast (Cliffside): Move past the medical curtain with the glass encased body behind it to find a room with a desk. The broadcast is on the desk.
  • Man's Body (Homestead): After the maze situation, you can find this gory body in a shed while Jamie and Kate search for a way to get to the Lighthouse.
  • Driver's License (Homestead): While Kate and Jamie are trying to get to the Lighthouse, climb on the cliff so you can cross the fallen tree. You'll find the ID on the ground after you cross the tree.
  • Theme Park Photo (Homestead): You'll find this secret next to Morello's ID.
  • Disturbed Grave Letter (Reunion): When Kate and Jamie are in the lighthouse, but before they reunite with Charlie, they'll move through a kitchen. Look on the kitchen table to find this note.
  • Children's Book (Reunion): you'll find this distressing children's book in the Lighthouse, sitting by the animatronic of the mom.
  • Funeral Invitation (Party): You can find this secret while playing through the Curator's Cut during the Party chapter. You'll find a safe inside the office. Have Jamie enter the code 1918 to obtain the invite. You can't get this secret in the first playthrough.
  • Lucinda Munday Medical Report (Party): After you grab the secret from the safe, wait until Jamie and Charlie are separated. After this happens, look on the desk in the office to find this second secret.

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Business Card Locations

There are five business cards scattered throughout the game and they can be used for finding other important game elements, like obols. You can find the business cards in the following chapters:

  • Cigarettes: After Charlie leaves his room, go out to the left and then make a right. After that, you'll want to make the first left so that you end up at a dead-end where you can find the business card on the ground by the hall table.
  • Blood Trail: After the characters reach the bottom of the stairs and the cutscene plays, look to the left. Laying on the ground near the stairs will be a Du'Met business card.
  • Spa: Look on the floor when you're on the second floor of the pool near the spa sign to find this business card.
  • Cliffside: After Mark and Charlie reunite, they'll need to squeeze through a fence to move toward the factory. Laying outside the factory on the ground is a business card.
  • Lighthouse: The last business card can be found by climbing the brick stairs to leave the basement. Go to the chair in the corner of the bedroom area, and you'll find a business card on the ground beside the chair.

Dark Pictures Locations

As is the case for every Dark Pictures game, there are 13 premonition photos that you can find throughout the game. They are located in the following areas:

  • The lighthouse kitchen: Mark and Charlie will find the kitchen after they break into the lighthouse and receive the prompt to hide. You'll find the first premonition photo on the wall by the fridge.
  • The cabin: While Kate and Jamie are exploring, you can find this photo inside of the locked cabin. Enter the cabin by jumping over a broken-down part of the wall.
  • Searching for cigarettes: Before Charlie reaches the bar where he's planning to steal some money to buy cigarettes, look to the left in the entryway of the bar. You'll find a small picture on the wall next to the window by the corner of the room.
  • Past Kate's room in the hallway: You can find this photo by going upstairs past Kate's room and moving across to enter the dead-end hall. You'll find the anatomical drawing on the right wall.
  • Hallway dead end: You can find this photo while Kate's using her sound gear to track down the source of the crying. You can find this print at the end of one of the dead-end hallways.
  • In the lobby: Jamie and Charlie can find this photo on the ground near the stairs in the trashed lobby. After you head downstairs, look to the left alongside the wall.
  • Murderer's lab: Next to the animatronic that asks Mark to push the button is a framed picture of a skull lying on the floor.
  • Behind the red-lit mirrors: When you are searching behind a mirror lit by a red light, you'll find a room bathed in red and full of monitors and cameras. Look to the left of where you can see Mark on the screens, and you'll find this drawing.
  • Morello's room: Once you find the key code for the spare room in Morello's old room, look to the wall across from the mattress blocking the door.
  • Director's suite: After you make the plan to catch Du'Met, you'll enter the hallway as Jamie. You can find the photo on the wall when you're in the hall.
  • The maze: When Erin is lost in the maze, you'll find the photo on the ground near the broken electrical box that needs a handle.
  • Pool changing rooms: After you enter the changing rooms, walk through the whole building until you reach the final room. When you're here, look to the right of the door Mark needs to enter to find the framed drawing on the wall.
  • Curing factory: You can find this photo on the second story of the curing factory. To enter the factory, Charlie needs to go left and push a box to the ground. Instead of doing this, go right and enter through the open window. You'll find this photo on the wall that's to the right of Charlie.

Camera Codes

There are three codes Mark will need to enter into the keypad next to the TV if you want to see the videos recorded by Du-Met. The codes for each video are:

  • Bar Camera Code: 0028
  • Kate Mannequin Code: 7293
  • Third Code: 6883

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