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All leaders and their abilities in Warcraft Rumble

All the leaders and what they can do!

No troop is good without a leader, but not all leaders will work well with your setup. We've compiled a list of all leaders and their abilities in Warcraft Rumble to make it easy for you to assemble your team.

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All leader abilities in Warcraft Rumble

Every leader in Warcraft Rumble has a unique ability that will help the rest of your troops as they fight to defeat the Towers. Here's a list of all of their abilities so that you can figure out which one matches your playstyle best.


The alliance is a fraction focused on defense, stealth, and spellcasting, and its leaders reflect that.

Jaina Proudmoore

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  • A Ranged mini that targets one enemy at a time.
  • Takes three gold to cast.
  • Her Flurry will frost nearby enemies, slowing them and their attack speed.
  • Your unit spells will cost one gold less if you cast immediately after Jaina.
  • She can periodically teleport away from enemies, saving her HP.
  • Arcane Brilliance increases the level of your spells by three while Jaina is active.

Jaina is a good mini if you're going for a spellcasting strategy, especially for endgame plays once spells are leveled.

Tirion Fordring

Image via Blizzard Entertainment
  • A Defense mini with a single-target attack.
  • Takes four gold to cast.
  • His Divine Shield activates at 30% health, reducing damage for five seconds.
  • Causes damage to the enemies by consecrating the ground they are standing on.
  • He can heal the primary target for twice as much.
  • Holy Light heals all nearby friendly units.

Tirion is a good mini to have as a leader, as he can both protect himself and heal his nearby subordinates.

Maiev Shadowsong

Image via Blizzard Entertainment
  • Maiev is a Melee mini with a strong AoE attack.
  • Takes six gold to cast.
  • Her Remorseless talent deals double damage for two seconds after killing an enemy.
  • She can periodically teleport to ranged enemies, saving your other troops from damage.
  • After deploying smoke bombs, nearby friendly units enter Stealth and are invisible to enemy units until attacked.
  • Master Assassin reduces Maiev's cost by one for each Unbound troop you play.

Maiev is a better unit later in the game, with her cost reduced by using Unbound troops.

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Horde Leaders focus on boosting movements and controlling the flow of the battle.

Cairne Bloodhoof

Image via Blizzard Entertainment
  • Cairne is an AoE mini who can resurrect himself after dying once per game at 50% health.
  • Takes five gold to cast.
  • He can gain the Fast trait and move 50% faster with his Plainsrunning.
  • After he stuns an enemy, they are in Dazed for five seconds.
  • Earthen Might increases the health of your Horde troops by 20%.

Carine's Reincarnation ability is very useful as it saves you five gold at least once in a game while employing all of his talents.

Grommash Hellscream

Image via Blizzard Entertainment
  • Grommash is a high-health mini that deals single-target attack damage.
  • Takes four gold to cast.
  • He can summon two mirror images that don't have high health when he enters combat.
  • His Savage Strikes talent deals double damage to enemy units below 50% health.
  • Grommash can switch to an AoE attack with Bladestorm.
  • For The Horde applies to all nearby friendly units, gaining bloodlust.

Grommash is the definition of kicking you when you're down, a great finisher for enemies you already damaged with other minis.


  • Sneed is a Siege Damage leader in Warcraft Rumble that does double damage against Towers.
  • Takes six gold to cast.
  • He can gain the Miner trait and mine Gold himself.
  • Land Grab gains a level whenever non-passive gold is acquired.
  • Once he triggers his leader ability, you gain an additional two gold.
  • Sneed Before Greed gains two gold anytime a Siege Damage unit destroys a tower or opens a chest

Sneed is a good mini for summoning other minis, as his existence in the match constantly provides you with more gold.


Blackrock is a faction of flying units that use elemental fire damage to scorch their enemies.

Rend Blackhand

Image via Blizzard Entertainment
  • Rend is a Flying mini in Warcraft Rumble that deals Elemental damage.
  • Takes six gold to cast.
  • He can dismount when first taking damage, and both he and his drake Gyth keep fighting with separate health and damage stats.
  • The Scale and Steel talent gains him the Resistant trait when flying and the Armored trait when dismounted.
  • When dismounting, he casts Living Bomb, damaging nearby enemies.
  • Blacken The Skies reduces the cost of your other flying troops by one gold while Rend is in play (but no less than two).

