Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Review Round-Up (October 2022)

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is nearly upon us, and the reviews are piling in. It appears to be good news for fans of the franchise and those itching for an action RPG fix. Featuring stunning visuals and a tragic story surrounding opposing forces comprised of soldiers with shockingly short lifespans, Xenoblade Chronicles 3 pushes the envelope […]

Best Attackers in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 – Attacker Class Tier List

For a series like Xenoblade Chronicles, known for its epic fights and group combat utilizing its hero characters, damage is a key component, and the more damage, the better. Thus, knowing which attackers are the strongest can be very helpful for optimizing your team. To that end, here is a tier list for the attacker class in Xenoblade […]