WoW Classic: Best Professions Guide – Top Jobs for PvP or PvE!

We're taking a look at WoW Classic's Best Professions! This guide discusses which professions are optimal for both PvP and PvE. We'll also be going over the professions that will work best for stacking up gold and creating things that will help you increase your gameplay.

The best professions largely depend on what you are looking to do in the game and what you are hoping to get out of them. A PvPer is going to have much different needs than someone who is just running raids constantly and isn't worried about PvP. We'll also take a look at which professions are best for making gold, because you are likely going to want to save up for that Epic Mount that will get you around the map quickly.

Best PvP Profession: Engineering

If you're very serious about PvP then you are going to want to utilize the Engineering profession. You can wear the Goblin Rocket Helmet that will stun an enemy for 30 seconds! You'll have access to Goblin Sapper Charge which can deal massive damage to groups of enemies. There's Dense Dynamite that inflicts Fire Damage to enemies in a 5 yard radius, and finally you've got Iron Grenade that deals damage and stuns targets for 3 seconds. If those weren't enough, then you'll also have access to some powerful Reflector Trinkets that can bounce certain elemental spells back at their caster. Overall, this is hands down the best profession for any serious PvPer.

Best Gathering Profession While Leveling: Skinning

The easiest profession to have while leveling your character is Skinning. You are constantly slaying beasts, and their corpses are laying right at your feet, which makes them very easy to skin. You can sell off all of your gathered skins on the Auction House for upcoming Leatherworkers to purchase. Both Herbalism and Mining require you to kind of go off the beaten path quite often to gather the resource. So, while these are generally better gathering professions when you are level 60, they will sidetrack you quite a bit while leveling up. They are also especially slow when you don't have a mount. If you want to just fill up your other profession slot with a gathering profession, then you'd likely go Herbalism because it is likely the most lucrative. However, if you plan on going PvP and being an Engineer, you might want to do Mining because it helps fuel that profession.

Keep in mind that while Herbalism and Mining are the better overall gathering professions, you can only track either herbs or ore one at a time. This will make it quite difficult to keep tabs on where either one is spawning, and you'll either need to constantly switch between them or just focus on one.

Best Gathering Profession for Gold: Herbalism

Alchemy is one of the most lucrative crafting professions, which means Herbalism is going to be the top gathering profession for gold. Alchemy is used frequently because players in raids are going to be chugging potions to complete the big dungeons. This means there's going to be a lot of Alchemists out there not wanting to go out and gather all of the herbs required for every recipe. So, if you gather the right stuff and supply it to the Auction House, you'll have a very nice supply of gold coming in.

Best Crafting Profession for Gold (PvE): Alchemy

Alchemy is great because not only can you sell potions, elixirs, flasks and more in the late game, but you can also sell them while you are leveling up. Classic WoW is pretty difficult, so players will buy potions even while they are grinding levels in the game. This means a lot of the stuff you end up crafting to upgrade the profession will be easily sold on the Auction House. Another positive for Alchemy is that you can sell in bulk. You can mass make the potions and sell them for big gold. This is made easier early on when the AH is flooded with cheap herbs that you can buy and then turn into profits! Not only do you have all of the various potions, you also have the ability to transmute things which sell very well on the market.

Honorable Mention: Tailoring & Enchanting

These two professions can be very lucrative when paired together. You can craft a bunch of Tailoring stuff and disenchant it with Enchanting and give yourself a bunch of valuable dust that can be used to either enchant things or sell on the Auction House. Tailoring can also be very valuable for crafting bags, which are useful for players leveling and for max level players looking to expand their inventory. Tailoring also has the ability to create Bolts of Runecloth which are valuable for a lot of powerful Tailoring recipes.

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