How to get Rimesteel – Wartales

Tactical squad combat RPG Wartales sees your companions taking part in a series of brutal turn-based battles as you work through a series of increasingly difficult quests. While team setup and strategy play a big part in the outcomes of these battles, even the best-laid plans will be undermined if your gear doesn’t hold up […]

Wartales Trade Goods Guide

While medieval RPG Wartales is largely about turn-based combat, your companions still need to make a living. There’s money to be made from selling unwanted gear and completing bounties, as well as crafting and gathering for profit. However, you may have overlooked buying as well as selling as a means to an end as you […]

Wartales Assassin specialization guide (map)

One of the best features in tactical RPG Wartales is the large range of specializations you can choose for your companions. These allow you to create the exact squad you want to command in battle, whether you want to go ranged or melee heavy, or somewhere in between. Personally, I like to focus on tanks […]

Wartales Helmets Guide

The sleeper RPG hit Wartales is furthering its word-of-mouth success with its first Community Update. Its content is inspired by player feedback and requests, with arguably the largest change being the addition of helmets. While this certainly wasn’t on my list of must-haves, it did seem an odd omission in a game about medieval warfare. […]

Wartales – Full Grinmeer Province Map & Locations Guide

Wartales has stolen a lot of PC RPG fans’ hearts thanks to its solid mix of turn-based squad combat and a harsh, gritty storyline that fits its medieval setting perfectly. If you’re playing in region-locked mode, you’ll have worked your way through starting area Tiltren, neighboring lands Vertruse and Artes, and hen the plague-ridden wastes […]