Best Torchlight 3 Mods

Unlike Torchlight 2, Torchlight 3 was not designed to support mods. Torchlight 3 doesn’t have mod support because it was supposed to be a free-to-play MMO, and the developers only changed it to a premium game right before the release date. Despite those difficulties, the game does have three mods. So far, not much has […]

All characters in Torchlight Infinite

Torchlight Infinite does away with character creation and instead gives the players a variety of characters to choose from. Currently, there is no game’s release date, but it is holding a closed beta starting on Jan. 18, 2022, where some characters are available. While not all characters are available, players can choose from four playable […]

How to unlock skills in Torchlight Infinite

Torchlight Infinite features a variety of characters to choose from, and each has different play styles and skills. Skills are the character’s abilities or special attacks, and besides, the basic attack will be the main way you fight. But you might be wondering how skills work in Torchlight Infinite. Skills work a little differently in […]

Does Torchlight Infinite have controller support?

Torchlight Infinite is being developed by XD Inc. and is the next installment in the Torchlight series. While no release date besides 2022 has been announced, there will be a closed beta for Torchlight Infinite on Jan. 18, 2022, for Android and iOS. This may leave some players wondering if there will be controller support. […]

Is there character creation in Torchlight Infinite?

Torchlight Infinite is the next installment in the Torchlight series and aims to remain a staying power. Like its predecessors, Torchlight Infinite will be a top-down action RPG game and will have many other new features as well. One thing fans may be wondering if is they will be able to create their own characters. […]