How to Unlock and Upgrade Weapons in Witchfire

Guns are one of the most essential tools in a Preyer’s arsenal. After using Hunger, the pistol you start out with, I wanted to get bigger and better guns. If you’re as confused as I was about how to upgrade your weapons in Witchfire, don’t worry; this guide will show you everything you need to […]

Best Stats to Upgrade in Witchfire

Witchfire gave me a hard time when I started my first playthrough. With each run, I began to improve, and a big part of my progression was upgrading my stats. However, some stats are worth more investment than others. Let’s take a look at the stats in Witchfire and see which ones are the best […]

Where to get Supply Chest Keys in Witchfire

Although Witchfire is about exterminating witches and their monsters, there are other aspects of the game to enjoy as well. Loot plays a big role in your continued survival and is most commonly found in chests. Many chests are marked on your map at the start of a run, but some are not, including Locked […]

How to get Herbs in Witchfire

Witchfire is a challenging game with hordes of enemies seeking to destroy you. In order to stay alive, you will need to move fast, upgrade your weapons, choose the right Preyer upgrades, and make sure to have plenty of healing potions available. In order to make these potions, you will need to collect herbs; here’s […]

Is Witchfire Multiplayer?

Witchfire captured my attention with its unique look and premise, and I’ve been eager to dive in to fight some witches. Combining gunplay and spell-slinging with rogue-like elements creates an exciting and challenging gameplay loop, and I’ve had my fair share of failed runs even after upgrading my stats. As a result, I can’t help […]