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Swordsman Build Guide – Wartales

Protect and destroy.

While I’ve loved the gritty realism at the heart of tactical RPG Wartales, the mass of options for your party members also makes the game sing. But it can be overwhelming, so read on for my best Swordsman build.

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Unlike many similar turn-based battle games, you have complete control over your party size in Wartales. I tend to think Brutes are best for equipping two-handed weapons, with Swordsman and Warriors best with a one-hander and shield. 

Best Swordsman build guide in Wartales

For me, a Swordsman is best as either a tank or a one-on-one damage dealer. These require two completely different builds, so I’ll go through them both below. Having multiple swordsmen is perfectly viable as your party grows, especially if you ensure they complement each other with different specialization sets. I’ve found having one of each build below synergizes well, as your Protector can occupy the big threat while the fighter mops up the smaller fry. 

wartales swordsman build guide
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Best defensive tank Swordsman build in Wartales

A defensive Swordsman will hold a strong enemy unit’s focus while decreasing the damage they take from it, allowing your DPS units to either mop up other foes first or get into position to backstab and otherwise take down the engaged unit.

2ProtectorChoosing Protector gives you the Encouragement ability. For one Valour this gives you and allies around you Protection for two rounds, reducing damage taken by 30 percent. That’s tank 101, right there.
3Defensive StanceYou’ll earn one Valour every round as long as you are engaged in combat and enter Defensive Stance. As a bonus, you’ll gain Deflection, which takes 70 percent off the damage you take from your next hit. Tank 102 in the bag. 
5BulwarkThis passive allows you to double down on Deflection, as you’ll get it automatically when you engage a new enemy. So turn one of a fight Bulwark will trigger, then you can go into Defensive Stance on turn two.  
8Hardcore TrainingAnother passive, this specialization makes you immune to Bleeding, Poison, and Burning. Avoiding DOTS such as these is going to strongly increase your chances of survival, which is job number one.
10InterventionThere are no great tank choices here, but Intervention can be awesome even if it is very situational. It allows you to swap places with another unit and engage their opponent. Even better, if you’re not engaged at the time, you get a bonus Attack of Opportunity when you do so.
12ExhortWhile this might not seem very tanky, it adds Zeal to you and other units near you for two rounds. As a Bravery skill, it can only be used once per battle and there is always likely to be a time when you want Crit Damage and hit chance to go up 30 percent. A good example is boss battles, or when Rangers join you to take down a particularly stubborn mob.   

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Best Protector tank Swordsman equipment

Your key status here are Constitution (health points) and Willpower (staying alive), with Strength and Critical Hit worth upping where possible. You don’t need to go mad with Willpower, but getting it to 15 allows you to survive your first fatal blow while also increasing your Critical Hit attribute. 

Best one-versus-one Fighter Swordsman build in Wartales

This build is designed to remove weaker threats quickly while your tank occupies the main threat. Low armor targets can devastate your troops if you let them, so getting them engaged and dealt with quickly can be a key to your success. 

2FighterThis option will grant you the Destabilising Strike skill. At the cost of one Valour, you’ll deal extra damage and hit your target with Destabilisation. This reduces their Guard to zero, so is perfect for quickly dispatching armored opponents. 
3Valorous DuelYou’ll earn one Valour each time you engage in combat. You’ll want to be taking enemies down fast and often to make this work, so target smaller, weaker units where possible to keep the Valour pouring in.
5Duellist’s InstinctThis gives you Brutality (Damage up by 30 percent) as long as you’re engaged in combat. As you usually want to be engaged, this is a very strong passive to have.
8Hardcore TrainingAs you’re likely rushing around the battlefield and trying to engage weaker opponents such as Rangers, being able to ignore Bleeding, Burning, and Poison is going to be a big advantage.
10InterventionYou can swap places with an engaged ally in combat, which is perfect for getting your squishier allies out of a tough spot while getting yourself engaged, allowing you to benefit from your other skills.
12ExhortRevel in your mastery of mayhem with this Bravery skill that gives allies around you (and yourself) Zeal for two rounds. This adds 30 percent to Critical Hit chance and also damage, making for a couple of hard-hitting rounds. 

Best Fighter tank Swordsman equipment

I always try for a high Movement attribute for my Fighters so they can get around the battlefield quickly. Also, acting earlier in the round gives you a better chance of engaging the units you want them to, rather than them getting pinned down. After this, focus on Strength, and then a mix of Constitution and Critical Hit.

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Swordsman Build Guide – Wartales

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