Best Teams in AFK Arena

Look no further if you like an idle role-playing game in a fantasy setting! AFK Arena is a gacha mobile game that has powerful heroes who will wage war even when you’re not online. But for them to be successful, you need to collect them and create the most efficient party. To do that, you’ll […]

AFK Arena Hero Weakness Chart

Every Hero in AFK Arena belongs to a faction. There are a grand total of seven factions, each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages against other factions. The four basic factions are the Lightbearers, the Maulers, the Wilders, and the Graveborn. In addition, there are also the special factions of the Celestials and […]

How to Enhance Gear in AFK Arena

Enhancing gear can potentially be just as useful as leveling your Heroes. Gear can provide invaluable stats and effects, especially as you obtain more and more valuable gear. To enhance gear, tap on the Heroes tab and the Hero whose gear you wish to enhance. Then tap on one of the pieces of gear that […]