If you prefer to have the high ground, or air, against your enemies, Rend will be your perfect pick as a leader in Warcraft Rumble.

General Drakkisath

Image via Blizzard Entertainment
  • General Drakkisath is a high-health mini that deals elemental damage and is strong against armored enemies.
  • Takes five gold to cast.
  • Chromatic Scales applies the Resistant trait to nearby allies, reducing the elemental damage they take by 50%.
  • His attacks can pierce enemies in a line.
  • As he dies, he will drop a banner, increasing the elemental damage nearby enemies will take by 50% for 10 seconds.
  • Banner of Flame increases the elemental damage nearby enemies take by 50%.

General Drakkisath is a great mini to use against and along with elemental damage units.

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The fraction that doesn't even need to stay alive using Necromancy spells to take out their enemies.

Sylvanas Windrunner

Image via Blizzard Entertainment
  • Sylvanas is a ranged mini that summons a Banshee upon death.
  • Takes six gold to cast.
  • As she dies, she will scream and stun nearby enemies for three seconds.
  • Her Black Arrow talent will pierce through enemies in a line, dealing Elemental damage.
  • Boosts the nearby Horde and Udead minis with a Fury trait, increasing their speed in combat.
  • Windrunner Warchief gains Horde and Undead minis near Sylvanas a movement speed boost.

Sylvanas is great if you're using a Horde and Undead deck, as she can boost them consistently.

Baron Rivendare

Image via Blizzard Entertainment
  • Baron Rivendare is an Elemental damage single target leader in Warcraft Rumble.
  • Takes four gold to cast.
  • He can periodically sacrifice a nearby skeleton to heal himself.
  • If he uses Skeletal Frenzy, nearby friendly skeletons gain Bloodlust, a 33% increase in movement and attack speed.
  • Chill Of The Grave summons skeletal mages instead of warriors, a better spell-casting version.
  • Army of The Dead periodically summons skeletons at buildings you control.

Baron is a great unit if you're just starting out the game, as the spawned skeletons can take many actions on their own without your input.

Bloodmage Thalnos

Image via Blizzard Entertainment
  • Bloodmage Thalnos is an Elemental mini dealing AoE damage.
  • Takes four gold to cast.
  • Casting a spell will increase attack speed by 30% for five seconds.
  • Gains Lifesteal while attacking enemies, increasing his health.
  • Using Dominance, any spell that costs more than four gold will increase your level.
  • Dark Rituals gains one level for each spell you play until Thalnos' death.

Great for leveling spells, he is the best deployed in the endgame of your matches.


Beasts are animal units focusing on breaking the enemies' defense.

Charlga Razorflank

Image via Blizzard Entertainment
  • Charlga is a ranged mini that can attack grounded enemies only.
  • Takes two gold to cast.
  • She can reduce the cost of unit deployment by one gold.
  • Her talent can Root two nearby enemies, but that comes at the cost of dealing half the damage.
  • Any Mini deployed for five gold gains a level along with the Stealth trait.
  • Spirit Tangle applies the same cost to your Minis in hand.

Despite being the cheapest to summon in Warcraft Rumble, most won't opt for her as the team Leader, since she is most useful after you really know how to build a deck.


Image via Blizzard Entertainment
  • Hogger is a melee AoE mini with high health, good for attacking the Tower.
  • Takes four gold to cast.
  • His talent will apply Poison for stacking damage.
  • If he dies, he will apply Bloodlust on all nearby Beast units.
  • With Ham Hock he gains 10% health every time he is played.
  • Relentless increases Hogger's movement and attack speed by 35% each time he is played.

Hogger applies a lot of good boosts to himself, along with the Bloodlust speed increase to nearby Beast minis.

Old Murk-Eye

Image via Blizzard Entertainment
  • Old Murk-Eye is a fast, ranged mini in Warcraft Rumble.
  • Takes four gold to cast.
  • His talent spawns Tidehunters at his location.
  • His attacks can stun enemies briefly.
  • Marathon Of The Murlocs increases the duration of the March of Murlocs, his leader ability, for five seconds.
  • March of the Murlocs summons a Murloc Tidehunter, a cheap supporting tank, for five seconds after deploying for each gold spent on other minis.

A great PVP unit, Old Murk-Eye takes a bit of time to master.

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All leaders and their abilities in Warcraft Rumble

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