Warframe – Devstream 168 Overview (March 3, 2023)

The Duviri Paradox in the flesh...

Last month, Digital Extremes promised to show a full gameplay breakdown of the fabled Duviri Paradox open world update in their next Devstream. DE did not lie. Devstream 168 was packed full of exciting new content coming to Warframe in April, with the Duviri Paradox being front and center. Here's everything we learned about the Duviri Paradox in Warframe's Devstream 168.

Warframe - Devstream 168 Highlights

Devstream 168 started off with a bang. DE opened the show with the reveal of Hildrya Prime along with prime versions of her signature (Larkspur Prime), and exalted (Balefire Charger Prime) weapons. Included with the reveal was the mention of a prime version of the popular Surator Syandana as well as new prime accessories for prime sentinels.

Moving right along, DE began their preview of the Duviri Paradox with an explanation of how the gameplay would work. Duviri is truly a paradox in that it exists within a different space, in a different time. The Drifter, the older version of your Operator that also exists in a different space at a different time, is the pilot for adventures within Duviri. DE then revealed that the paradox gives Warframe a potential beginning for new players. New players can choose to begin their journey among the paradox, or with the regular Warframe beginning.

DE then detailed more about how adventuring in Duviri would work. There are three different, distinct ways to experience the Duviri Paradox:

  • The Circuit - An endless mode where Warframes can be used endlessly
  • The Duviri Experience - The full experience of the Duviri Paradox, including the main storyline and side activities
  • The Lone Story - A strong focus on the storyline of Duviri, devoid of all side activities

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Just like all previous open worlds, there will be a hub where players can gather. However, where Duviri immediately deviates is with the roguelike nature of exploring Duviri itself. Every time you venture outside the hub, Duviri offers you a different adventure. DE called these differing adventures, runs, and equated them to how roguelike games function. With these runs comes Duviri Decrees, selectable roguelike upgrades specific to Duviri delving. These Decrees are only active per run and do not influence anything beyond that run itself. DE mentioned that it would be possible to have 15 or even 20 Decrees active at once during a run.

In addition to Decrees, players will have a limited selection of Warframe and weapons to choose from at any given time prior to heading outside the hub. This is part of the roguelike experience DE wishes to deliver.

DE also went into detail about how the Drifter would function on Duviri. The Drifter's mechanics from The New War upgrade would be making a return. In addition, a Drifter-specific melee system would be coming with the Duviri update and plays a large role in much of the Drifter's gameplay on Duviri. The Duviri Paradox will also be introducing Drifter Intrinsics, a permanent progression path specific to the Drifter alone. DE also mentioned that while the Drifter is the star of the show on Duviri, you would still have limited access to your Warframe through this new progression system.

After the explanation, DE went straight into showing off gameplay in the Duviri Paradox, starting with the introduction of the Kaithe for the Drifter. The Kaithe functions as the primary mount for the Drifter when exploring Duviri. It was shown to be a horse-like robotic creature that can be fully customized with its own cosmetics.

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After this, DE picked a Decree, a Driter-specific melee weapon, and headed outside into Duviri on horseback. Here, it was mentioned that the Duviri changes every two hours, offering a new look and functionality to be discovered. Following the path, DE ran into a set of new enemies specific to Duviri called Duviri Dax. Here, a new Drifter melee system was shown off which looked to be a much slower, precise version of Warframe's melee system, somewhat akin to something like Dark Souls.

After combat concluded with the Duviri Dax, DE showed off Maw Fishing, a unique take on Warframe's normal fishing system. The core takeaway with Maw Fishing is that instead of using a spear to fish from land, you remote control a shark-like robot that gobbles up roaming fish instead. Unfortunately, DE didn't go into too much detail about Maw Fishing or the rest of Duviri beyond this.

Warframe - Devsteam 168 Additional Updates

A number of other interesting tidbits of information were also mentioned in this Devsteam:

  • TennoGen update - Six new items coming with the Duviri Paradox
  • Stalker Teaser - The Stalker was shown as one of the choosable Warframe's to kit out your loadout for a run on Duviri. However, the Stalker being playable has not been confirmed.
  • Tenno Con 2023 - Live for the first time in three years, located in London, Ontario, August 26, 2023
  • New Drifter Cosmetics - New suits, armor, and even beards!
  • New Deluxe Skins - Baruuk's new skin was shown in-game, while only concept art of Wisp's new skin was revealed
  • Incarnon System Expansion - Update old, obsolete weapons with Incarnon technology to bring them up to par with modern equipment. DE showed the decade-old Lato infused with Incarnon tech.

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Warframe – Devstream 168 Overview (March 3, 2023)

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